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Summer Newsletter 2008!

Summer Newsletter

Ladies and gentlemen, summer has finally arrived – and it’s about time too! Now all of the ‘firsts’ of summer can begin – first cannonball of the year, first time at the beach, first blue freezee of the summer, first night cursing the sweltering summer heat and wishing it was cool again. And today is the first SuperbHosting.net Newsletter of the Summer!

This month’s SuperbHosting.net newsletter is filled with information that will contribute tremendously to your overall web experience. Featuring a wealth of valuable resources to help you enhance the look of your site, improve your search engine rank and help to better your understanding of how to effectively run your website. There are links to brand new articles on web development and web design in our wiki that are packed with tutorials, helpful how-to’s and freebies galore.

So check out our summer newsletter and, while you’re at it, check out our newsletter archive as well.

Winter Newsletter 2007!

December NewsletterSeason’s Greetings! SuperbHosting.net would like to wish you the happiest of happy holidays – may you eat till your stuffed, laugh till it hurts and wholeheartedly enjoy the Winter 2007 SuperbHosting.net quarterly newsletter.

It seems as though we at SuperbHosting.net have caught that seasonal bug – that bug where you give gifts to the people you appreciate. So as a result, we are offering any customer who signs up for a new hosting package or dedicated server from December 1st to December 21st the chance to win a Nintendo Wii gaming console!

Check out the details and more in the winter newsletter from SuperbHosting.net. And while you’re at it, you may as well check out our newsletter archive as well.