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Editing in HTML

Texts are primarily made for reading. Yet, at least sometimes, we want them to be apparent, eye-catching. A set of jQuery plugins provide possibilities to animate texts in various ways. We have come up with five of the best of them.

Dennis Potschien rounds up 5 plugins to make your text website content come to life with various forms of animation. Saving you the manual coding yourself! Obviously you have to know some javascript coding in order to implement the jQuery plugins. That means getting into an HTML editor. One popular editor is called “Sublime” Matt Boldt goes on to explain his favorite plugins for this text editor to speed up his workflow when applying bulk coding changes.


My favorite Sublime Text plugins, and why they’re awesome.

Juliana Payson‘s insight:

…And if you’re not a coder, but want to learn more about using this text editor for writing your own HTML, I found a pretty comprehensive guide on Tutsplus by Jeffrey Way.

I’m pleased to announce that my newest course on Tuts+ Premium is out…and free to everyone! I have a confession: I’m a code editor addict…

I personally have never used a text editor as comprehensive looking as Sublime. My experiences go only so far as Notepad++ it does the job, but I can see from Jeffrey’s tutorial Sublime goes a lot further and has multiple cursor features as well as generally increasing productivity.


Before you can start coding you need a program to write your code, the program into which you normally do this is called a text editor. Text editors are used for creating and changing text files and for our purpose compose or creating Web pages. What are your favorite text editors for coding? - Juliana