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Hallmarks of a Colocation Center Provider You Can Trust: Part I

We recently took a deep look at what you should look for in a cloud server provider, and today we’re back with some advice on what the most important attributes of a colocation data center are. The cloud is a great thing for a great many businesses, but no one technology solution works for all businesses all of the time. That’s why you have got options, and colocation (aka “colo”) is one of them.

Let’s say you want in on some of the very best benefits of the cloud: you want to save space in your office; you want outsourced, smart, dedicated IT people keeping an eye on things for you, but you don’t want to hire on a round-the-clock crew; and you want your servers stored in world-class facilities with high-security, modern temperature control and high-tech security. OK, you can have all that, and Superb will deliver it for you.  No problem.

However, the operative words in that last paragraph were “your servers.” You own your own hardware. You like your own hardware. You don’t want to rent any hardware from a third party. If that’s the case, then colocation is the solution you’re looking for. With colocation, you send your existing servers to a data center, and they’re monitored and managed by the owner of the center.

What does that mean for you? In practical terms, it means no more staying up at night worrying about your data. It means no more watching your phone with dread on weekends and holidays, waiting for that call/email/text/im to pop up: “Boss, there’s a problem with the servers.” That’s over and done with when you choose colocation, because you put your servers in the hands of data management experts – people who know how to keep things running with efficacy and speed and without worry…or high costs.

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Choosing Colocation vs. Leasing Dedicated Servers & Landlord Appreciation – Part 3


Virtual Private Network site to site and from ...

As we learned in the first two parts of this miniseries comparing colocation to dedicated server leasing, the difference between the two is owning versus renting. You can’t always lease or rent a product. For instance, ice cream cones can only be rented in Arkansas, South Dakota, and Hawaii. Larger items such as cars or homes can be rented worldwide, though; the same is true of dedicated servers (colocation versus leasing).

We are assessing ideas pertaining to the debate between the two options from several advice sites, primarily, ITworld, and About Colocation. We started with a general rundown of the differences between the two, then moved into stronger arguments. Both of the arguments, from the latter two sources above, side with colocation – which notably gives you more control but has additional upfront expense.

Our main concern is with web servers, but we also wanted to provide pluses and minuses related to home ownership and rental. Let’s explore the subject of pets with regards to housing. Pet owners love renting especially because it is an opportunity to prove to themselves how much they love their animals. If you can find the right landlord, you may be able to pay upwards of $1000 for security deposits for your two Irish setter-bloodhound-chihuahua-St. Bernard mutts. Your dogs don’t understand money, but that doesn’t mean they won’t chew through one of the walls or attack your appliances.
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