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About Superb Internet Corp.

Superb Internet Corp. does much more than just domain registrations, through its domain name registrar arm, Superb Registrar.

Superb Internet Corporation is an enterprise-grade global cloud and web hosting services provider. We are distinguished by ISO 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2008 certifications and SSAE-16 compliance, as well as the impeccable performance and uptime reliability that businesses need.

As a cloud-based Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider with data centers across the U.S. and a coast-to-coast IP backbone, Superb Internet Corp. is able to provide a comprehensive range of services. Superb delivers the highest levels of secure services, through a vast redundant and diverse platform, and under an industry-leading 100% uptime, low latency and zero packet loss SLA.

Superb has been providing a comprehensive array of mission-critical Internet presence services to a global client base for 22 years.

Since 1996, Superb Internet Corporation has continually pushed the envelope of innovation by designing and building its world-renowned hosting products and services for a global marketplace, including a number of industry firsts, thus staying true to its motto: “Ahead of the Rest”®


Superb Internet CDN Choices and How CDN Can Provide Your Websites’ Users With An Exceptional Experience

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) can beef up your Website (s) experience for the end-user, making it faster with less latency, perform more reliably and stay more secure.

With Superb Internet, you can set up your Global CDN, your way. Our global CDN can work for you to accelerate your Website (s) by spreading your content across multiple data centers globally. For Superb Internet client’s, in myCP, under the “Networking” tab there is a section called “Manage CDN Easy.” When clicked on, this provides the client with options for CDN services.

Delivering content and rich media requires the least amount of latency, along with the highest speeds possible to ensure that users have an exceptional experience on your Website(s). Visit our CDN page by visiting to find out more.

To save your visitors a vast amount of time requires that your content be located within close proximity. This way, visitors can get the information that they’re seeking quickly. This in turn, translates to better customer engagement, improved conversions, and most importantly, increased revenues.

CDN serves a broad segment of today’s Internet content, including web objects (text, graphics, and script); downloadable objects (media files, software, and documents); applications (e-commerce and portals); live or on-demand streaming media; and social networks.

With Superb Internet’s large distributed system of servers located in multiple data centers across the world, our CDN can deliver content to end-users at lighting-speed with high-availability and high-performance.

The Superb Internet CDN has 172 “Points of Presence” (PoP)  in 113 cities across 43 countries that are available every day all around the globe and we’re working to deploy this enhancement in more cities and countries to make sure that your content gets there faster than you can imagine.

There are three unique CDN services provided by Superb Internet Corp. You can choose the best option for your unique needs:

  • FreeCDN: a completely free, easy to set-up and implement, North America CDN service, available to all customers (cloud hosting, dedicated, colocated and shared hosting). It uses the included traffic in your account under which it is set-up and provides three CDN PoPs – at our three North American data centers (Virginia and Washington state). This completely free service may be enabled/disabled and configured via the myCP® Control Panel anytime.
  • EasyCDN: a very easy to set-up and implement Global CDN service, available to all customers (cloud hosting, dedicated, colocated and shared hosting). All that is required to enable your web site(s) with EasyCDN is to change the CDN-enabled file URL in your code – that’s all. There is no configuration, no file uploading or anything else required. You choose either Global coverage, for nearly 200 global CDN PoPs worldwide coverage, or only choose specific continents you would like to cover. This service may be enabled/disabled and configured via the myCP® Control Panel anytime. Billing is based solely on usage.
  • CDN Advanced: a powerful and highly flexible Advanced Global CDN service, available as a stand-alone account (no other account or service with us required).

CDN Advanced provides all the features of EasyCDN, along with advanced features such as live streaming support and more granular configuration.

So you can get started today and let us help you improve your customer engagement, sales, and revenues.

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How to know if your server’s been hacked (and what to do)

Is your server compromised right now? Do you have measures in place to check consistently?

If you are like most business owners, you can’t definitively answer these questions. Not knowing puts your business in serious jeopardy.

The truth is checking your server isn’t hard if you have the right service. I’ll detail out an easy to use and very affordable service later in this article. Before we dig into the solution, let’s learn more about how the process should work.

Running a vulnerability assessment is fundamental to security welfare of any business or company.

A vulnerability assessment needs to be scheduled at least monthly, if not more frequently.

Many business owners confuse a simple anti-virus check with a full vulnerability assessment.

An anti-virus check alone does not look at security as a whole. Server configuration, third party applications, network security and known exploits should also be considered. All these processes should form a full vulnerability assessment.

The real problem is ‘forgetting’ to stay current on OS and application updates…

Don’t Be An Easy Target

Hackers always grab the low hanging fruit. They want an easy target such as servers with outdated operating systems, plugins for WordPress that are not updated, or servers without firewall protection… all considered low-hanging fruit ripe for the picking.

It’s common sense really, why bother attacking a fortress when they can go after the straw hut?

Hosting your server behind a firewall is crucial in reducing the amount of hacking attempts you will receive.

Quite simply, adding a managed firewall to your server is crucial in reducing your vulnerability to attack.

Firewalls, on-site security, vulnerability assessments and more can add up very quickly. Thankfully, there is a solution that is very affordable that will reduce your risk greatly.

Most organizations will limit their checks to only a few times a year. Others will simply neglect a vulnerability assessment altogether.

As you now see, the more consistent you are with checking your server, the lower your chances of being the low-hanging fruit a hacker might pick.

Here are a few suggestions for you to consider if you are performing your own vulnerability assessments:

Basic Vulnerability Assessment Checklist

  • Select an appropriate commercial or open source security scanning tool, depending on the application framework, that ensures maximum coverage.
  • Check for the presence of injection flaws like SQL, JSON, XML, and LDAP injections. Test for cross-site scripting (XSS) through all input points for the application. Determine whether forms are submitted securely.
  • Inspect for inadequate authentication methods, improper access control definitions, and broken login processes. Ensure passwords are secure and not easy to compromise.
  • Review for secure session IDs/cookies.
  • Ensure the network is secure and no other machines inside the network are compromised.

Of course, you can get more detailed than that… if you know what you are doing. Most business owners and IT managers simply do not have the time to allocate to consistent vulnerability scans.

Beyond vulnerability assessments, there are many other things you can add to boost your defense.

Location, Location, Location

You’ve heard that location matters in real estate… and it matters just as much with your server.

Many of these suggestions I’m about to make are expensive unless you are using the service I will reveal later in this article.

Most top-tier data centers include intrusion detecting systems, firewalls, two-factor authentications and content filtering. If you are hosting your server locally, you know how expensive these can be.

There are other advantages to hosting with a top-tier data center… such as reducing the amount of ‘traffic’ surrounding your equipment.

It is becoming more and more common for threats to be occurring at the physical local level. If you host servers in your office building and the room is not totally secure, you are opening your risk considerably to a local hack attempt.

Many businesses have found that their internal security is increasingly compromised through simple methods such as…

The true Trojan horse where an authorized user installs malicious software or enables a back door into the company’s network. It is thought that Sony Pictures was the victim of this Trojan horse tactic when they were hacked.

The data included personal information about Sony Pictures employees and their families, e-mails between employees, information about executive salaries at the company, copies of then-unreleased Sony films, and other information.

The perpetrators then employed a variant of the Shamoon wiper malware to erase Sony’s computer infrastructure.

To protect your business, location of physical equipment must be considered.

All of this can add up, but it doesn’t have to be expensive…

Here’s How To Protect Your Business

Earlier in this article I told you about an affordable solution that not only reduces your threat risk, but it also protects your data in the event you are compromised.

It’s the 5-in-1 Managed Services bundle from Superb Internet… and it includes vulnerability assessment, OS hardening and patches. In addition, you also get a managed firewall and managed backup.

The 5-in-1 Managed Services bundle is the ‘whole enchilada’ when it comes to protecting your business.

You get everything without the high cost of an IT expert who would charge thousands to configure and setup each of these for you. The good news is that you can get everything for one low monthly price.

Before we get into how affordable the 5-in-1 Managed Services bundle is, let’s go into detail about our topic today… vulnerability assessments.

The first step in reducing your risk is to close all the ‘holes’… and to do that, you need to know where the holes exist. Superb Internet starts with a powerful scanning tool…

How is a Vulnerability Assessment performed?

Superb’s Vulnerability Scanner is a powerful network security assessment tool for finding potential security risks and flaws either inherent to the operating system or created from misconfigurations.

Every dedicated and managed hosting customer gets one complimentary scan per month.

Superb’s security tool reports on thousands of updated vulnerabilities by performing a complete scan. After a scan is completed, a report is generated which lists possible vulnerabilities found on your server. The report ranks the vulnerabilities based on the security level of importance from “warning” to “high.” Vulnerability Scans are available on a subscription or on-demand basis.

After every successful scan, a report is automatically generated and delivered to your inbox.

Next, technicians perform OS hardening based on the results…

What is OS Hardening?

The purpose of OS Hardening is to minimize your server’s exposure to current and future threats by configuring the operating system to be optimally secure.

The OS Hardening service addresses security weaknesses in operating systems by installing the latest OS patches & updates, deactivating unnecessary programs, and following procedures and policies to reduce malicious attacks and system down time.

Once your server is online, patches and updates are made as needed moving forward…

Patches & Updates

The Superb Internet Professional Services Division will log into your server and apply any available updates on the 3rd Monday of every month. If necessary, they’ll also restart your server to complete the installation process.

This makes sure you are always up to date… always secure.

You can add the 5-in-1 Managed Services bundle to ANY existing Superb Internet Cloud or Dedicated Server.

And right now, if you add the 5-in-1 Manages Services plan, you’ll get R1Soft along with the following services and save a bundle of money at the same time:

1. Vulnerability Scanning
2. OS Hardening
3. Cisco Managed Firewall
4. Proactive Monitoring

You’ll get everything…

… hack prevention
… ransom protection
… data backup
… OS hardening and patch updates
… and a Cisco managed firewall

You get everything you need to SECURE YOUR BUSINESS and protect yourself for a price that’s so low, I don’t want to mention it here for our competition to see.

Login to your customer portal at or contact our sales team for a FREE Security and Data Protection Assessment by clicking the following link:

1 Tip for Maximum Website Profits

Do you know how often your website is down?

Website downtime can be a real killer to your bottom line. The more you are offline the MORE MONEY you lose.

The truth is, many businesses NEVER KNOW when their website goes offline.

Is your website consistently up and running or is down and you are not even aware?

There are many issues that can cause your website to go offline. Your server or web host could be conducting routine maintenance on the website, there could be an issue with your website’s code, there could also be an issue with your data center.

Alternatively, there could be network, hardware or hacker issues. Whatever the reason, you need to get your website back online ASAP.

It Can Happen To Anyone

In 2013, Amazon reportedly lost close to $66,240 for EVERY MINUTE they were down.

In March 2017, Amazon Web Services went down and caused a domino effect where Quora, Coursera, Business Insider, Slack and Trello all went offline.

Interestingly, DownDetector, a website used to detect such outages also went offline as a result of Amazon Web Services difficulties.

You should be asking yourself, how much are you losing for every minute you are offline?

If Amazon can go offline, it is safe to say that your website can go offline too?

Downtime is inevitable – but you can minimize the financial damage incurred.

The first step is to enable Proactive Monitoring.

Proactive means that when an alert goes off, a qualified technician responds to the issue… and resolves it. Monitoring by itself isn’t good enough.

Later in this article I’ll show you how to setup Proactive Monitoring affordably and with qualified technicians.

But first, let’s look at the fallout from being offline. All of these issues revolve around lost revenue in one way or another…

4 Downtime Disasters

  1. Tarnished brand image

When first time visitors try to access your website and find it unavailable, you are guaranteeing they will not return.

Worse, if that is paid traffic your ROI numbers will be inaccurate and you also spent money for nothing. The next time they see your ad they are less likely to click on them… giving you a bad image.

Beyond that, research shows that, 88% of people are influenced by the reviews they get of companies online. If your company is constantly experiencing unresolved inaccessibility, then visitors to your site will spread the word and if your website is an e-commerce, people won’t shop there anymore. If it’s a blog, people will not go there for information and it will be an unreliable source of information. Whatever the reason, you do not want a negative image of your site and brand.

An example of this when Virgin Blue’s website went offline in 2010. The downtime affected the travel schedules of their customers. This went on for a week and the reputation of the company suffered greatly as a result.

  1. Unhappy Customers

If customers are not able to access their online account for support, shopping, or information, they will feel frustrated.

Multiple or frequent outages will cause this frustration to grow. Ultimately, causing the customer to make a decision to continue business with you.

I recommend monitoring your support, shopping cart, and blog in addition to your main site.

It is important to keep customers happy in the current competitive market as there are many competitors most likely in your market.

  1. Loss of Revenue

Earlier, I told you that when Amazon went down in August of 2013, it reportedly lost $66,240 every minute.

It experienced a drop in web traffic of 40%.

For Navitaire, the company that managed Virgin Blue’s reservations at the time, this cost was close to $20 million dollars.

This was paid as compensation for the canceled flights.

  1. Google Rankings Drop

Google uses over 200 unique factors to rank websites. However, some factors contribute more than others to this…

One such factor is how fast your website responds to Google.

According to research, when websites respond slowly, users will spend less time on it. The good thing is that Proactive Monitoring can be set to determine if your website is delivering slowly.

If your website has too much downtime or performs slowly, Google will penalize you.

I think we’ve covered all of the bad things that can happen from downtime…

How can you minimize the damage?

Proactive Monitoring.

Proactive Monitoring from Superb Internet delivers the best of both worlds when it comes to monitoring:

  1. Reliable Monitoring Network (from multiple locations)
  2. Guaranteed response from a qualified technician.

#2 in my book is the most important.

What good is an alert notification if you are asleep? What if you are on a trip to a Mexican beach and left your phone in your room?

You don’t need to worry about that if you have paired monitoring with a response team.

I’ll reveal how you can get Proactive Monitoring more affordably than you can image in a moment… but first, let’s look at what you should be monitoring in the first place.

Why the ‘Browser’ Method Does Not Work

There is more to monitoring than just opening your website in a browser to check your website. We are all guilty of it, but it doesn’t reveal everything under the hood.

The ‘browser’ method is for rookies.

If you are serious, you need a more sophisticated approach.

Sophisticated DOES NOT mean complicated.

Databases, slowness, and backend systems that are mission critical don’t always pop up when you use the browser method.

In fact, a lot of issue won’t appear until someone tries to opt-in to a newsletter or begin the purchase process.

Here’s just a sample of what you can monitor:

PING measures how long it takes for a message to go from the host to an individual computer. This is like submarine sonar using echo technology. This program gives a summary of the time it takes to receive the response.

resolves your domain name to your IP address. If DNS is down, your website will not display properly.

is used to transfer files between a computer and a server. If your customers use FTP to upload logo’s for your online t-shirt business this is critical to monitor. Perfect for Proactive Monitoring.

POP deals with mail. You’ll know if your mail service is down if you provide mail to customers. 🙂

Further, this is perfect for Proactive Monitoring because you will not be able to communicate if your mail is down.

HTTP, is your main web service… this is the ‘browser’ method of checking for uptime.

SMTP is a system that is used to send and receive emails. You will for sure know if this is down quickly from your customers.

HTTP (SSL) is secure version of SSL that sends data between the website you have visited and your browser. This is becoming more common and is recommended all websites use this.

SSH, or secure shell allows Internet users to send information and operating network services securely over an unsecure network. This would inhibit your ability to access and work on your server. Perfect for Proactive Monitoring.

IMAP, Internet Message Access Protocol is a program that stores emails on a server. However, users can change the email as if they were on their own computer. Perfect for Proactive Monitoring.

TCP or the Transmission Control Protocol, is an internet protocol used by the world wide web, file transfer and email. Perfect for Proactive Monitoring.

MS SQL 2000 is a management system for databases that stores and receives data. Perfect for Proactive Monitoring.

…and honestly, you can choose an almost infinite level of monitors such as how long it takes for your website to respond.

Proactive Monitoring Increases Profit and Reduces Loss

Proactive Monitoring from Superb Internet delivers the best of both worlds.

  1. Guaranteed response time
  2. Monitoring of critical services

Superb Internet is a company that is truly ahead of the rest when it comes to web hosting and monitoring. Unlike Amazon Web Services, Superb Internet has qualified technicians that will respond to alerts in five minutes or less.

According to Superb Internet CEO, Haralds Jass, “Our SLA guarantees 5 minute or less response time on every new ticket, so, in short, within 5 minutes or less a tier 1 tech will see it, and it will be promptly looked into… and if it’s not just a one-time issue with prompt subsequent recovery, it will be accordingly investigated and corrected if we have root/admin access to the server to do so.

If you are serious about your online business, then you need to get a serious monitoring solution.

An online business that has downtime is much like a brick and mortar business that has its doors locked.

You can add Proactive Monitoring to ANY existing Superb Internet Cloud or Dedicated Server.

And right now, if you add the 5-in-1 Manages Services plan, you’ll get Proactive Monitoring bundled with the following services and save a bundle of money at the same time:

  1. Vulnerability Scanning
  2. OS Hardening
  3. Cisco Managed Firewall
  4. Proactive Monitoring

You’ll get everything…

… hack prevention
… ransom protection
… data backup
… OS hardening and patch updates
… and a Cisco managed firewall

You get everything you need to SECURE YOUR BUSINESS and protect yourself for a price that’s so low, I don’t want to mention it here for our competition to see.

Login to your customer portal at or contact our sales team for a FREE Security and Data Protection Assessment by clicking the following link:


Does your business website have a firewall?

In light of recent events in cyber security, you need to be asking your IT team this question.

Here’s why…

According to an NCSA Cyber Security survey, research revealed that a mere 4% of the population has a full understanding of firewall

As business owner, you should be part of that 4% that has a full understanding.

If you do not have a firewall in place, you are placing your business and cash flow in serious jeopardy.

So what’s a firewall?

Well, firewalls monitor data exchanges between your server and other computers across cyberspace to determine whether each connection is safe or not.

The firewall is similar to the shields Captain Kirk regularly deploys on the Star Trek Enterprise. While Kirk will raise and lower shields depending on the situation… a firewall is always up and running… deflecting the bad stuff.

If you don’t have a firewall or are unsure, contact the experts at Superb Internet and let them give you a no obligation security check.

There’s no cost and you’ll get peace of mind or the information you need to secure your business website.

You might be asking, why do I need the added expense of a firewall?

Great question! Honestly, not many websites actually have a firewall configuration… and that can be bad for business.

If your server is compromised, you’re looking at downtime.

Downtime = cash flow loss.

Recovery = added expense.

In my opinion, a firewall is BETTER THAN INSURANCE… it’s almost negligence to NOT HAVE a firewall for your business. Both for your website

Even if your server software is outdated, a firewall can provide protection… and let’s be honest, many times we simply ‘forget’ to do regular updates.

I’ll cover how to handle updates in a later article, but suffice it to say a firewall is worth its’ weight in gold.

With a firewall, your shield is up all the time… protecting your business.

And don’t worry, it doesn’t matter if you understand how to manage or setup a firewall… I’ll explain later in this article how to get a managed firewall custom tailored for your business. AFFORDABLY.

Here are 3 solid reasons why having a firewall is a must:

1. No Business Is Too Big or Too Small

Sony Pictures was hacked and blackmailed in 2014 with a creepy red skull appearing on their systems. Cybercriminals leaked yet-to-be-released films and hacked Sony’s Twitter account. Sensitive company data was destroyed and employee information like social security numbers and salaries were compromised.

Believe it or not, the big names are actually being avoided in favor of companies that tend to have weaker protection than the larger enterprises. Corporations are taking massive steps to cyber protection and allotting huge funds for hardened security, and they become a more tedious undertaking.

So the criminals are going for the low hanging fruit… is that your business?

If you own a smaller business, you’re a prime target.

You’ve got more digital assets compared to the typical individual consumer, putting your business on the criminal radar.

Without a firewall and with little effort, these criminals can get away with your lifelong investment.

And then there’s…

2. Ransomware and Cyber Threats

Ransomware attacks are quite common.

Malware encrypts enterprise data and can only be recovered when you fork over some bitcoin to unlock the data. The cyber-attacker demands payment in cryptocurrencies which leave no identifiable trail.

In 2016, the SAW horror-film-inspired JIGSAW ransomware which slowly deleted files when the victim refused to pay the ransom.

Worse, you could even be the victim of compromising emails or data that could change your life forever. Hillary Clinton and the DNC both learned the importance of data protection in 2015 and 2016.

And recently, hackers exploited an NSA surveillance tool released into the public domain. The malware called Wanna Decryptor 2.0 crippled hospitals worldwide.

Dozens of countries were affected as the malicious software rendered computers useless and left staff unable to access medical records.

And firewalls aren’t just about keeping the bad guys out…

3. You Dictate Who Gets Access

Can you imagine seeing the mouse move around on your screen as someone attempts to take control remotely? Just think of the aforementioned ransomware warning tactics that scare users off while cyber attackers seem to have fun in the background.

Every PC connected to the internet is a potential target for hackers, key loggers, and Trojans that await the slightest opportunity to attack unpatched security holes. Intruders are empowered to destroy your operating system, if only they can get into it!

A correctly configured firewall on a modern OS can ensure that remote desktop access is disabled to prevent unauthorized user access.

Moreover, firewalls block access by apps, perhaps even the software that you trust and unknowingly penetrate your system.

In short, it doesn’t matter what line of business you are in…power plants, credit unions, hedge funds, PR firms, hotels, retail shops, colleges, and online businesses are all at risk.

I’ve only listed three examples where a firewall can protect your business – there are quite a few more where a firewall can help, such as:

  • DOS & DDOS attacks
  • Session hijacking
  • Remote login
  • Trojan backdoors
  • Cookie stealing and more….

By now, you know a firewall is a good idea. 🙂

But what kind of firewall? How do I add a firewall to my existing server or website?

Both good questions… and here’s what you need to know:

There are two types of firewalls.

Software and Hardware.

Software firewalls are installed onto your server or local PC. These are great, but they are resource intense… which means they can slow down your computer or server.

You should definitely have this installed on EVERY PC in your local environment.

A good software firewall filters traffic of data down to the last detail in both directions. Automated whitelisting tools establish whether the packets meet the rules or specified security criteria or not, and will either be accepted or rejected accordingly.

The best firewalls in my experience are hardware based. Hardware based firewalls are essentially a server that monitors everything going in and leaving your computer or server.

Hardware is superior to software in many ways.

For one, they eliminate any load from your main business website. Your website can work as it should without having to fight off attackers.

Hardware firewalls provide maximum security as data is filtered at packet-level while utilizing less resources on your main server.

That’s why Superb Internet uses the Cisco ASA series firewall to protect servers and websites.

The Cisco ASA is a mix of hardware and software. The whole package so to speak… giving you dedicated hardware with an easy to manage web interface… and like I said, you don’t need to understand any of this when you choose Superb Internet.

In fact, Superb will configure and deploy the firewall in front of your website for you… very affordably.

What Is the Cisco ASA and How Does It Work?

Cisco ASA, short for Adaptive Security Appliance, is a versatile firewall that can be added to any virtual or dedicated server at Superb Internet. Cisco ASA combines software and hardware firewall, antivirus and virtual private network (VPN) features in one.

Keeping your business online and protected is something you don’t want to take lightly.

The right business-owner mindset is to never underestimate the possibility of cyber security attacks! Stop them before they get into your network.

The Cisco ASA is included in Superb’s Managed Services Suite… and like I said it’s extremely affordable.

You can add a Cisco Managed Firewall to ANY existing Superb Internet Cloud or Dedicated Server.

And right now, if you add the 5-in-1 Manages Services plan, you’ll get Cisco Managed Firewall bundled with the following services and save a bundle of money at the same time:

  • R1Soft Backup
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • OS Hardening
  • Cisco Managed Firewall
  • Proactive Monitoring

You’ll get everything…

… hack prevention
… ransom protection
… data backup
… OS hardening and patch updates
… and a Cisco managed firewall

You get everything you need to SECURE YOUR BUSINESS and protect yourself for a price that’s so low, I don’t want to mention it here for our competition to see.

Login to your customer portal at or contact our sales team for a FREE Security and Data Protection Assessment by clicking the following link: