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Haralds Jass
President & CEOHaralds Jass is the President, Founder and CEO of Superb Internet Corporation, and takes an active role in all aspects of company operations. Haralds is one of the industry’s longest serving veterans, having founded Superb Internet Corp. back in 1996, and having pioneered the implementation of many new technologies industry wide, as well as having invented a number of now common-place hosting services, technologies and methods. While being actively involved in all aspects of company operations and being an active member of the hosting community (frequently being invited to speak at industry conferences, such as Web Hosting Expo and ISPCon, and write for various industry publications), Harald’s focus is efficiency and quality: of service, of operations, and, of course, the underlying technology. Instead of being interested in technology (or anything) just because of what it is, Harald’s perpetual focus always is how to make things work better and more efficiently, operationally, for staff, and, of course, ultimately (what it’s all about) for the customers. Haralds looks at the hosting technologies as tools and methods to achieve an end: to provide the best customer experience through optimal operational efficiency.Haralds is a continuous pursuer of perfection, as reflected not only in the company name – Superb Internet – but also in Superb’s total focus on customer care and quality of service, and in the company motto, “Ahead of the Rest.”®

When not working or thinking about hosting related matters, Haralds enjoys traveling and various outdoors activities (while often still thinking about hosting industry related matters). Haralds is also involved in assessing and forecasting current and upcoming asymmetric threats and black swan events (never before seen or experienced events that lie beyond the realm of expectations) facing the world today and tomorrow, and continually examines the current world political and economical stance, especially in respect to likely future threats to business and society.

A native of Latvia, Haralds has studied Economics and European Intellectual History at the University of British Columbia.

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