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How to improve your ecommerce server security & love yourself – Part 3


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This series is focused on developing the best possible security for an ecommerce server. We seek to go beyond industry standards such as PCI compliance. Perhaps needless to say, PCI-DSS parameters are extremely stringent and thorough because the credit card companies (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) have developed them. However, the density of these rules disallows a simple, step-by-step action plan. We are looking at basic steps we can take to strengthen security.

Servers must be secure, sure: we all know that. Another form of security must be remembered at all times though: security of the self. When we feel that the centers of our souls are disintegrating into tiny little wisps of nothingness, when we fear that the integrity of our entire lives and structural makeups is separating from us and forming new relationships with outside entities (gradually removing us from Earth), we must take action. Below, we will finalize our comments on that subject as well.

Up to this point we have discussed the following subjects: choice of hosting service, development of a security plan, SSL certificates, website backups, vulnerability scan software, monitoring and updates, selection of payment gateway, and the general issue of balance. Today, we will focus specifically on passwords.
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Firewalls 101: Hardware, Software & Web Application Firewalls


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Firewalls: We all know they are vital for Internet security, but what are their basic purposes and flavors? This series serves as a basic beginner’s guide to firewalls of the three major types: hardware, software, and web application (WAFs).

For this three-part series, we will look at information from several different sources. The primary ones will be “Hardware Firewall vs. Software Firewall,” from the Michigan Cyber Initiative; “Best Practices: Use of Web Application Firewalls,” from the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP); and “What You Should

Know About Firewalls,” by Michael Desmond for PCWorld. This first part will focus on firewalls generally. The second part will target the differences between hardware and software firewalls; and web application firewalls will be explored in-depth in the third installment.
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Authorized SSH Access

How many of you are still confused by the terminology SSH, aka Secure Shell? Today I’ll point you in the direction of some commentators with either hands-on experience or theoretical understanding to discuss it in different ways, with the hopes that one of the methods of explanation will stick for each of us.

Authorized SSH Access

Structure of an SSH binary packet

From rabbitbytes.wordpress.com – 2 weeks ago

Also known as remote SSH access without passwords, Secure Shell (SSH) and it’s related utilities (SCP, slogin) should be used whenever possible to provide encrypted data communications.

The owner of the Rabbit Bytes blog is a Systems Administrator for a Linux server. He goes into great detail here with excerpts of command line code in a step by step guide that will help you set up a password-free (that’s what SSH is) access to your Linux server. Basically SSH “Tunneling” is a secure means of encrypting access to your root server, from a remote access point. You may also be familiar with the term “salt” – as in providing a salt key for example to your private WordPress Blog article. This is something similar.

Perhaps an SSH broadcast will help explain things better than I, though…

The Linux Action Show! | Jupiter Broadcasting

Linux’s Wirecast Problem | The Linux Action Show! | Jupiter Broadcasting | How to Grow Your Business Online | Scoop.it

From www.jupiterbroadcasting.com – 3 weeks ago

This week we come clean on why the world’s #1 Linux podcast is edited on a Hackintosh, as well as what it’s going to take for things to get any better.

Juliana Payson‘s insight:
One of my favorite things about the Droid DNA is the SSH app allowed me not to have to carry around my laptop because I can do most simple remote administration from there. Does anyone know of any good SSH apps out there? Here in the Linux show they go on to review a couple of remote access “Tunneling” SSH apps. They even go on to explain when you should use SSH over Virtual Private Network or VPN.

Remoter for Mac 1.4.0 – Remote Access For Mac Made Easy

Screen Sharing

From themactrack.com – Today

Remoter Labs today announces Remoter 1.4.0 for OS X, an update to their productivity app that allows users to remotely control Macs, via Screen Sharing, and Windows or Linux PCs, using the VNC.

We saw from the Linux show that they actually edit their podcast from their Mac. They come clean with it because they recognize that Linux has some ways to go to catch up to professional media editing. Well, for those that are fully soaked in Mac due to your media profession, I’ve found a cool SSH app for the OS X that allows you to tunnel into your remote server from a completely different operating system.

by – Juliana