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July is SMX Local and Mobile Month!

SMX Local and Mobile logoThere is another conference a comin’ and this time it is the SMX Local and Mobile taking place in San Francisco from July 24th to July 25th, 2008. SMX is focusing on equipping the attendee with all of the tactics, methods and techniques needed to master local search and mobile marketing; two important emerging marketing channels that one would do well to fully understand.

Mobile Marketing refers to the growing number of businesses utilizing cell phones or other mobile devices in order to advertise – consider how often you hear things like, “text this code to this number and enter to win a pair of baby yak!” Well, maybe you don’t hear the baby yak part very often, but I’m sure you have been bombarded like the rest of us with ‘textable’ codes and requests to upload various things to your mobile device. This is a big part of mobile marketing, and when carried out correctly can be an incredibly effective way to advertise. Lots of people have their eyes glued to their BlackBerry’s these days – they may as well be checking out your ad.
Local search refers to methods for obtaining optimal organic search results on the Internet – these searches are enhanced with location specific data that helps to foster in-store purchases.

So who should attend this Local and Mobile shindig? Basically anyone interested in gaining a competitive marketing edge. If you have ever been curious about local search or mobile marketing strategies then this is the conference for you.

Hosted by Chris Sherman and Greg Sterling, this conference will feature cutting edge sessions, speakers, lots of chances for question and answer, as well as ample networking opportunities…and who can deny the gratifying properties and magnetic power of free food…

You can check out the registration page here, and review a quick overview of the agenda.