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Retro and Vintage Photoshop Tutorials

vintagetutorials.jpgAhh Retro…what a bizarre concept. It’s incredible to imagine that simply because something was fabricated in an era before our own, regardless of what it is, that it could suddenly acquire a brand new level of kitsch value.

With little to no discretion, vintage has sort of taken over. Those tight Levi’s and old school Nikes are no longer the uniform of the bleak hipster ‘sub’cultures. Recreations of vintage t-shirts are sprawled across popular clothing chains like American Eagle or Hollister and the even that plain, brandless hoodie from American Apparel has become an advertisement of its own. Old pop cans are ‘vintage chic’; toys, cookbooks, plates. It doesn’t matter what the item is, as long as it’s old it can be blessed with the funky, avant-garde image that is close to impossible to emulate. Although it sounds oddly oxymoronic to say, vintage is in, so it is probably useful to learn a few vintage tricks of the trade for Photoshop; see how close you can get to the real thing.

Smashing Magazine has a slew of Vintage and Retro Photoshop Tutorials for your creative pleasure. Smashing Magazine also has an excellent article about the merits of using vintage styles in web design.



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Ajax techniques and tutorials

Sometime around 2005 and the release of Google Maps, Ajax became the next great thing in programming and was nearly synomous with O’Reilly’s now overused term Web 2.0. Ajax, which stands for asynchronous JavaScript and XML, allowed developers to improve a user’s experience with Internet applications by making it possible to request data from a server and load that new data onto the page without ever needing to refresh the actual page. Using the Google Maps reference again, this allows you to zoom in on countries and cities, new images are displayed, and not once does the page new to be reloaded or refreshed.

Six Revisions, a weblog for the standards-compliant web designer and developer released an article with 25 Excellent Ajax Techniques and Examples. You can create calendars and rating systems, learn how to develop an upload script or a login form – all using Ajax. The examples/demos are probably at an Intermediate level, and take advantage of some popular frameworks like Prototype JS and mootools, and are a great way to spice up your website or web application.