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What is VPS?

The best explanation of VPS I have ever been given was through an analogy. It should help you understand the basics.

Shared Hosting


Shared Hosting (also known as Web Hosting) is the Public Bus of the hosting industry. You will get to where you need to go, but the selected route might not be your ideal path. Plus, you will have to make all the stops along the way to pick up other riders. Shared Hosting has you share the overall resource of a server with a large number of clients. Since you share the server, you share the costs. Shared Hosting is ideal for low maintenance sites that don’t except high unmanageable traffic.

Dedicated HostingDedicated Hosting would be equivalent owning your own Car. You are able to get to Point A to Point B at your convenience. However, you are also responsible for gas and maintenance. Dedicated servers provide you all the resources of a server to use at your discretion. However, you are also responsible for all the maintenance and cost associated with ownership. Dedicated Hosting is ideal for businesses that need to be able to control and fully customize their servers to meet the demands of this company.

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) would be the Vanpool in this analogy. With a vanpool, a select number of participants share all the resource and cost of the van. This allows for efficient transportation without the inconvenience of a method like a bus. VPS is often the step between Shared and Dedicated Hosting because it offers many of the benefits of Dedicated without the limitations of Shared Hosting.

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Windows Azure

windowsazure.jpgThe Azure Services Platform is the name of an internet scale, cloud based operating system produced by Microsoft Windows. Windows Azure is intended to supply developers with a suite of software services and online hosting tools within the Windows operating system in order to build applications that will be used on the internet. So if you are intrigued about Azure Virtual Desktop and what it can offer to individuals and businesses, then read on and see how this can factor into your set-up. Brand spanking new and waiting to be mercilessly scrutinized, here is a list of the key components of Azure:

  • Windows Azure for service hosting and management and low-level scalable storage, computation and networking
  • Microsoft SQL Services, for database services and reporting
  • Microsoft .NET Services which are service-based implementations of familiar .NET Framework concepts such as workflow and access control
  • Live Services, for sharing, storing, and synchronizing documents, photos, and files across PCs, phones, PC applications, and Web sites
  • Microsoft sharepoint designer and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Services for business content, collaboration, and solution development in the cloud.

Previously known under the alias, ‘Project Red Dog’, Windows Azure “is a scalable hosting environment for you to deploy your apps in our cloud,” said Microsoft corporate vice president Amitabh Srivastava, who is one of the key players behind the Azure platform.

You can learn more about the Azure platform at the Windows Azure website.

Only time, and lots of testing will tell whether or not this jump will pay off for Microsoft in the future.


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Happy Birthdays

Google Birthday logosThe online world was abuzz yesterday with the official 9th birthday of search engine giant Google – I’m sure you’ve heard of it? Although co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin registered the domain in 1997, the site was officially launched a year later. As usual, Google’s trademark logo was adapted for the event. For an overview of Google’s history, see this link.

In other birthday news, Dreamhost celebrated their 10th birthday on September 24th. Another one of the old boys in the hosting industry, there is a great post on the Dreamhost blog chronicling their evolution over the last 10 years. Although I’m not sure it competes with Google’s birthday logos, it’s not a bad (light) read. (For the record, I’ve already put my name in for the 12.5 PB of storage and $1.95/month bandwidth that will be offered in 2017.)

Congratulations to both these companies on these landmarks that would make them ancient in terms of online/Tech companies – but neither as old as Superb!

UPDATE: I almost forgot – Superb had some birthdays that are definitely important enough to mention alongside Google and Dreamhost; Happy Birthday to Andree, David, and Lindsay. 🙂

Grid Computing – Hype or Next Generation of Hosting?

Everywhere you turn, people are talking about the latest trend in the hosting industry; grid computing. For those who have yet to hear about it, grid hosting is neither new or is it anything radically different; it is simply using server clusters to deploy enterprise level hosting.

Much fanfare has erupted especially over the likes of Media Temple, Amazon’s EC2, Rackspace’s Mosso and ServePath’s UtilityServe plus other newer entrants such as Netfirms, Concentric, and soon Superb Internet have resulted in a plethora of new grid computing offerings. Now that 3Tera has entered the ring with its new grid computing platform for other hosting companies, watch for this to become a hotly contested marketplace, with all the accompanying price wars and extravagant offerings.

Still, is this hype or is this the next generation of hosting? Actually it is neither; it is simply proven technology that has been thrust into the limelight by marketers and media alike.  With TechCrunch leading the way, eulogizing the power of grid computing and Amazon throwing its entire might behind its Elastic Compute Cloud  (EC2), it did not take long for an abundance of enthusiastic techno buffs to line up for the next evolution, unaware that this is more about who is providing the hosting, what sort of infrastructure does the company have in place and most of all, will it work for them.

A great example of this often being about technology acolytes who are blindly embracing the latest craze in deployment is EC2. Now do not get me wrong; EC2 definitely has got buzz and for some, it will be the right move – but not everybody. Most of all, it can really rack up your spend if you are not careful.  Still for those who are just starting out or up and want the ability to scale up quickly yet do not pay until they need it (always good to be careful with startup capital), EC2 works. Also if your content is important then you might want to think about looking else. Amazon does not guarantee that whenever you restart it, that it will necessarily be recovered.

As for it being cheap, well definitely there are some strong opinions on this. One of them is found at HostingFuAmazon Web Service is Expensive. Shane Conder’s “How Did I Miss Amazon EC2? is a good read about the comparison of EC2 to other types of hosting. Finally Jason Hoffman of Joyent has an excellent opinion called Why EC2 isn’t yet a platform for “normal” web applications?

Then there is MediaTemple. Talk about buzz. If having your name touted translated directly into $, MediaTemple would never even have to sell a single account. Yet like many things, there often exists a gap between the hype and reality. True MediaTemple has brought grid hosting into the limelight, and certainly everyone cannot be wrong. Still if more had been put into infrastructure and less into buzz, customers would be happier. Do a search on WebHostingTalk and you are sure to find numerous complaints regarding downtime and dependability issues. That said, MediaTemple, is sure to grow up and get things right. Already I am hearing more good than bad, so who knows.

Bottomline, grid computing is here to stay. We will soon launch our own grid hosting platform, code-named “Grid Iron” but when we do, it will be built on the foundation of our rock solid network, industry-leading experience and most importantly, with our customers in mind.