Web Hosting : Idea to Income in 30 Days

New Book Reveals How You Can Create Your Own Web Hosting Business in as Little as 30 Days and Generate an Income

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You Will Learn…

  • The 3 Most Profitable Business Models

    Discover the 3 most profitable business models to pick from when starting your web hosting company. Learn how to avoid the pitfalls many hosting entrepreneurs make by choosing the right niche.

  • How to Stand Out in a Noisy Industry

    Having a Unique Selling Proposition is VITAL and key to your growth in a noisy marketplace. Web hosting is competitive, learn how to carve out your slice so your business is built on a firm foundation.

  • Attract, Convert, and Keep Customers

    Learn how to create the Ultimate Sales Brochure, an order form that CLOSES, and the nurturing process you need to deploy to keep customers happy. Deploy this “nurture” campaign to foster a strong bond.

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If anyone knows how to build, grow, and profit from Web Hosting it is Haralds Jass. This book is full of pure golf nuggets… that if deployed, will create a solid web hosting business. I even recommend it for seasoned web host professionals. THIS IS THE BOOK to read if you want to avoid potential pitfalls and design a business set on firm ground.

Christian Henning

Christian Henning

YES! I Want the Book

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