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Don’t Have a Website For Your Business?

Becoming web-savvy is an essential basic skill. So much so that it’s expected of our children to graduate from schooling with sufficient web understanding that they can represent themselves well later on. You have no excuse to say that kids can pick up technology with far more ease! Here’s three introductions from different fields of web disciplines to help you understand why getting online representation for your business is so important. I’ve picked out fields from web designers to SEO, to Marketing Copyrighters and Information Architecture, on having visibility for yourself online.

You Don’t Have a Website for Your Business – Are You Serious? | Sean Bryant

All businesses should have websites! You Don’t Have a Website for Your Business…Are You Serious? – @OneSmartDollar

Juliana Payson‘s insight:

I find it difficult to understand how any business can keep its doors open today without having some sort of online presence. After reading this article I realize those  businesses exist and I can bet they barely make it work. Who picks up the phone book these days? Without an online representation, and visibility in Google, how are new customers going to find you. Sean Bryant examines some of the reasons that hold business owners back.


A corporate website is your digital storefront, and can lure new clients and customers. If you’re not making one of these four deadly mistakes, that is.

Juliana Payson‘s insight:
Laura Click provides us with an easy to understand four step elimination process of what not-to-do with your website. Starting out with the meaning of “bad navigation”, and what that really means translates into user experiences. Bad navigation encompases incoherent url structure, strange image layouts, and non-semantic structuring. Poorly written copy, and Zero personality, are simple mistakes to avoid yet
in an attempt to pretend to be professional and claim a corporate image, sites become devoid of translucency that allows us to trust, then finally failing with no reminders to purchase or “calls-to-action”.

I am a woman of many talents and one of them is information architecture, just in case you didn’t know

Kate explains in easy terms, just what it is she does to help increase conversion rates of your website online. She explains what wire-framing is, and basically does the nitty gritty that Laura Click mentions above when it comes to re-working that bad navigation issue. This is information architecture.

Please do hit me up with Google Plus comments and suggestions for our audience if you have an alternate discipline of web skills that can help business owners get online. – Juliana