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Tis’ the season

When is discount more than a deal? When that discount helps you make money. Superb.NET already boasts one of the best reseller programs in the industry. With rewards from referrals to graduated discounts that improve with performance. Resellers are even capable of generating up to $200K in revenue per year.

Now with the recent launch of the hosting industry’s first White Label cPanel Reseller Program, you are able to make the money and build your own brand. Superb.NET will do the background work, while you make the sales.  This can apply to any online based business you can think of (see blog post “Money, Money…” to read about a woman that makes $100K walking dogs). Superb.NET program include branded client panel, statements and free billing control panel. You can even add-on services where Superb.NET handles invoicing, unlimited 24/7 support and customer calls.

The best part about White Label cPanel Reseller Hosting; it is now 10% off on Superb.NET. All you need is the promo code RESELLER. How about 10% off to help you make money – a discount that is more than just a deal. Don’t hesitate because tis’ the season, but only until December 31, 2011.