Superb Internet ThunderCloud™ versus Various Cloud Hosting Providers

At Superb Internet Corp., not only are we one of the world’s oldest web hosts (in business since 1996), but we are also the world’s most experienced virtualized hosting expert, as we were the very first to offer Virtual Private Server (VPS) – the predecessor to today’s cloud – commercial hosting in 1999. In short, we’ve been doing cloud hosting for more than 20 years, including for nearly a decade before the term was even coined. Being a recognized and well known innovator and leader in the industry – always staying true to our motto, “Ahead of the Rest”® – meant we set a very high standard to meet when it came to the Superb Cloud, which was designed as a true decentralized, 100% uptime platform from day 1: equal or better performance and functionality to dedicated servers, practically limitless real-time scalability, no bottlenecks or any centralized dependencies, and, of course, true 100% uptime.

After nearly 10 years of development, our Superb Cloud platform was released in 2013. (Yes, it took much longer than we would have liked. But, we were determined to provide a true 100% uptime, better-than-dedicated-in-every-way cloud.)

This report provides a top-level overview of some of the easier to portray performance tests and explains the results of the extensive, ongoing comparative performance testing that we have conducted of our and our competitors’ cloud VMs. In order to ensure that we always remain “Ahead of the Rest”® when it comes to cloud performance and value, and provide our customers with an “apples to apples” comparison, we are using a number of accounts with competing Cloud Hosting Providers (CHPs) and a DC2S-2188 account on the Superb Cloud, on which we run, either hourly or continuously, a series of standardized and well recognized performance tests. All accounts – with us and competing HSPs – are standard auto-provisioned customer accounts, the very same as anyone would purchase online. We’ve made no changes in order to improve or degrade the performance results of any of our tests.

In this report, we present illustrative data compiled over a 7-day period. We leave the decision and ultimate interpretation of the results and what it means – to you, our valued and respected customers and/or prospective customers.

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