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Behold the Dusty Corners of the Internet

Today I’m taking a nostalgic look at the way the internet looked back in the as far as I could dig. Heck! even Digg has changed, so it doesn’t take much to become a relic of the internet.

Internet archaeology: behold the most hilarious abandoned websites

Internet archaeology: behold the most hilarious abandoned websites | How to Grow Your Business Online | Scoop.it

From www.wired.com – Today, 5:15 AM

There are still some corners of the web that look like they’re stuck in 1999 — and that’s a good thing.

Knowing these artifacts exist can actually be a comforting reminder of the internet that once was…

The Opte Project



From www.opte.org – July,2003

These maps are built off of our database using two different graphing engines: Large Graph Layout (LGL) by Alex Adai and Graphviz by Peter North at AT&T Labs Research. Each graphing engine produces wonderful displays, but they are only as good as the data and graphing language we provide. You can find our test images and some well produced full Internet maps…

This is the earliest graph I could find of the internet, a simple render of the internet structure off it’s backbones and IP addresses. Obviously there is some information missing, but, still fascinating to see the apparent simplicity of the internet in the early 2000’s.


The World Wide Web Around Google 2004 | Wikimedia Commons

File:WorldWideWebAroundGoogle.png - Wikimedia Commons | How to Grow Your Business Online | Scoop.it

From commons.wikimedia.org – July 2004
Created by Chris 73 | 18 Jul 2004 (UTC) using TouchGraph GoogleBrowser V1.01, which is based on the related function of google. Check out the tool yourself and learn some amazing new ways for visualizing your website connections on the web!

Personally I use Touchgraph for visualizing my social connections on Facebook, and find it very useful for redefining where my next focus should be when I start networking again. For webmasters, I expect the same thing should be possible, especially when considering your focus for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

by – Juliana