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What is VPS?

The best explanation of VPS I have ever been given was through an analogy. It should help you understand the basics.

Shared Hosting


Shared Hosting (also known as Web Hosting) is the Public Bus of the hosting industry. You will get to where you need to go, but the selected route might not be your ideal path. Plus, you will have to make all the stops along the way to pick up other riders. Shared Hosting has you share the overall resource of a server with a large number of clients. Since you share the server, you share the costs. Shared Hosting is ideal for low maintenance sites that don’t except high unmanageable traffic.

Dedicated HostingDedicated Hosting would be equivalent owning your own Car. You are able to get to Point A to Point B at your convenience. However, you are also responsible for gas and maintenance. Dedicated servers provide you all the resources of a server to use at your discretion. However, you are also responsible for all the maintenance and cost associated with ownership. Dedicated Hosting is ideal for businesses that need to be able to control and fully customize their servers to meet the demands of this company.

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) would be the Vanpool in this analogy. With a vanpool, a select number of participants share all the resource and cost of the van. This allows for efficient transportation without the inconvenience of a method like a bus. VPS is often the step between Shared and Dedicated Hosting because it offers many of the benefits of Dedicated without the limitations of Shared Hosting.

Money, Money, Money…MONEY

It is easy to create your own site with a number of free tools available online from Google Sites to Weebly. You can even a flash ready site can be created in minutes with Wix. However, running a web-based can be tough. When done right, you can find it to be quite lucrative like this $100K dog-walker. Seriously, who makes six-figures walking dogs, but a simple idea back with an effective website can do wonders for your pocketbook.

Now the market is evolving. We are more connected than ever. Did you know there have been a combined 500 million downloads of Angry Birds across all platforms in less than two years after launch? To put that into context, Facebook, took nearly six years to hit 500 million. Angry Birds is now advertising gold – from TV commercials to plush toys.

Obviously, not every business will be the next Facebook or Angry Birds. However, a successful business model is backed by a superb structure. Subtle hint…did ya catch that? Superb.Net has new White Label Reseller Hosting packages, which can handle all the billing so you can handle all the creative. This billing solution is branded with your company’s logo; your customers won’t know that it’s Superb doing the work. Add the Managed Billing option, and Superb.Net will manage the billing platform, invoices, 24/7 support and even call your customers for you as you. Hence the White Label. It is your brand, logo and company that the customer sees.

Whether you are just supplementing your income or your web-based business is your income, it is always best to “work smarter, not harder.” Can you guess which famous late 80s cartoon character said this in his origin story? You can Google it, but what’s the fun in that.

Remember there are a number of options available to improve your business…with Superb .NET’s White Label your billing can be one of them.