Superb Internet CDN Choices and How CDN Can Provide Your Websites’ Users With An Exceptional Experience

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) can beef up your Website (s) experience for the end-user, making it faster with less latency, perform more reliably and stay more secure.

With Superb Internet, you can set up your Global CDN, your way. Our global CDN can work for you to accelerate your Website (s) by spreading your content across multiple data centers globally. For Superb Internet client’s, in myCP, under the “Networking” tab there is a section called “Manage CDN Easy.” When clicked on, this provides the client with options for CDN services.

Delivering content and rich media requires the least amount of latency, along with the highest speeds possible to ensure that users have an exceptional experience on your Website(s). Visit our CDN page by visiting to find out more.

To save your visitors a vast amount of time requires that your content be located within close proximity. This way, visitors can get the information that they’re seeking quickly. This in turn, translates to better customer engagement, improved conversions, and most importantly, increased revenues.

CDN serves a broad segment of today’s Internet content, including web objects (text, graphics, and script); downloadable objects (media files, software, and documents); applications (e-commerce and portals); live or on-demand streaming media; and social networks.

With Superb Internet’s large distributed system of servers located in multiple data centers across the world, our CDN can deliver content to end-users at lighting-speed with high-availability and high-performance.

The Superb Internet CDN has 172 “Points of Presence” (PoP)  in 113 cities across 43 countries that are available every day all around the globe and we’re working to deploy this enhancement in more cities and countries to make sure that your content gets there faster than you can imagine.

There are three unique CDN services provided by Superb Internet Corp. You can choose the best option for your unique needs:

  • FreeCDN: a completely free, easy to set-up and implement, North America CDN service, available to all customers (cloud hosting, dedicated, colocated and shared hosting). It uses the included traffic in your account under which it is set-up and provides three CDN PoPs – at our three North American data centers (Virginia and Washington state). This completely free service may be enabled/disabled and configured via the myCP® Control Panel anytime.
  • EasyCDN: a very easy to set-up and implement Global CDN service, available to all customers (cloud hosting, dedicated, colocated and shared hosting). All that is required to enable your web site(s) with EasyCDN is to change the CDN-enabled file URL in your code – that’s all. There is no configuration, no file uploading or anything else required. You choose either Global coverage, for nearly 200 global CDN PoPs worldwide coverage, or only choose specific continents you would like to cover. This service may be enabled/disabled and configured via the myCP® Control Panel anytime. Billing is based solely on usage.
  • CDN Advanced: a powerful and highly flexible Advanced Global CDN service, available as a stand-alone account (no other account or service with us required).

CDN Advanced provides all the features of EasyCDN, along with advanced features such as live streaming support and more granular configuration.

So you can get started today and let us help you improve your customer engagement, sales, and revenues.

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