Celebrate Black Friday & Cyber Monday with Superb Internet

It’s the blow out sale of 2017 that you’ve been waiting for!

Double the RAM, double the hard drive space, discounts on discounts and more! This year, we’re pulling out all the stops for our customers. Whether you’re new to Superb Internet or have been a customer for 21 years, we have all our accounts on sale with a variety to choose from.

Looking for a cloud server with a discount that matches your individual needs. We’re happy to give you, “Your Cloud, Your Way!” Choose a cloud account that suits your needs! 15% Off for the Lifetime of the account or start with us completely FREE. No strings attached.

Select from all our Cloud offerings at 15% off for a lifetime or start right away for FREE. Great for customers that are migrating over from another hosting provider or launching their first infrastructure and looking for that RAMP up time.

Visit our Black Friday page by click on the image below or visiting https://www.superb.net/specials/black-friday

If you’re looking to stay with our Dedicated Servers, we haven’t left you out! You may choose from a list of Select Dedicated Servers at 50% off. This is our steepest discount yet that we’ve ever offered for our Dedicated line.

Enjoy 50% off for the lifetime of the Dedicated Server account and enjoy the savings.

Here at Superb Internet we hope you have an enjoyable Thanksgiving and holidays!

Join us for the hottest deals this year. Take the leap heading into 2018 with a brand new server that will surely knock your holiday socks off.

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