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Find My Host: Best Colocation Award … Plus Some Jokes


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In the first installment of this series, I confessed that at Superb, we have been negligent in not drawing enough attention to our numerous hosting awards. This multiple-post exposition on our prizes corrects that error of omission (and we now vow never to forget to boast about ourselves whenever possible; not just publicly, but privately as well – to our lovers, children, and pets). In so doing, it helps to establish why we have won more Web Hosting Excellence awards than any other company. In the last post, we talked about our “Best Dedicated Server Package” award from Host Review, and today we will discuss the awards we have received from Find My Host, most recently for colocation.

Our Find My Host awards, though, are various; for example, we received ones for cPanel Hosting in 2009 and Game Servers in 2010. In fact, we have won prizes in virtually every category created by the company for assessing the quality of web hosts. Most recently, we are a repeat winner in FMH’s annual awards for our colocation expertise. Today, let’s look at how Find My Host tests hosts to determine if they have enough information to know that we are awesome.

Also, continued from the first part of this series, we will highlight some of the amazing awards bestowed upon everyday folks. These honors have shocked and delighted the lovers, children, and pets of the award winners. The fourth such award is noted below:

Everyday Awards Spotlight #4: Beverly Capriati

Over 4 townspeople (6) were in attendance for an awards ceremony held April 24 on the outskirts of Nome, Alaska. The award recipient, Beverly Capriati, is known locally for her “get out of my town” campaign, which involves throwing fruit at tourists and long-time residents alike. Due to consistent improvement in following instructions from two area professionals, Capriati won two 2013 awards from the Nome Convention & Visitors Bureau: the Taking Your Medication Award (nominated by her physician, Carl Feingold) and the Shut Up & Listen to Me Award (nominated by her parole officer, Julie Ross).

Guaranteed Hosts & How FMH Tests Hosts

We are not just a repeat award-winner with Find My Host in a variety of categories. We also have been given the distinction of a Guaranteed Host with FMH. Let’s look at how the company vets and tests applicants so we have an understanding about what their awards mean.

Find My Host tests each of the hosting companies that apply for consideration thoroughly and continually. It has two types of web hosts within its directory of hosting companies: Guaranteed Hosts and Approved Hosts. To earn approval, companies apply for admission. Once Find My Host reviews the application, the company is tested. If testing suggests the company is a reasonable hosting solution, it gains Approved Host status. Find My Host is not easy on its applicants. The organization signs up for a hosting account with the company and tests the user experience. FMH also verifies that everything about the company is legitimate, from percentage uptime to “anytime” technical support.

The following parameters guide FMH’s testing:

  • Network – How fast and reliable is it?
  • Support – How high-quality and accessible is it?
  • Customer Response – How strong are the company’s reviews and ratings?
  • Knowledge Base & Forums – How extensive is the site’s help content?

Additionally, the following conditions are tested and monitored:

  1. Must be possible to establish an account in 24 hours or less
  2. Support available at all hours of day & night
  3. More than one way to get online
  4. Cannot be designated as a spammer by anti-spam sites
  5. Uptime during testing of at least 99.0%
  6. Email Setup that’s simple and easy to understand
  7. User-friendly control panel
  8. Must have been in business at least 12 months
  9. Verified as a true hosting company (no design companies, etc.)
  10. Can transfer files quickly and efficiently
  11. Numerous billing options & https-enabled, in-house portal (no off-site payment)
  12. Readily-available help documents, FAQ, and instructions on refunds
  13. Full contact information to call, mail, or message
  14. Support request submitted is handled well and in reasonable timeframe
  15. Passes traceroute and ping tests
  16. Passes Whois and name server lookup analyses.

Once accepted as an Approved Host, companies are given a Report Card which details all of FMH’s findings. The basic distinction between Approved and Guaranteed is that the former means a host is up to par regarding its reputation and general hosting capabilities, whereas the latter – which is Superb’s designation – means FMH will help to resolve any problems that arise with that company. In other words, Superb is one of the few hosts that FMH recommends; if you’re dissatisfied, they want to know.

Everyday Awards Spotlight #5: Tim Sutton

At a solitary awards ceremony in a houseboat master bathroom off the coast of South Carolina, Tim Sutton won the award for Drunkest Depressive Boat Captain. Following a divorce and a series of career mistakes, Sutton was primed by life to win the prize. “Everything is pointless,” said Sutton. “I probably shouldn’t go anywhere for a while. I’m gonna lie down here on the linoleum.” Asked to comment on the award, Sutton’s ex-wife, Gabriella, said, “What’s that? He’s awash in misery? Oh, that is just typical.”

Our Report Card, 2013 Colocation Award & Conclusion

We passed the Find My Host tests, to say the least (gotta be modest), as you can see on our report card. Actually, we received straight A’s. Our mothers are, of course, very proud of us, and we’re allowed to stay up late and watch a movie tonight. We’re going to watch Terms of Endearment, just because we can … and because we feel like a good cry.

To place the focus on our most recent annual awards, we won the 2013 and 2012 ones for colocation, so Find My Host is particularly impressed with that offering at Superb. We are specifically pleased with this award because it says something about our excellence as a host generally. Quality colocation means expertise at the storage of servers for third parties. The reason we’re well-known for server storage is because we take such good care of the servers used by our shared, dedicated, and VPS hosting clients as well.

That now covers two of our most prominent awards. Maybe we’ll talk about another one in the next post, maybe not. (Please be hush-hush about our winnings. We don’t want our mothers to get excessively excited and proud, which will create sibling rivalry, particularly with our step-sisters.)

by Kent Roberts