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Superb is on Twitter!

Superb is on Twitter - @SuperbInternetDo you tweet? Well, Superb does! Twitter, one of the most popular social media sites (at least for now), is a free micro-blogging platform that allows users to post real-time updates of what they are doing – called ‘tweets’. There is a whole new language developing from Twitter, and there’s even a Twittonary! Come follow all the talk about dedicated servers and the hosting industry @SuperbInternet.

Fall Newsletter 2008!

fallnl2008.jpgThere are definitely a lot of reasons why fall is awesome: firstly, fall is awesome because various food chains get their pumpkin spice on; like the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte or the amazingly delicious Dairy Queen Pumpkin Pie blizzard (pie filling ice cream, pie crust bits, all topped with sour cream and a sprinkling of quintessential fall spices…mmm…). Also, you’ve got the whole Halloween thing which is cool if you’re into dressing up, and even cooler if you’re into candy. The weather is crisp, the leaves are crunchy and the yumminess is bountiful.

Another reason that fall is sweet? Why the newsletter of course! This months issue is filled with information to help you keep up to day with all of the happenings at and the hosting industry in general.

So check out our Fall 2008 Newsletter and while your at it, check out our newsletter archive too!

DemoWolf Summer Sale!

demowolf.jpgDemoWolf has released over 70 new hosting tutorials for your learning pleasure. The tutorials are designed for the RVskins theme of cPanel 11, the osCommerce shopping cart script and the phpBB3 forum script.

And whaddya know – they are having a massive summer sale to boot. They are lowering the price of all of their demos by 50%. That’s right, everything on the site is 50% off including the razzle dazzle new tutorials mentioned above; the cPanel 11 RVskins series will now be $44.98, the osCommerce series only $24.98 and $34.98 for the phpBB3 series.

The Whir has a good article on these new tutorials and quotes DemoWolf president Rob Moore with respect to the nature of their tutorials:

“When web hosts purchase tutorials from DemoWolf, we customize them for the host by placing their company logo in the first and last frame of every tutorial” DemoWolf president Rob Moore said. “So when their customers view these tutorials from their host’s support pages, they are being given the help they need to learn how to use these applications, and the tutorials they watch will be branded with the host’s logo…so they’ll have their host to thank for the support.”

Click here for the full article.

Be sure to check out the catalogue of awesome tutorials in the support wiki. We have a wealth of Illustrator tutorialsPhotoshop tutorials, Fireworks tutorials, CSS tutorials, JavaScript tutorials, PHP tutorials and many more resources for web development and web design.

Summer Newsletter 2008!

Summer Newsletter

Ladies and gentlemen, summer has finally arrived – and it’s about time too! Now all of the ‘firsts’ of summer can begin – first cannonball of the year, first time at the beach, first blue freezee of the summer, first night cursing the sweltering summer heat and wishing it was cool again. And today is the first Newsletter of the Summer!

This month’s newsletter is filled with information that will contribute tremendously to your overall web experience. Featuring a wealth of valuable resources to help you enhance the look of your site, improve your search engine rank and help to better your understanding of how to effectively run your website. There are links to brand new articles on web development and web design in our wiki that are packed with tutorials, helpful how-to’s and freebies galore.

So check out our summer newsletter and, while you’re at it, check out our newsletter archive as well.

Get Ready for Download Day 2008!

Firefox LogoMozilla wants to have their shining logo grace the legendary pages of The Guinness Books of World Records; and it shouldn’t be too hard either considering they seem to be pioneering their very own category: Most Software Downloaded in 24 Hours. Had I but known that you could enter your own category, I would have long ago taken first place in, Most Peanut M&M’s Consumed While Watching Reruns of Saved By The Bell. However I am not sure that a Guinness category like that is in the same kind of demand as an ‘Internet’-related category. Being as the Internet is still a fairly new concept in terms of seasoned organizations like Guinness (Est. 1955), the chapter on Internet world records is fairly bare and it is pretty cool indeed that Mozilla is taking a step to beef it up.

So what exactly is this fancy new software that Mozilla is asking everyone to pledge to download on Download Day 2008? Well, it is the brand new version of Firefox (titled Firefox 3) and it is apparently chock-full of web-browser-y goodness boasting over 14,000 changes and new features.

There is an excellent article on entitled, Why Firefox 3 Matters and it outlines the first impressions and initial reviews of a few web savvy users. From the looks of this article, Firefox 3 is going to be a pretty smart download.

Firefox 3 is a massive upgrade over Firefox 2 with more than 14,000 changes over the 2.0 generation that was released in October of 2006. The great majority of those changes happened under the hood and aren’t immediately visible to, but there are enough user-centric improvements to make this new version a worthwhile update.

Click here for the full article.

Spring Newsletter 2008!

Spring NewsletterIt’s that time again! Time to drop everything, race to your computer and relish in the greatness that is the quarterly newsletter – that is of course your immediate reaction to its arrival right? Of course it is.

Here at we are pleased to offer you a couple of new services that are getting us very excited indeed: Server Load Balancing and Server Monitoring. Two excellent services which are sure to greatly enhance your hosting experience with – and why don’t you research them further at our growing wiki! Filled with info, tips, tutorials and more, the wiki is going to become your one stop spot for all things web hosting.

So check out our Spring Newsletter, and while you’re at it, check out our newsletter archive as well!