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How to improve your ecommerce server security & love yourself – Part 2


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As with the first installment of this series, we’ll continue to look at optimizing server security for an e-commerce site. Clearly security for an online business is not just a matter of PCI compliance or making sure your own information and accounts are safe. Security breaches can (and regularly do) bankrupt companies, and a business’s reputation with consumers can plummet.

Server security is one thing, though. Learning to love ourselves and feel secure in our own skin is essential to the good life. One easy way I have found to feel secure in my skin is to look at myself in the mirror while poorly reciting French love poetry. If I feel awkward staring into my own eyes while I read – in an awful, just absolutely terrible French accent – love poems, I look into the eyes of a photograph of myself instead.

So far we have discussed the basic types of hosting, development of a security plan, and SSL security certificates. In the next and final installment, we will focus specifically on passwords since they comprise such a large part of security. Today we will go over backups, vulnerability scanning, updates, payment gateways, and balance.
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