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Why just rent your server?

You know the old saying “variety is the spice of life”?  Well, that’s a nice way of saying, make sure you play the proverbial field when purchasing a product.  Whether it is dedicated servers or a new favorite restaurant, variety is paramount to honing your tastes as a consumer.

For the sake of this discussion and our given area of expertise, let’s stick to the issue of dedicated servers.

As a buyer, when you look at the option of using a shared server, or a dedicated server, your decision is usually based on a few simple things; bandwidth (speed), data (storage), and accessibility (network).

If you’re using a small mom and pop style website to promote your local, family owned bakery, then a shared server may be suitable.  After all, you’re just trying to get your message and information out to the people who might be interested in physically visiting your store’s location.

However, if you operate in any facet of online business, shared hosting then begins to lose its luster.  For example, if you need the ability to run credit card numbers for online purchases, or supply emails to employees, or handle increases in traffic spikes, then a dedicated server is almost a must.

But the question still lies, when you’re renting a dedicated server, “What do I do with my server and data after my contract is up?”

For many, they rent a new server and begin paying, once again, on another newly-inked contract with their provider.  Over time, thousands and thousands of dollars are spent renting someone else’s server.

Aside from purchasing your server outright, paying for the maintenance, hiring an IT professional and other costs, your options concerning renting and buying a dedicated server can be rather slim.

But, what if you could own your dedicated server without having to pay thousands upfront? What if you could purchase a server and have a place to collocate it, too? What if you didn’t have to watch all that hard earned income go to a hosting company, who will just “re-sell” your server, anyway?

Well, now, with Superb’s lease-to-own program, you can take any of our servers and within one year, you can own it, outright.

All you do is pay an extra $25 a month, on any dedicated server, no matter the cost, and after one-year, that server is yours.  After that, it’s a $99 (dependent on server size) a month collocation fee and you’re good to go.  No more rent, no more interest, and no more wondering how you will transfer all that data—your server is now yours to do what you please.

You wouldn’t rent a house for 5 years without establishing a lease that could go towards a final value. Nor would you go to Enterprise rent-a-car everyday for 3 years, paying $400 a month to rent a Prius.

So why would you accept anything less when it comes to your dedicated server?

Why would you pay thousands upon thousands of dollars for something you don’t own outright? Better yet, why store massive amounts of your data on a server that you don’t own, and may have to move eventually, anyway?

The point being is this; when value is the name of the game, why not take advantage when the opportunity presents itself?

With Superb’s lease-to-own program, you will save thousands of dollars within the first two years.  You will own your server and data, and you will have the familiarity of dealing with one of the most respected and reliable companies in the web hosting world.

Think of leasing-to-own a dedicated server this way; if you head over to your favorite fast-food burger spot, and you want to order a burger, fries and a drink– you don’t order them separately. You order them as the #1.

Or, perhaps you order a different number with some chicken, or fish, if you have ‘beef’ with cattle.

Get it? Having ‘beef’ with a cow?

Okay, I’m aware the comparison is a bit of a stretch, but we are talking ‘value’ and it’s close to my lunchtime, so deal with it.

Jokes aside, the keyword here is ‘value,’ folks.

You don’t order all of those items separate, because it’s much cheaper to bundle these items and enjoy your discount!

So once again, I ask, why settle for anything less?

Now, with Superb’s groundbreaking lease-to-own program, we are offering our customers something the competitors do not—the ability to own your own server.  Value has always been the number one concern where our consumers are concerned. And we have always put our customer at the forefront of our business model, because without you, we cannot stay Ahead of the Rest®.

Take a look at our inaugural lease-to-own program, we here at Superb are confident you won’t be disappointed.

by Richard Norwood


Do I need VPS?

How do you really know if you need to upgrade to VPS? Most people think that their shared hosting solution will do the job, but often fail to read the fine print. If you are looking to expand your business, drive more traffic to your site or plan to host a large amount of media then there is a good chance that you will violate the terms of service with your shared hosting provider and should consider upgrading.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself before you upgrade to a VPS Hosting solution.

Do I have multiple sites? (XYZCompany.com, XYZCompany.org, XYZForums, etc)

Shared Hosting will allow for subdomains, but not multiple sites. VPS hosting will provide ample disk space for all your emails, data and sites, and will have the RAM and CPU to handle significantly more data and traffic.

Are you expanding your business?

Expansion usually comes with more business. A shared hosting environment severely limits your traffic, data and processing power; whereas, VPS allows for flexible resources. So if you are running a sale or have a popular app, you will have the resources you need to meet the sudden increase in demand. Just think all the sales Target lost when they launched their Missoni line, and the increased traffic crashed their site.

What kind of content will your site host?

When upgrading your site from basic HTML to dynamic content make sure you have the enough resources (CPU, RAM and Space) included in your hosting plan. Dynamic content will absorb your resources like a sponge. So if you are entry level shared hosting package, it is safe to assume your resources will get cut off. Most VPS hosting plans, even entry level, will accommodate dynamic content.

Is your site loading and running slow?

When speed is becoming an issue, then you are probably getting throttled by your hosting provider. Just like with smart phones owners using too much data and getting choked out by the service provider, web host attempt to keep things fair for all the sites on your specific server. VPS hosting will provide you with guaranteed and burstable RAM to help optimize your site for speed.

Do you need security and backup?

A major limitation of running a business from a shared hosting platform is the ability to ensure your data is backed up and safe. With VPS hosting, you have the option with many providers to add on any number of managed services. This provides you the peace of mind that shared hosting often lacks.

When looking to upgrade from Shared Hosting to VPS Hosting, make sure you find the package that best fits your needs. Check out our current VPS promotion, 3 Months FREE VPS with all plans.

Simple Comparison Chart

Shared VPS Dedicated
Shared RAM, Disk Space, and CPU Dedicated RAM and Disk Space, Shared CPU Dedicated RAM, Disk Space and CPU
NO Server Level Customization Server Level Customization Allowed Server level Customization Allowed
All Server level Software Pre-Installed Server Level Software (OS, cPanel, LAMP) pre-installation varies by provider Server Level Software (OS, cPanel, LAMP) pre-installation varies by provider
Full Customer Support Typically Provided Support Levels Vary By Provider Support Levels Vary By Provider
$ $$ $$$

chart from sixrevisions.com

What is VPS?

The best explanation of VPS I have ever been given was through an analogy. It should help you understand the basics.

Shared Hosting


Shared Hosting (also known as Web Hosting) is the Public Bus of the hosting industry. You will get to where you need to go, but the selected route might not be your ideal path. Plus, you will have to make all the stops along the way to pick up other riders. Shared Hosting has you share the overall resource of a server with a large number of clients. Since you share the server, you share the costs. Shared Hosting is ideal for low maintenance sites that don’t except high unmanageable traffic.

Dedicated HostingDedicated Hosting would be equivalent owning your own Car. You are able to get to Point A to Point B at your convenience. However, you are also responsible for gas and maintenance. Dedicated servers provide you all the resources of a server to use at your discretion. However, you are also responsible for all the maintenance and cost associated with ownership. Dedicated Hosting is ideal for businesses that need to be able to control and fully customize their servers to meet the demands of this company.

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) would be the Vanpool in this analogy. With a vanpool, a select number of participants share all the resource and cost of the van. This allows for efficient transportation without the inconvenience of a method like a bus. VPS is often the step between Shared and Dedicated Hosting because it offers many of the benefits of Dedicated without the limitations of Shared Hosting.