What would data loss cost your business?

For many business owners, data protection is an afterthought.

One of the common assumptions is data is secure because it is hosted in the cloud or on a dedicated server.

I’ll be honest with you, nothing has changed because of cloud technology.

Your data is still at risk. Probably more today that at any other time in history. There are simply more people with more access to the Web with bad intentions.

Hackers, malware, and other system invaders try to do one of two things:

#1: Steal your data
#2: Prevent you from accessing your data

Having a bullet-proof data protection and backup solution can help protect you from ‘Ransomware’  and cyber criminals looking to profit from your information. And it’s easier than you think, but I’ll get to that later…

First, let’s discuss how the data in your business is directly effecting your bottom line.

Should your system data become compromised for any reason, it will cost you time and money to restore your business operations to normal.

The only way to minimize the impact of the unexpected event is to have a company backup plan and policy.

For every hour you are offline, you are losing money.

And worse, customers can become angry or frustrated and click away to a competitor.

This is money you can never get back… and the TIME is takes to recover your data is going to be costly.

IT experts charge a fortune to help restore you to where you were (I’ve included some figures on this below).

Imagine a scenario where you lose several days of business. Almost as if you stepped into a time machine and fast-forwarded three days with ZERO revenue in between. Devastating.

A loss of daily revenue can be a death blow to your business.

However, it can be worse… what if your data is lost forever? Could you recover from that?

Imagine if your data was wiped and you were staring at a placeholder for your website. What if your leads were all gone? Customer sales history, addresses, emails, phone numbers… all gone.

Ask yourself how you would handle this potential situation.

Yet, it doesn’t have to be this way and you can protect yourself easily and affordably.

As a business, you already know that standard practice is to justify every expense incurred. When it comes to data backup and protection, here are three clear reasons supported by research that demonstrate the critical nature of data backup.

Consider the following:

1. Data loss + downtime = lost revenue

In this case, the revenue is lost because the amount of time required to recover or recreate the data changes the focus from the day-to-day operations to recovery mode. A certain amount of time will be required even if you have backup systems in place, but the difference in recovery time will definitely impact your revenues. The cost, according to Infrascale.com, is $8000 for a small business and $700,000 for a large business – per hour. Note that these are averages, so the more data dependent your business is, the more it will cost you.

2. Loss of Business Continuity = lost revenue

Business continuity is the ability to continue to make money. Malware or a data breach will grind your business to a halt unless you have adequately prepared for the unexpected event. We only need to remind businesses of the 2012 McAfee antivirus update disaster that affected business and home users alike.

McAfee was not a malware creator but exactly the opposite – a company whose software was supposed to protect your data. The simple truth is that business continuity can always be interrupted.

3. Data Security increases organizational focus

No equal sign here. When an unexpected event shuts down your business, your data needs to be both safe and available. A 2015 Gartner award-winning company reported that 40 percent of IT professionals rated the ability of their company to recover from an unexpected disaster as either fair or poor. Lack of data security will clearly result in employee insecurity, whether it is your own or that of your employees.

What’s the solution?

Most business will fall into one of two groups:

  • Your business has minimal or no data backup plan, or…
  • Your business has a backup system in place

For both groups, the question is if your backup system is adequate from your existing and growing needs.

If your business has no backup plan…

Your business is in dire need of a data backup plan and strategy. Instead of starting with less-advanced technology, begin by using R1Soft as a solution. Data backup technologies employ the same basic framework for saving your critical data, saving it to your server on a period basis by making a duplicate copy. The advantages of the R1Soft solution are more clearly seen once you become a member of the second group… and I’ve got a special offer for you below for implementing a backup strategy with R1Soft.

If your business has a backup strategy in place…

Solutions that were created several years ago and have not kept up with more advanced data backup options should be reviewed. This is common because business owners focus on running their business and presume their current plan is sufficient for their needs. For this group, R1Soft is a solid solution that can be easily added to any virtual or dedicated server.

What is R1Soft?

R1Soft is designed to backup your software continuously as it monitors changes to your system data. The more standard systems backup your data once or twice a day at scheduled intervals. This type of backup requires you to use considerable system resources as it performs the operation, often slowing down the core components of the business.

R1Soft is able to select only the files that require backing up when they change, so instead of having one or two backup points to choose from, you can have literally hundreds.

This reduces load…

Two main advantages to R1Soft is that you will use far fewer system resources during the backup process.

Recovery time will also be decreased when compared to the more traditional backup system software.

There is always a certain amount of time lost during a recovery operation, and R1Soft directly addresses this issue by giving you the largest number of recovery options for your data.

For example, if you need to replicate your data to a remote location it can be done without taking your server offline.

Here’s a simplified process of how R1Soft works:

  • A snapshot of your data is taken
  • R1Soft uses this snapshot as the starting point to continuously monitor changes to the data
  • Backups can be scheduled in increments as short as every 20 minutes
  • Backups can be monitored from a single, web-based console

Best yet, R1Soft is Linux or Windows compatible.

You can add R1Soft Backup to ANY existing Superb Internet Cloud or Dedicated Server.

And right now, if you add the 5-in-1 Manages Services plan, you’ll get R1Soft bundled with the following services and save a bundle of money at the same time:

  1. Vulnerability Scanning
  2. OS Hardening
  3. Cisco Managed Firewall
  4. Proactive Monitoring

You’ll get everything…

… hack prevention
… ransom protection
… data backup
… OS hardening and patch updates
… and a Cisco managed firewall

You get everything you need to SECURE YOUR BUSINESS and protect yourself for a price that’s so low, I don’t want to mention it here for our competition to see.

Login to your customer portal at https://mycp.superb.net or contact our sales team for a FREE Security and Data Protection Assessment by clicking the following link:

Quincy Solano
Marketing Manager
Superb Internet Corp.

Take a look at the complete list of features R1Soft offers as significant advantages to your company and its current data backup plan.

Continuous Data Protection – Instead of backing up your data through the file system, R1Soft backs it up at the block level, reading the data directly from the disk or volume. This increases the speed of the backup while significantly reducing the use of system I/O resources.

Block-Level Backups – Block-level backups are not affected by the number of files you are backing up. It also enables you to backup open files and snapshot features, so you maximize your available storage space and resources.

Disk Safe Replication – Disk Safe is the feature used to replicate your data to an offsite storage location. Because you do not have to take your server offline to perform the remote backups, you do not have to worry about losing data during the backup process.

Disk Safe Verification – This part of Disk Safe protects your data from corruption through constantly monitoring the transfer. Verification offers considerable flexibility by scheduling it to run either periodically or on demand. Any corruption that is detected will result in a notification to the console operator.

Quick Restore – R1Soft’s Bare-Metal Recovery feature will enable you to perform recovery operations even when you are backing up your files. Complete restoration can be performed in as little as 30 minutes.

Data Retention Policies – You are able to restore data quickly depending on the type and frequency of your backup points. As an example, you can set the backup for every 20 minutes and determine the number of recovery points to retain. The old will be merged with the new, so the storage is recycled.

Control Panel Interface – The online control panel allows you to securely authenticate local of users and give them the ability to backup and restore files. Our CPI integrates with many of the most popular Linux Control Panels, including cPanel, Plesk, and InterWorx.

Multi-Platform Support – R1Soft’s Server Backup Manager supports the following Windows platforms:

Microsoft Hyper-V
Citrix XenServer
Parallels Virtuozzo
Parallels Cloud Server
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft Exchange

The vast majority of Linux variants are supported.

AES-256 Encryption – The AES-256 Disk Safe Encryption technology is available when you create Disk Safes for backing up data and protects your data on the backup and over the network.

If you are serious about your online business, then you need to get a serious online backup solution. An online business that has downtime is much like a brick and mortar business that has its doors locked. Customers cannot gain access, and for an online business that means customers will very likely go elsewhere. R1Soft is the right answer, whether you have no current data backup plan or your existing plan has been ignored and needs a serious upgrade.

You can add R1Soft Backup to ANY existing Superb Internet Cloud or Dedicated Server.

And right now, you can add R1Soft to your existing server for an insane price… and you’ll also receive:

  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • OS Hardening
  • Cisco Managed Firewall

You’ll get all of that hack prevention, ransom protection and data backup for one low monthly price. So low, I don’t want to place it on here for our competition to see.

If you are interested in adding all of the above at a price that’s hard to believe, just contact our sales team by clicking here:

PC World

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    Here is what S.B. 420 clearly states: (three) Contact the attending doctor by facsimile, telephone,
    or mail to substantiate that the medical records submitted by the patient are a real and correct copy of
    these contained in the physician’s office information. physicians abide by the
    guidelines of the California Medical Board and the California medical marijuana laws in order that the recommendation that you just receive is defendable should you have
    legal issues as a medical marijuana patient.

    Medical Hashish Recommendations Our medical doctors and our
    Modesto office workers are here to assist you in your time
    of want and to help you regain control of your
    life. Our docs conduct sincere, compassionate, and thorough face to face medical
    marijuana evaluations of your situation in person not via skype, which isn’t authorized.
    If you qualify you will receive a medical marijuana recommendation, which will make you legal under prop 215 in the State of California to purchase
    and possess medical marijuana. In the event you
    got charged with against the law, test the paperwork
    for the code section you are accused of violating.

    Test with the office in your nation to substantiate what
    documents they accept as proof of residency. Medi-Cal beneficiaries receive a
    50 p.c discount in the application fee, upon proof of participation within the Medi-Cal Program.
    Each the patient and the caregiver must appear on the county workplace to
    acquire a main caregiver MMIC so that the caregiver will be photographed.

    A primary caregiver card might be obtained separately from a affected person MMIC.
    The name and telephone variety of the county program that authorized your application. Following
    receipt of your software and all necessary documentation,
    the county has 30 days to verify your application.

    Our California prison law workplaces are located in and round Los Angeles, Orange County,
    San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura, San Jose, Oakland, the San Francisco Bay space, and several other nearby cities.
    No individual or designated major caregiver
    in possession of a valid identification card shall be topic to arrest
    for possession, transportation, delivery, or cultivation of medical marijuana in an quantity established pursuant to this article,
    unless there may be reasonable trigger to imagine that the knowledge contained
    within the card is false or falsified, the cardboard has been obtained by way of fraud,
    or the individual is in any other case in violation of
    the provisions of this article.

    After submitting your paperwork, your county has 30 days to verify your utility, although it may take
    less than this. MMICs are legitimate for one yr earlier than they have to be renewed.
    Whether or not you will want a brand new doctor’s suggestion is dependent upon how long the unique document was legitimate for.

    A. Generally, dispensaries in California is not
    going to settle for a medical marijuana card from another state.
    The good news is, in case you’re touring, your California medical marijuana advice or card must be legitimate in Arizona, Montana, Rhode Island,
    and Michigan. Federal officials have said they won’t go after particular person patients nevertheless, so you ought
    to be nice unless you’re on federal park or forest land.

    In actual fact, this concern is so common that specialised docs have set up shop
    with a purpose to consider patients which can be specifically seeking to get
    their hashish documents. Say you select to go to your common physician, or certainly one of
    these special MMJ docs (typically known as 420 medical
    doctors), and also you’re accepted. That’ll get you all the documentation that you simply want with the intention to go into native dispensaries, finally putting the splendors of
    hashish strains, edibles, tinctures, vape cartridges, topicals, rubs, and more at your
    fingertips. After the doctor approves your useage of MMJ
    for whatever symptom you’re treating, you may
    be given an 8.5″ x 11” sheet of paper,
    with the physician’s signature and an official raised seal.

    As talked about earlier, this card is 100% legal
    and also comes with a affected person ID#, however is totally confidential and grants patients the same entry to dispensaries and protection from legislation enforcement that
    a state-issued card does, but doesn’t come with the public database hooked up.
    NuggMD provides on-line evaluations for first-time
    patients and people seeking to get a marijuana card renewal, so regardless of if you happen to’re a
    newcomer or if you’re a protracted-time affected person, they will help you maintain the
    whole lot you should get going! If that wasn’t enough for you, NuggMD additionally robotically credits you $20 in direction of
    your first hashish supply order by way of ,
    saving you even more!

    After you have your physician’s suggestion you possibly can legally develop, devour & possess your medicine underneath California State Law Prop 215 A physician can write a recommendation for any situation for which cannabis provides aid.
    A- California law states it’s essential to have a recommendation for the
    medicinal use of cannabis from a licensed doctor.
    A- At 4th avenue Medical we’re devoted to assembly the needs of our patients, we offer online
    affected person verification 24 hours a day seven days every week twelve months a
    yr. Should you choose to be verified by cellphone our offices are open 6
    days a week Mon & Fri 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm, Tue –
    Sat 12 pm-5 pm.

    If a affected person passes analysis, they will have to pay a charge, around $100 or
    more, and wait a few days before receiving their card in the mail.

    EazeMD offers a brand new system that founder Keith McCarty says will streamline the process and help patients receive their medicinal marijuana cards in a legal and extra environment friendly manner.
    Upon passing an analysis approved by a licensed doctor — which requires sufferers to
    current legitimate medical information — EazeMD prescribes a state-issued cannabis identification card electronically,
    which is obtainable at a value of $25. After the card is
    issued by EazeMD, patients are then transferred to the Eaze platform the place they’re able to order their treatment
    and utilize their supply service, which has an estimated 15-minute delivery

    A. If you are a licensed doctor and surgeon, working towards beneath
    a fictitious, false or assumed identify in any public communication, commercial,
    signal or announcement. Iv. Furthermore, all recommendations which might be issued by
    unlawful and unlicensed medical marijuana clinics can be revoked without notice.
    In closing, recommendations issued by unlicensed/unlawful medical marijuana clinics are invalid and
    can be revoked. It’s estimated that over a hundred,000
    sufferers within the State of California have been issued recommendations
    by illegal and unlicensed medical marijuana clinics.
    For additional questions, call the State of California Medical Board Licensing Program at
    (916) 263- 2382 or (800) 633-2322.

    On-line MMJ Physician provides Distinctive Medical Marijuana (medical hashish) Evaluations in San Francisco & San Jose and
    now we provide on-line medical marijuana card evaluations Our mission is to make sure everybody could be
    evaluated to see if medical hashish is one thing that can benefit them
    with their medical circumstances Our California
    licensed 420 medical doctors won’t ever flip away anybody who
    needs an analysis for medical marijuana.Below the rules
    outlined in Proposition 215, the Compassionate Use
    Act and proposition sixty four , handed by California voters in 1996 and November 2016, medical and
    leisure Hashish is Authorized within the state of California.

    All a affected person has to do is add their current medical paperwork,
    then have a quick face-to-face video chat with a licensed doctor.
    After a speedy analysis, they’ll have their hashish recommendation fully renewed and mailed out the same day (in addition to
    a temporary PDF copy which becomes out there instantly via e-mail).
    There are nonetheless locations to exit and see a licensed medical marijuana doctor
    in all major cities in California. Medical Marijuana
    Renewal San Diego – San Diego 420 Evaluations.

    With almost 5 stars on Yelp , and a few patients even particularly talking about speedy renewals, if you cannot get your medical marijuana card
    renewal online, evaluations say that that is the place to go.

    Your Advice or MMJ ID card proves that you’re patient allowed to legally buy Medical Marijuana from any dispensary or membership in California.
    The approval course of takes minutes & your Suggestion or MMJ ID card is mailed – the identical day you
    apply. Our Doctors are Licensed by the Medical Board of California.
    CHAT Consultants can be found to reply questions – about
    lost documents, renewals, replacement playing cards or
    what have you. I went to my doctor’s office to find out if Marijuana could assist
    my Migraine and perhaps get some. So I went Googling, looking for one other doctor shut
    by and stumbled across 420EvaluationsOnline. https://Www.Ruled.me/forums/member.php?u=12629-DarbyGalga

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  • For questions related to marijuana enforcement and MED regulations (similar to METRC, level of sale, licensed heart
    necessities, plant depend and grow rules), please contact the
    Colorado Department of Income’s Marijuana Enforcement Division.
    This system will administer the Michigan Medical
    Marihuana Act as accepted by Michigan voters on November
    four, 2008. If registration goes smoothly and you’re authorised by the Medical
    Use of Marijuana Program, you’ll be able to print out a short lived
    Medical Marijuana Card that will final for four weeks. Releasing medical records requires patient permission, and doctor-patient confidentiality extends to the police, DMV, and
    employers. Please visit our qualifying medical marijuana situations in the present day.
    We’re affected person-focused and community-oriented, and proud supporters of reasonably priced
    and accessible medical cannabis products.

    For now, you may nonetheless need a qualifying situation Versus most different states, however, in Nevada
    a doctor can certify you over video chat — Presto Doctor is a service
    that starts at $69 per appointment. You possibly can see the current checklist on the Office of Compassionate Use
    website. Physicians have to be registered with the program to be able to certify your eligibility.
    Many physicians believe these kinds of reversals
    prove that they are going to be used as political pawns.
    You is likely to be thinking to yourself, ‘I do know I don’t have a few of these conditions, but I do have aches and pains, and have had muscle spasms/nausea prior
    to now.

    More pertinent well being data is gathered in step two, serving to to find out which medical
    situation is being handled. First, go to a location the
    place there are licensed doctors or a city
    hall. While there are a set of common requirements that
    every one processors must meet, the foundations are totally different for applicants making extracts, concentrates and different
    merchandise. The physician assumes duty for offering administration and care of the patient’s debilitating medical situation after
    conducting a comprehensive medical historical past and bodily examination, together
    with a personal evaluation of the affected person’s medical record maintained by other treating
    physicians reflecting the patient’s reaction and response to standard medical therapies.

    As soon as armed together with your physician’s suggestion,
    you are legally in a position to buy cannabis from
    collectives or co-ops (generally often called dispensaries) around California,
    which every presently operate on a non-profit foundation. Registry Candidates, be
    sure to test your account at WEEKLY for registration standing updates.
    The quantity of medical marijuana possessed by a registered patient or caregiver should not exceed a 90-day supply.
    We provide our members with the information they should know,
    the assistance they may need to construct their business, and the connections they
    should get into this industry.

    The state permits sufferers or caregivers to
    arrange as a collective or cooperative Collectives aren’t
    defined by the regulation. Feel free to stop by any time during business hours and we’ll
    be pleased to point out you across the dispensary.
    At any time when a pal or member of the family visits San Francisco and desires to
    grow to be a legal medical-cannabis person in California, I find
    yourself guiding them via the method. And if your affliction isn’t on the record, by no
    means fear: Whereas most states’ medical marijuana
    legal guidelines prohibit its use to a slender listing of illnesses, California’s provides medical
    doctors sole discretion over the choice whether or not their patients
    should smoke up.

    I’m from northern bc mcbride it might be not possible to get down there to get to see a doctor I was,
    in a critical motorized vehicle accident in the spring of 2015 since then the hospitals n doctors have been shuffling me round from realicing me to my sister whereas my spleen was
    ruptured and I used to be bleeding just about to loss of life they rushed me to the university of Alberta twenty hours after
    the accident to the misdiagnoses of the damages to my physique I had broken ribs fractures in my vertibreas in my neck head trauma because the car rolled
    over my head 3 instances but they missed my shoulder
    being dislocated I refused the morpien and drugs however I would like pain reduction and weed provides me
    this with out being sick I simply wish to do it legally please
    assist me if u can.

    However I am unsure that we can lay the burden of all this on the shoulders of the budtenders”—those who bartend” and serve prospects at dispensaries—who
    are rumored (at least in California) to be hired totally on the basis of
    their good looks. My spouse (who asked me not to use her identify to guard her privacy) had
    been eager about pot as a result of she’s running out of standard medical options.
    Changes to current cardholder/caregiver information, corresponding to changes
    of handle, have to be submitted in writing. Whilst you do have
    the choice to seek the advice of along with your primary care
    physician or discover a medical marijuana doctor close by who focuses on helping
    sufferers get their advice, each options can be a bit of a

    The Hawaii Department of Health will begin administering the Medical Marijuana Dispensary Program in 2016 and
    dispensaries might begin to dispense medical marijuana and manufactured medical marijuana merchandise as early as July 2016 with departmental approval.

    Any provider with an energetic, unrestricted license in good standing with the Maryland State Board of Physicians and
    actively registered to prescribe controlled substances in Maryland is eligible to register with MMCC.
    Only one grow site deal with could also be registered
    per affected person. Moriconi added that lab testing areas, which are built into the
    statute, should show to be an increasing business
    opportunity with low overhead prices and the ability to cost processors to check

    Chances are you’ll get arrested If the police discover you or your caregiver in possession of marijuana with out
    your Nevada Medical Marijuana Card. After registering and obtaining a valid written certification from a registered provider, sufferers are able to go to
    licensed Maryland dispensaries (as quickly as they’re open for enterprise) to buy medical cannabis.
    We have to add ADHD to the listing , bored with giving my little
    one capsules with unintended effects that trigger different problems together with weight loss.
    Our function is to manage the provisions of the Medical Use of
    Marijuana legislation as permitted by the Nevada Legislature and adopted in 2001.

    The Medical Board of California states that telehealth is seen as a device when practicing medication; it is not a
    separate type of drugs. If you have been identified with any of the situations which are listed explicitly in your
    state’s law, you’re almost actually eligible for a license.
    To join, full a patient utility with proof of residency and authorities-issued picture ID (the identical application is used to
    secure grow website permission) and have a physician certify your
    debilitating medical situation. In case potential clients are stumped
    as to how they might profit from hashish, the
    clinic management had conveniently listed a sampling of circumstances that marijuana might deal with.

    You might not even go on amusement park ride in accordance
    with the law. Our goal is to teach and facilitate our members in using medical
    marijuana as a secure and efficient remedy for his or
    her medical condition. Please comply with the guidelines on the application to
    make sure all required information is submitted.
    So as to help sufferers get entry to the medical care they need as smoothly
    and quickly as attainable, I’ve compiled this step-by-step information to the Massachusetts medical Hashish affected person registration course of.
    Effectively-known hashish advocate Bill Maher responded by reminding Colorado that all eyes were upon them and that
    they needed to get this proper.

    You accomplish that by submitting your physician’s suggestion with the county.

    Guidelines specific for edible processors are found underneath OAR 333-008-1790, for focus
    and extract processors beneath OAR 333-008-1800 and for topical,
    tincture, capsule, suppository or transdermal patch processors
    underneath OAR 333-008-1810. Leisure weed is legal in Maine as of January 2017, though
    it’ll take nine months or extra to get a regulatory system in place Unusually,
    medical marijuana sufferers aren’t required
    to register with the state (though caregivers nonetheless do).
    If you are a veteran or enrolled in SSDI or SSI
    incapacity packages, the appliance price is lowered to $50 for 1
    year, $100 for two 12 months, $a hundred twenty five for three yr.

    What we are is certainly the very best begin you may get within the medical cannabis
    enterprise coming to Florida. Get a Free and Confidential Overview of Your
    Marijuana Business Legal Matter. When you do see a 329 Registration Quantity, please permit ample time for postal delivery.
    The parallels of Michigan and Oregon are extraordinarily similar; the method from the beginning
    till you physically get your card is just about an identical, including the charges concerned.
    Rules that apply to sufferers and caregivers could be discovered primarily in OAR 333-008-0020 to 333-008-0080.

    Fortunately, innovative companies like NuggMD make the online process extra handy
    than you can even imagine, and help you score a physician’s advice for just $39.

    We all know you need the medical advantages and ache administration relief of cannabis, and we’re here that can assist you with all elements of acquiring MMJ evaluations and medical marijuana prescriptions.
    Name 989-339-4464 for Qualify you need present (within three years)
    medical data and should be seen in individual by one in every of our
    physicians. However, online registration still includes 15 separate steps,
    so be ready to put aside some time to finish the method.
    However, how your develop web site is zoned (residential or outdoors
    metropolis limits) determines the plant limits at the tackle of the
    develop site.

    The On-line Course of: Learn how to Get a Marijuana Card in California.
    Find your competitors, your purchasers, your goal demographics, your supply chain and speak to as many educated individuals as you may.
    This legislation allowed the state Department of Public Health to establish a medical marijuana dedicated program that points the
    so referred to as medical marijuana card, vital to be able to
    get entry to hashish products in California for medical
    use. By continuing to use our web site, you comply with our cookie policy.
    After that fax gets to the clinic, and you come in with the correct fees, CONGRATULATIONS.

    Sufferers receiving authorities assistance qualify for
    a diminished registration price for a medical marijuana card.
    Unsure if anyone nonetheless replies to this anymore
    but here is my situation: I have been diagnosed with POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome ) and at
    instances I get very very dizzy and really feel uncomfortable and really dizzy which makes me feel nauseas for a day or two
    straight. Pennsylvania’s regulation requires grower/processor applicants
    to have $500,000 within the financial institution,
    Moriconi stated, including that it is a method to weed out functions.
    Relevant testing guidelines are OAR 333-007-0400 via 333-007-0490
    (testing) together with Exhibit A, Tables three & four, and OAR
    333-064 (accreditation). http://helmyhashim.com/?option=com_k2&view=itemlist&task=user&id=3150875

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