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Web-based Applications

One of the causes of the dot-com bust was the inability of companies to deliver the rich web-based applications that users expected, and although the limitations on the development of these apps was tied directly to the technology available to the average end-user attempting to access them (hardly the fault of the developers or those trying to deliver the apps), the frustrations experienced by customers was unavoidable and prevented widespread adoption. That’s all changed.

Flash was an interesting, early attempt to deliver a next-level user experience, but the attempts to use Flash effectively are quite hit-and-miss, and the major updates to the platform have been in the multimedia arena and has done little for web apps. Ajax was a huge step for both developers and users, and many of the best and most useful web-based applications take advantage of the web development technique.

An article released yesterday on Computerworld provides a handful of free web-based applications the they can’t live without.

Five free Web apps we can’t live without

From collaboration tools to database apps and more, these next-gen Web applications keep the Computerworld newsroom humming.

Web apps we can’t live without:

The A-List

Honourable Mentions