How to SAVE THOUSANDS on IT Security

As a business owner, IT expert or IT consultant, the most important thing you REALLY need is website security, right?

But as you probably know… security can be EXPENSIVE!

And worse yet, “security” takes a lot of time, expertise and effort to do it properly…

I remember back when I start my own web hosting company way back in 1996 when the Internet was the wild west. In a lot of ways that hasn’t changed!

Way back then security was important… but today it seems even more important.

And don’t forget protecting your data from downtime and theft…

Today, many companies large and small suffer data loss, theft, and intrusion more often than not.

Many businesses feel like they are going backwards in their security while the thieves and hackers keep getting more sophisticated.

It doesn’t have to be this way though.

No matter how big your company is, you can afford bulletproof data retention and security, only if you consider consulting experts like the ones at Critical Risk Solution.

When I started my web hosting company, my programmers and engineers developed cutting-edge tactics to protect our data and customers.

In the early day, we used the “mad-scientist” approach… and after years of testing in the field, we finally nailed it…

My team had in essence created a wholly unique SYSTEM that not only kept the bad guys out, but also PROTECTED our data in case we needed to recover from hardware failure… or even hackers…

In fact, this blueprint uses one of the most power security technologies ever deployed – using a “virtual wall” to prevent the most common and most sophisticated bad guys at bay… for mere PENNIES a month!

And trust me I know the value of business finances. You cannot waste a single penny as that could lead to business failure at any given point, which is why I say mere “Pennies”. Since I know that as an entrepreneur, you might have done a lot to get hold of the money, perhaps you took a loan, used a business budgeting software application, and worked accordingly, I have come up with something miraculous.

You heard me…

Bullet-proof protection for your business for PENNIES a month.

As a business owner who has his OWN clients who want the same dang thing, I shared this with my own clients, so I put all of these techniques in a super easy to use service.

And that’s when I knew it worked… THEY ALL BECAME BULLET-PROOF.

My technicians begged me for work because there was a lack of security and data tickets.

So I turned the tactics we use into a super easy to read book that you can get for your very own here –>

There’s no cost or obligation to you. I simply want to save you the headache of dealing with a painful data recovery or breach of your billing system.

This simple but effective system in this book has been giving my clients and my own business peace of mind for almost 20 years running, but the weird thing is… HARDLY ANY business owners actually do it!

The best part f this is that this system was created for people who HATE getting bogged down in technology (like most of my clients).

Listen, if you don’t like “tech” you’re not alone. Most of my clients can’t stand it either. They’d rather spend time growing their business than playing “IT security expert”.

And if you are an IT consultant, this allows you to focus on growing your business too!

So don’t “do” any more, get the book that shows you how to protect your business without hardly any effort on your part –>

here’s more to this little book than “just” saving money. Here’s just a small part of it…

The 1 Tip… you need for maximum website profitability on page 14.

How to develop iron-clad automated data retention – even if you lack the resources and knowledge. Page 4.

TODAY: Why data PROTECTION is only half of your asset protection need. Page 7.

The “game changing” guardian that stands between you and dangerous hackers. Page 9.

How to keep the cash register ringing 24 hours a day and your business image pristine. Page 14.

The DIGITAL WALL you MUST deploy to avoid cyber-criminal blackmailers… or risk suffering financial loss and reputation like Sony Pictures did in 2014.

Why you must always be online if you are serious about your Google rankings (and how to instantly detect outages). Page 19.

The 11 basic monitors your hosted infrastructure needs to maintain 99.9% uptime. Page 17.

The best proactive approach to cyber-security. This tactic is like having your own personal security guard on duty.

How to know if your server’s been hacked (and what to do). Page 19.

The automated vulnerability assessment you can run for no cost.

And much, much more…

As a business owner, IT expert or IT consultant you owe it to yourself to get this book that teaches you EXACTLY how to SAVE THOUSANDS on your security… FAST and without any expensive hardware or IT experts.

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