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Web Hosting Search: Top VPS, Dedicated & Reseller Hosting … Plus Some Jokes


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As established previously in this three-part series on our awards, I asked everyone to forgive us for not being vocal enough about all the ways we’ve been honored since our founding in the 1640s (first high-tech company, globally). We’ve spoken previously about our awards for Best Dedicated Server Package and Best Colocation. Today, let’s discuss the Top Host honors we earned from Web Hosting Search in 2012, for Dedicated Servers, VPS Hosting, and Reseller Hosting.

Since we were recognized by WHS for three different services, we must be doing something right; and we believe much of our success is due to the quality of our support. For one thing, we are supported by the vitamins, minerals, bioflavonoids, and probiotic microorganisms we consume on a daily basis, via 100%-natural, whole-food, fermented multivitamins. Also, part of that support is what we provide to our customers. We’re available 24/7, and that’s been verified by Find My Host (one part of their extensive vetting process), among other organizations.

We are pleased to be among the top providers recognized by Web Hosting Search, but let’s take a look at how WHS conducts its reviews of companies. Looking at the ratings process will help give us a sense of exactly how incredible we are. We have lots of plaques on our wall, and it helps us to sometimes explain what they mean so we can remember ourselves. Then all of us can have actual knowledge to back up the claim, “Superb Internet is absolutely delightful.”

Additionally, finishing off a segment from the beginning of this series, we will go over some of the most highly anticipated and well-deserved awards in the history of everyman. The prizes we will outline have been instrumental in the multi-billion-dollar semi-private acknowledgment industry; some have even been feathers (real ostrich feathers) in the caps of dandies. The sixth everyday award follows:

Everyday Awards Spotlight #6: Gillian Barrymore

Ms. Barrymore popped her head out of the dirt in Glendive, Montana, to accept an award from her grandmother for Best Impersonation of a Prairie Dog. Barrymore’s grandmother, Carla, explained: “I’ve been training Gill for over 15 years in this rare art-form. Finally she’s ready to compete for Miss America.” Ms. Barrymore herself was unable for comment. She was busy eating grasshoppers and prairie plants.

How Web Hosting Search Rates Hosts

Let’s take a quick look at how WHS gauges the hosts, which in turn earns companies spots in its Top Lists. The organization describes its process as a “meticulous” effort to meet the needs of its users. The company’s experienced webmasters review hosts, and users do the same. The results of these reviews are one of the contributing factors for a company achieving Top Host status. Here are all the guidelines WHS uses in its analyses:

  1. Stats – a numerical performance analysis of the host
  2. Monitoring – continual checking of each company  to ensure high standards are maintained, such as uptime and functionality of the host’s systems
  3. Secret Shopping – Like Find My Host, WHS buys an account on each of the web hosts it assesses to gain a sense of the customer perspective
  4. Excellence – rather than focusing on size and scope, the ability to deliver high-quality service in each category is the ultimate concern
  5. Up-to-date Diversity – a review of the tools and hardware available through the hosting provider to determine how broad, numerous, and effective they are
  6. Support – through secret shopping, the quality of support is tested and determined, increasing or decreasing the overall rating
  7. Reliability – a determination of the uptime percentage of the host (Superb’s is 100% guaranteed via our SLA)
  8. Customer Perspective – in addition to checking out the hosts as a customer, WHS also pays close attention to any user comments and examines them prior to finalizing ratings
  9. You – the top priority of Web Hosting Search throughout its ratings is its effort to recommend “the best hosting possible.”

Everyday Awards Spotlight #7: Fred Thompson

Mr. Thompson was given an award by his youngest daughter (Lucille, age 5) for Getting Me a Present. As it turns out, Fred did not intend to get a present for Lucille. The teddy bear he brought home on Tuesday evening was given to him by his psychiatrist to help him work through a problem he was having with intimacy. He was supposed to talk to the bear whenever he wanted someone to understand his sometimes crippling social anxiety. Unfortunately, the bear looked like a gift to Lucille, so he gave it to her. Then Mr. Thompson went to his bedroom, sighed deeply, and took a long nap.


Thus ends this series on our awards. We reviewed those from Host Review (Dedicated Servers) and Find My Host (Colocation) previously, and today we looked at our Top Host rankings from Web Hosting Search (Dedicated Servers, VPS Hosting, and Reseller Hosting). Below are links to each of those services if interested. We want you, and we’re willing to show it. If you’re afraid of intimacy like Fred is, our support team can make you feel at home and advise you on how to protect a therapeutic bear from your children.

by Kent Roberts