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Improving Clicks To Your Website

In previous articles I examined optimizing your websites for the increasing mobile and tablet audience viewership. Today I found an impressive collation of interactive ads presented by Advertising Age that had achieved huge click-through rates of somewhere up to 70%

Adage: See Magazine Tablet Editions’ Top Interactive Ads — The Ones That Got You to Open Websites, Download Apps & More

Juliana Payson‘s insight:

Look at what these companies did to hike their CTR up to phenomenal rates! Well mayber you’re a website owner without the advertising budget or marketing team to be able to pull off some of these deeply layered campaigns, but is there anything you can take from it? I don’t know that much of the traffic going through these campaigns would have been that useful for a niche website owner. You have to consider transactional intent as part of your visibility campaign when you want more traffic. As Brad Geddes describes so well in his article, commercial intent is more valuable than just achieving high rate of click through:


Consider these two words: ‘mysql database optimization’ or ‘mysql database hosting’. Which is more commercial?

Juliana Payson‘s insight:

Specificity and commercial intent are two major factors when considering how high your CTR should be. Yahoo has even offered a commercial intent search engine with Mindset. Microsoft has an excel spreadsheet plugin for determining commercial intent behind keywords. In my experience, high CTR’s do not necessarily translate to a high rate of transaction, this is what makes Adwords advertising with Google so confusing to many small business owners. If you happen to understand more about where your audience resides on the internet, and how they consume the web, then you can make use of interesting finds like this one from eConsultancy.


We’ve pretty much reached the stage where tablets and smartphones are no longer lumped together under the mobile umbrella, as each device encourages entirely different user behaviours and outcomes for brands.

Juliana Payson‘s insight:

Which brings me back to a previous article I wrote, about where your audience is really hanging out online. The demographics behind tablet users are different from smartphone users. They may be more business oriented, than tech oriented for example. They may have a higher average household income than those without tablet devices and so on.


I would love to hear about advertising campaigns that really worked (or flunked) for you. Maybe I could give you some helpful pointers and where I can’t I’d happily link you up with one or two places to find assistance. Simply place a comment here, or on my Google Plus.