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Websites You Need To Stop Building

I was stopped dead in my tracks this morning killing myself laughing over some viralling content from The Oatmeal. This website is exactly what it’s labelled on the tin, daily breakfast for webmasters full of comic relief for those who manage websites. If you haven’t heard of it before, I seriously recommend you check it out, I can relate to nearly everything Matthew Inman posts.


Stop building websites like this. If you’re developing an online business idea, please check in on this post and make sure your idea hasn’t been overcooked already.
Matthew Inman sums it up in a friendly satirical way better than I could have even tried in breaking this sort of news to my own clients.
If you’re starting your week with the blues because you hate Mondays, here’s some stomach churning relief along the theme of post St. Patricks day weekend:


Frustrated by stupid client criticism, Irish graphic designers Mark Shanley and Paddy Treacy decided to turn their

Juliana Payson‘s insight:

My Monday has been Dell, I mean Hell, just trying to stop myself laughing. How many of these have you experienced? For sure I’ve experienced the elephant in the room when one client asked me to turn the image of the iPhone so that it showed more of his “App”.

Anyway, moving away from client criticism and back onto ourselves because after all – I don’t want to alienate start-up business ideas for their innocent remarks. I thought I’d include one more on the list of websites to take a look at today:


Web Pages That Suck is a web resource where you can learn good web design by looking at bad web design. Features include web design checklists and resources on good web design.

Juliana Payson‘s insight:

Unless you’re abnormally gifted, the best way to learn a craft thoroughly is to learn not only its central tenets but also its pitfalls. The owner, and regular guest speaker on web design, Vincent Flanders, admits his site is not meant to be a proponent of good web design. Instead, his site is showing us the cream of the absolute worst design. Most of us probably fit in the bell shaped curve of average because the demands of productivity will balance back the finer art of perfection. I find this site is a fantastic quick reference for ourselves and for clients to demonstrate the obvious mistakes we should not make.

Are you in a sticky Monday situation, of dealing with a website job whilst struggling to negotiate control? I hope this list of websites arms you with some creative ability to diffuse some of that client pressure. Happy Monday!

Do you have examples you’re willing to share, link me up here or on my Google Plus, and I’ll run a future case study – Juliana.