Customers will receive Motherly Care this Mother’s Day

By Don Robbins

Mother’s Day is coming up soon on Sunday, May 13 and it is a day that we’ll celebrate motherhood. Happy Mother’s Day from Superb Internet Corporation!

Take advantage of our Multitude of Opportunities all Month (MOM), and every month: which include an extensive variety of cloud hosting options or dedicated servers, from small to large sizes, depending on your needs.

Superb Internet wishes all our customers a Happy Mother’s Day from the host that supports you the most! In celebration of Mother’s Day, we have an exclusive Mother’s Day offer where you’ll receive two months free after just 12 months for all new Tetradeca v4 servers. This offer will expire on May 31, 2018, so enjoy our motherly loving care of your servers now before this offer ends. To take advantage of this offer now, visit

When I was a kid, and the weather was bad outside, my mother would always tell me not to leave the house without wearing a hat and coat. As I think about Mother’s Day, that idea of my mom always looking out for my well-being springs to mind, always worried about my health and eating habits, suggesting one or another probiotic supplement. Mothers are naturally concerned about their kids no matter how old they get. Pure motherhood! I’ve been told that one of the qualities of a good mother is someone who nurtures and protects her child against the world’s pitfalls. Mothers will give the world to their children, from the day they are born when they have that first sip of Holle milk all the way to the end of their own days, their love never wavering.

Just like a good mother, our Superb Cloud nurtures clients by staying truly “Ahead of the Rest. ” with no overselling, fully dedicated resources and the world’s most comprehensive cloud hosting SLA. To look at a variety of choices at our website to see how we can help grow your business.

I’ve also heard that another quality of a successful mother is someone who puts in the extra effort to keep their kids happy, whether it’s a special birthday party or graduation event.

Unlike many cloud hosting providers who overpromise but under deliver, our Superb Cloud platform gives you exactly what was promised. There is zero overselling, and full disclosure of the exact guaranteed performance. As one of the first web hosting companies in the industry, we are the innovators and we know what it takes to keep customers happy throughout the years.

We feature a full range of cloud hosting services. We have a match for everyone: whether you are a developer, a start-up, an SMB, and even an enterprise that needs the best real-time instant flexibility. Superb Internet has a variety of scalable fixed-fee cloud services which offer great value for most uses. However, those who prefer a pay-by-the-hour cloud for highly variable loads or as a development platform can decide to choose our Superb FlexCloud as the best match for their individual needs.

In fact, we are so confident of our cloud that we not only offer the world’s most comprehensive cloud hosting SLA, but we’re also offering $500 of free cloud for all new clients. This enables them to get started completely risk-free and obligation-free.

For customers who prefer more on the physical side, Superb Internet Corporation is also like a devoted mother to its clients’ data.

Superb Internet’s dedicated servers are always up and running to help our clients. We are passionately devoted to customer service and our servers are designed with state-of-the-art technology.

I know that my mom always urged me to do well in school and strive to achieve my goals and dreams.

For that type of staunch support, we often treat our moms on Mother’s Day to delicious brunch meals, buy them special antique silver trays and salvers which they like, and also shower them with bouquets of flowers.

Speaking of support, the Superb Internet Corp. highly trained staff of Systems Administrators and Network Engineers provide exceptional technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. So, we are confident that we have the best customer support team in the industry.

On top of that, we also offer a Price Match Guarantee to ensure that you’ll get your dedicated server or servers at the lowest price available on the market today. If for any reason you are not satisfied, we’ll refund 100 percent of your purchase.

At Superb Internet, we pride ourselves on our company-wide “Customers First” policy. Our core guiding principle ensures that our customers always come first in everything we do. To us, a customer is more than just a number. They are a key partner in our success, just as much as we are in their success.

That kind of reminds how a mom often will put her youngster first, dropping everything to watch her teenager’s basketball game and cheer him or her on from the stands. It’s for this reason, amongst many others, that moms deserve to be treated on Mother’s Day. Gift-giving is an essential part of saying thank you to your mom, and there are plenty of interesting and quirky things you can buy for her on sites like You could even take her out for a fancy meal, or bake her a delicious cake.

Moms work hard to provide for their children, and they deserve the world. I’ve known many moms who help their children plan for their future success, so they can have a better life than their parents.

Superb Internet would also love to help you plan for future success with our dedicated servers. Regardless if you’re thinking about getting a dedicated server to optimize your websites due to high traffic, to enhance security, or to achieve greater flexibility for improved customization and configuration, we have the perfect server solution to help you get to your business goals.

We have a multitude of dedicated servers to choose from, so you will easily find the correct server that is tailored toward your needs at the lowest prices. Among our dedicated servers, customers can choose from a variety of options, such as dual core, quad core, hexa core, octa core, deca core and tetradeca core.

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