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cPanel vs. Plesk vs. Bobby Lou’s CP Extraordinaire


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When you look into control panels, the first two options you will see with almost any hosting company are cPanel and Plesk. The third most successful control panel, Bobby Lou’s Internet Control Panel Extraordinaire, is popular in the cockfighting industry but not widely accepted by the general web administrative community.

Assuming you use cPanel or Plesk, either one will serve you well, but everyone wants the best solution out there. Let’s take a look at how each of the two control panels compares, and where one or the other has advantages or disadvantages. Extraordinaire will also be examined, just in case you want a solution tailored to underground rooster competitions.

To gain a sense of perspectives on cPanel and Plesk from across the web, we will look at articles by Worth Of Web, Tim Attwood for HostReview, and Claire Broadley for WhoIsHostingThis?. We will also interview Bobby Lou to better understand his niche CP. We will explore these differences in a three-part series.

Comparison: cPanel & Plesk

Let’s look at a basic rundown of how cPanel and Plesk are similar and different. In this post, we will specifically examine OS compatibility, interface usability, and cost.

Operating Systems

As a basic rule of thumb, Plesk tends to be more popular among those running Windows operating systems, while cPanel is more widely used on Linux systems. This breakdown, though, is primarily based on track records. cPanel is the old standard for those using Linux servers. Plesk, likewise, has long been the choice of Windows webmasters.

Plesk has a Linux-compatible version, and cPanel has its specific Windows brand, Enkompass. Enkompass, however, is not as widely used and is not “the real deal” as far as cPanel goes. Though there obviously is crossover between the two systems, there is a strong argument that expertise and focus for each of the two OSs is still sharply divided.

To look at our third option, Extraordinaire, Bobby Lou explained that his system is “designed to be incredibly glitchy on any operating system.” He said that the cockfighting community “loves challenges and doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty trying to figure out why Extraordinaire hates them so much.”


If you’re looking at both of these control panels for the first time, you will be more impressed with the intuitive and simple usability of Plesk, according to Worth of Web. cPanel, however, is easy to use for those who are familiar with it and have grown accustomed to its layout. For this reason, assumedly, cPanel has not made significant changes to its interface over time.

Plesk, then, is easier for a rookie to understand. The cPanel UI is favored by many veteran system administrators. Note that because cPanel has been used at such great length by the Linux community, and because that community is so tight-knit, finding answers online for any confusion is generally simple. Plesk, though, is more inviting from the outset.

When it comes to switching from one control panel to the other, Claire mentions that the UI is “one of the biggest sources of heartache” (because the design will look, of course, completely foreign initially). She also notes that many custom CPs are built off of cPanel, so understanding the basis of a custom platform may indicate that it is more recognizable than you first might think.

Tim also notes that if you’re using VPS hosting, the cPanel system is often considered easier to use: many people find choosing the task they want to complete or efficiently viewing data simpler than in Plesk. He credits Plesk with having a plenitude of features but a system whose management may seem “too technical” for a VPS environment.

Bobby Lou’s system is based on an intricate graphical framework composed of roosters. He said, “It’s a cockfighting grandmaster’s version of binary code. The black ones are zeros, and the red ones are ones.” Asked how long it takes to set up a typical website, Bobby Lou stated, “Come again?”

Cost of Subscription

Worth of Web notes that the cost will be better between cPanel and Plesk depending how long you intend to use either system. cPanel works on an annual basis, whereas Plesk has monthly subscriptions available. Claire comments that typically cPanel is more cost-effective because, generally speaking, websites will be online for at least a year, and cPanel is more affordable in those scenarios.

When it comes to VPS, both systems have accounts available specifically for that purpose. CPanel’s, again, is more affordable but is not broken down per month like the Plesk service is.

Claire also notes that the licenses for either one is typically included within a hosting package. However, dedicated and VPS environments sometimes require the customer to pay for control panel access in addition to the cost of the hosting package.

Extraordinaire uses a different model for payment. “We work on a bartering system,” said Bobby Lou. “We take roosters of course – but not sick ones – as well as pumpkins and electric crazy-making prods (ECP’s). We also take gallon jugs of moonshine and real Vermont maple syrup, the latter of which should also come with a stack of fresh pancakes.”

Conclusion & Continuation

As you can see, cPanel and Plesk are more similar than they are different. More than anything, it’s a question of what’s comfortable for you. Operating system, though, still is a major dividing line even though the two platforms work on both Windows and Linux. We will continue our discussion in Part 2 of this series.

Oh… Did you know that we offer both of these control panel options for our shared, dedicated, and VPS hosting customers? Yes, in fact, we do. Unfortunately, though, Bobby Lou has not yet convinced us to offer Extraordinaire.

By Kent Roberts

Host Review: Best Dedicated Servers Award … Plus Some Jokes


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Everyone makes mistakes, and one of the worst mistakes we can make in life is to forget to gloat enough when we’re given an award or accolade. At Superb Internet, we confess that we have made that mistake repeatedly by only drawing minimal attention to our various prizes. Today, we hope to rectify that error by talking about an award we were recently given for best dedicated hosting worldwide. If that does not suffice, we will be forced to talk about our other awards too.

Superb Internet offers manifold options for hosting and server maintenance, from managed to VPS, from colocation to standard shared hosting. However, this award is specifically for our dedicated server expertise. It’s not surprising to us that we are winning an award for dedication, because we love our customers for richer and poorer, in sickness and in health, and all that other stuff we said to our wives that one day.

The award was given to us by Host Review for “Best Dedicated Server Package” in December as one of its annual awards, so we are the sitting holder of that title. Below, we will extrapolate on both the benefactor and recipient perspectives: why Host Review gave us the award, and why we think we are the top company in the world for that service. We will also contextualize the prize among our other accomplishments (might as well).

Additionally, we will look at some of the most exciting awards given over the years to everyday people, for achievements their friends and loved ones never before thought possible. The first such award is noted below:

Everyday Awards Spotlight #1: Derek Bukowski

At a poorly lit but well-attended awards ceremony in Conway, Arkansas, Derek Bukowski was presented an award by his wife Nancy for Picking Up Your Clothes. Specifically, the award was given for Most Improvement in that category. Nancy herself received the Best in Show prize, a further testament to her residential-organizational adroitness.

Host Review Perspective

According to Host Review, the “Best Dedicated Server Package” award is given out for “outstanding performance and value” in that area of business. Individual factors contributing to the comparison process of different hosting companies are the following:

  • cost of hosting packages
  • cutting-edge technology
  • record of uptime & reliability
  • general performance throughout the year.

Host Review was impressed particularly with the experience (16 years) and support team (winner of the Host Investigator Support Award) offered at Superb. They also were generally impressed with our lease-to-own program, allowing customers to gradually invest in dedicated server ownership.

Other elements that Host Review found compelling were our network (which they called “the very best… in the industry”), UX (user experience), and scope of available services. All in all, the award was given to acknowledge us as a “leader” (though we do sometimes like to follow, as when playing “follow the leader” with our children) in the hosting industry.

We like to think we are always getting better, and this award was in part a recognition of our improvement. We were the runner-up for the same prize in 2011.

Everyday Awards Spotlight #2: Maria Juárez

At a hotel in southern California, the Montage Laguna Beach, Maria Juárez won an award presented by her husband, serving as the chairman of a panel of extended family members and close friends. Juárez was elated to finally win the 2013 Remembering to Get the Kids Award. The award goes each year to the family member who most often remembers that the day care center down the street does not allow overnight stays.

Superb Internet Perspective

We are particularly pleased with this accomplishment because it is similar to the People’s Choice awards for entertainment. Often reviews and ratings are written and dispersed by industry professionals and expert third parties. In the case of Host Review, the awards are designated based on customer reviews. We are delighted to know that hosting clients themselves regard us so highly in the area of dedicated hosting.

When we received the honor, our Internet Marketing Manager, Richard Norwood, said that he believed we are now “finally hitting on all cylinders.” The specific factors that he highlighted are threefold:

  • outstanding technical support (all staff ITIL-certified)
  • helpful, customer-first sales department
  • creative promotions to enhance client satisfaction.

Specifically on that last bullet, Norwood mentioned our 16th Anniversary Special, allowing customers to get up to $1600 in cash gift cards in return for a $100 hosting purchase.

Everyday Awards Spotlight #3: Jim Mungin

In a restroom stall at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, Jim Mungin won a prize that he has been trying to score for years. As the recipient of the Greater Midwest Lewd Foot-Tapper Grand Prize, he has won a spot in the 2013 International Foot-Tapping Pageant to be held in Rio de Janeiro in October.

Award Context & Conclusion

As stated above, we have won, well, a host of other prizes over the years. Two highlights have been our top prizes for Best Hosting Company from both FindMyHost and DedicatedServerDir.com.

We are of course pleased anytime we get an award, and we like to think that it is a sign that all our diligence and concern for our customers is not going unnoticed. If you are looking for a dedicated server, try out one of our award-winning packages today. Also, congratulations to all the Everyday Awards winners for your consistency and drive, and especially your panache.

by Kent Roberts

Managed Hosting – Why or Why Not?


Multiple racks of servers

When is managed hosting the right option? When you have needs that go beyond what you’d get from a typical hosting account but don’t yet have funds to bring in IT employees to maintain servers. Managed hosting allows you to have your own dedicated server but not have to consider its upkeep each day.

A dedicated server is a sign that your business is building its Web presence effectively. If you have the traffic, you will want to consider switching to a dedicated server. It is better to consider this option sooner rather than later so that you are releasing the bandwidth taken up by increasing visitors.

Mismanaged hosting, popular at TGI Friday’s, relates to sitting another party in Rebecca’s section when Tammy just reminded Angela (the host) that she is supposed to get the next table. In the IT world, it is also offered at our competitors under the name “managed hosting.”

Dedicated Server On-Site

Technical proficiency is needed to manage a dedicated server correctly. If a company does not have an IT department, often the owner or a manager will not have a high enough degree of understanding and will need to hire either an independent contractor or the hosting professionals to assist. If a contractor is chosen, the person of course may not be immediately available during an emergency.

If you do have a dedicated server in-house, you certainly want to consider having someone on-staff trained in IT maintenance – to ensure uptime, a fully secure network, and patching software as needed. Poorly managed sites, just like poorly managed restaurants, can result in disaster. The former can result in your customers being fed malware when they visit your site, and the latter can result in Tammy storming out right as her two-top’s warm pretzels with craft beer-cheese dipping sauce is showing up at the server window. Neither of these scenarios is good for business.

The Managed Hosting Option

With managed hosting, you have a technical team at the hosting center available every day to care for the upkeep of the hardware and software on your server. This support means no downtime without have to bring in a trained professional to assist you at your location. With managed hosting, your dedicated server comes along with dedicated expertise.

If you opt for managed hosting, you can expect not to have to worry about the administration of your network because that comes with the package. You have a 24/7 team watching for any problems that might arise.

In order to implement managed hosting in the IT world, you just need to sign up for it with us or the hosting company of your choice. In the restaurant world, unfortunately, you are going to have to fire Angela and rehire Vanessa, even though she said she was going to move to The Netherlands in April to marry that aimless guy she met online.

Managed Hosting Price Tag

Managed hosting costs more than standard hosting packages do, of course, because there is additional service involved. However, keep in mind the level of expertise that you are getting with your own dedicated server.

When considering managed hosting, if you want to cut your costs, you might want to look at a virtual private server (VPS). With a VPS, you do not get a dedicated server, ie standalone hardware, but you do have isolation of your company’s hosting in a way that’s not possible with shared hosting. When you choose the managed option, of course all support of the server is handled identically as with a managed dedicated plan.

Comparing costs for IT hosting options is always a review of the blend of hardware, software, and support that best fits your company. Comparing costs for restaurant hosting options needs to be run through the proprietary decision-making software corporate requires you to use before hiring or firing any employee.

Fully Managed – What it Means

“Fully managed” hosting has a different meaning for different hosting service providers – it’s essentially a vague term. A customer of one hosting service might have the experience of complete management, whereas a customer at another host might not feel that the IT service they are paying for is in fact “full.” As a general rule, a price tag that is exceptionally low but guarantees full management is too good to be true.

If a fully managed hosting plan is legitimate and can reasonably be described as such, your site will be granted the regular oversight of properly trained and skilled IT individuals. Consistent uptime will be your standard expectation. Technical difficulties will not plague your business. Once you have ordered this type of plan, you will be kept abreast of any new insights or changes – other than that, you are off the hook.

Fully managed hosting, as described above, comes with a range of service levels at different web hosting companies. At the TGI Friday’s on Market Street, it means that you are watching Vanessa like a hawk so she doesn’t derail your chances of earning the quarterly bonus and getting one step closer to going on the cruise to Puerto Rico.

Partial Managed – What it Means

You can probably guess what partial management of hosting involves. Of course with these plans, you need to take a close look to see exactly what you’re getting. Whereas you can have specific expectations with full management to be exempt from server concerns, partial hosting will require more attention from your end.

The potential benefit of partial management is that you will have more of a hands-on experience with the administration of your website. Of course, this is not necessarily what you want for your business. Ensure that you understand the level of support you will receive when contracting for a partial management plan.

Partial management with a web hosting service provider is a matter of you, the customer, and the host each playing a role in the management of the servers that run your site. If you agree to partial management at the restaurant, you can take your wife out on a date and save your marriage rather than obsessing over how Vanessa might let you down and ruin your career advancement to a regional director position.

Pros of Managed Hosting

A business that is small or medium sized but is on the rise can often benefit from managed hosting. It can also be wise for a startup that wants to get off the ground fast without having to deal with the potential snags of tight bandwidth on a shared plan and/or desire for support that needs to be on-demand rather than occasional.

Because downtime and security are such essential concerns of an online presence, managed hosting can be the ideal decision. Placing the support needs with the hosting service means you are releasing that task to a company that specializes in the servers and manages numerous other companies’ sites every day.

Additionally, a managed hosting package involves an entire server – whether an actual physical server or a virtual one (ie a VPS). When you are renting a whole physical server, you get a massive increase in the amount of bandwidth available to your site.

Security is vastly enhanced as well because you’re no longer sharing your server with other businesses. The same can be said, to a lesser extent, with a VPS. Virtualization technology means your site will be securely sectioned off from other sites, and you will still typically see a big improvement in bandwidth, though not to the same extent as you would with your own physical dedicated server.

When looking at web hosting management, you can hire IT experts to help your business function properly on the web via full or partial plans, allowing you to stop thinking about it. With restaurant hosting management, you can and should only stop thinking about it when the cruise ship leaves the dock in Miami and you have a chance to look Tom in the eye and tell him you’re ready to take it to the next level.

Cons of Managed Hosting

The most obvious con of managed hosting is that, as stated above, it will always cost more: you’re taking more of the administrative component and entrusting it to the hosting company. Consider, however, that the servers will need to be managed one way or another – it’s just a question of who does it, your company or the host.

Additionally, you need to be aware in a managed hosting situation exactly what your limitations are regarding data transfer and storage. When you break the limit, you will have additional fees. Of course, these limitations are typical to most hosting packages, but it is something to keep in mind when weighing your general options.

Managed web hosting is not all positive – you need to be aware of the increase in expense and whether that is justified by the increase in support, and additionally you need to consider limitations of any hosting contract, managed ones included. The con of managed restaurant hosting is that you’ve started gritting your teeth at night, and it’s given you TMJ; but if Tom recommends the steak, you’re going to eat it anyway, and you’re not going to wince, because that’s a sign of personal weakness.

Summary & Conclusion

When you look at administration of your web site, you have to decide whether it makes sense to house the server at your own location – which will probably require hiring or contracting an IT professional – or using managed hosting via your hosting service provider. If you decide that managed hosting makes sense, you can either go all-in with a fully managed package or try a partially managed option. Make sure if you choose partially managed that you know exactly what you’re getting in terms of support.

When you look at managed hosting as a solution, examine all the pros and cons to ensure you’re making the right decision. Essentially the pro is a simplified, structured, and dependable management solution put in the hands of professionals implementing those types of services each day. The con is that it’s an additional expense and, like most hosting solutions, involves caps on usage of the system, requiring monitoring to avoid overages.

Mismanaged IT hosting can let you down, but like mismanaged restaurant hosting, you will persevere. Keep your head down, stare hard at Vanessa, and hire a hacker to go into the Dutch guy’s Facebook account and make him look like a lunatic.

by Kent Roberts and Richard Norwood

Top Five Reasons for Superb VPS

There are many hosting options online. However, not all are created equal. Many are resellers, which mean they are selling you someone else’s product. Now this is all well in good, if you don’t have any issue with your service. But it is good to know where you support is coming from.

So before I get to the list, I want to clarify a couple of things. Virtual Private Servers (VPS) is similar to shared and dedicated hosting, but not the same. In a shared hosting environment, you are sharing the resources (RAM, Processors, Disk Space, IP address, Bandwidth, etc.) of a dedicated server. Depending on the setup of the environment and the server, you could be sharing with 100s or 1000s of sites. Now do you want to share your birthday cake with that many people? VPS is a great alternative to purchasing your own dedicated server because you are not getting the costs associated with your own “dedicated” resources that you get with a server. With VPS, you get your slice of server – meaning you have your resources guaranteed. With Superb VPS plans, you can share your resources with as many 50 other sites to as few as eight. This allows for rapid growth and scalability.

Now the Top Five Reasons…

1. Burstable to Double Guaranteed RAM

One of the major advantages of a VPS hosting solution is the access to Burstable RAM. Each plan is design to meet the needs of client, providing guaranteed resources, but the access to Burstable RAM will allow for you to handle the unexpected. Each plan is set to double up your RAM when available up to 24GB of RAM.

2. Unlimited Technical Assistance

To make your first month a piece of cake (2nd cake reference, one more and I win a prize) we offer unlimited access to our technical staff. We know that this is the time when most customers need the most help, so we are there to answer any question you have from hardware to migration. We can even do the work for you with our support credits.

3. Your Choice of Discount

We offer 20% off upfront or three months free. It all depends on how you like to save money.

4. Top of the line Hardware & Network

We use Intel Dual Xeon 5620 Servers for our VPS platform with Raid 10 hardware, and connect it with our extensive IP backbone. Plus, our network is backed up with an industry leading 100% Network Uptime SLA.

5. Customized to Fit

From the size of our plans to billing options we allow you to build a hosting solution that fits your needs. We also offer a number of managed services from backup to proactive monitoring. You pick want you want, and we deliver. When you are ready to upgrade, we make it as simple with a few clicks from myCP®.

When consider VPS, make sure to compare before you buy. I have highlighted five reasons, but can promise you that when you choose Superb Internet, you will find more like Fantastic Reseller option, Full Root Access, Company-Owned equipment and much more.


Do I need VPS?

How do you really know if you need to upgrade to VPS? Most people think that their shared hosting solution will do the job, but often fail to read the fine print. If you are looking to expand your business, drive more traffic to your site or plan to host a large amount of media then there is a good chance that you will violate the terms of service with your shared hosting provider and should consider upgrading.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself before you upgrade to a VPS Hosting solution.

Do I have multiple sites? (XYZCompany.com, XYZCompany.org, XYZForums, etc)

Shared Hosting will allow for subdomains, but not multiple sites. VPS hosting will provide ample disk space for all your emails, data and sites, and will have the RAM and CPU to handle significantly more data and traffic.

Are you expanding your business?

Expansion usually comes with more business. A shared hosting environment severely limits your traffic, data and processing power; whereas, VPS allows for flexible resources. So if you are running a sale or have a popular app, you will have the resources you need to meet the sudden increase in demand. Just think all the sales Target lost when they launched their Missoni line, and the increased traffic crashed their site.

What kind of content will your site host?

When upgrading your site from basic HTML to dynamic content make sure you have the enough resources (CPU, RAM and Space) included in your hosting plan. Dynamic content will absorb your resources like a sponge. So if you are entry level shared hosting package, it is safe to assume your resources will get cut off. Most VPS hosting plans, even entry level, will accommodate dynamic content.

Is your site loading and running slow?

When speed is becoming an issue, then you are probably getting throttled by your hosting provider. Just like with smart phones owners using too much data and getting choked out by the service provider, web host attempt to keep things fair for all the sites on your specific server. VPS hosting will provide you with guaranteed and burstable RAM to help optimize your site for speed.

Do you need security and backup?

A major limitation of running a business from a shared hosting platform is the ability to ensure your data is backed up and safe. With VPS hosting, you have the option with many providers to add on any number of managed services. This provides you the peace of mind that shared hosting often lacks.

When looking to upgrade from Shared Hosting to VPS Hosting, make sure you find the package that best fits your needs. Check out our current VPS promotion, 3 Months FREE VPS with all plans.

Simple Comparison Chart

Shared VPS Dedicated
Shared RAM, Disk Space, and CPU Dedicated RAM and Disk Space, Shared CPU Dedicated RAM, Disk Space and CPU
NO Server Level Customization Server Level Customization Allowed Server level Customization Allowed
All Server level Software Pre-Installed Server Level Software (OS, cPanel, LAMP) pre-installation varies by provider Server Level Software (OS, cPanel, LAMP) pre-installation varies by provider
Full Customer Support Typically Provided Support Levels Vary By Provider Support Levels Vary By Provider
$ $$ $$$

chart from sixrevisions.com