ROI: A Strong Argument for Government Data Center Upgrades

Data Center

When IT pros at the state and local levels want to win data center investments, it’s critical to show how the improvements will result in returns on investment.

  • Excellence Held Back by Aging Technology
  • Show Me the Money
  • Less Downtime & Maintenance
  • Prioritizing Security

Excellence Held Back by Aging Technology

Delta Diablo is a water resource recovery agency that serves 200,000 people in Northern California – residents of Antioch, Pittsburg, and Bay Point. Services it performs include wastewater treatment; production and distribution of recycled water; safeguarding against pollution; recovery of energy; biosolid reuse; street sweeping; and collection of residential hazardous waste. Its plant can process up to 19.5 million gallons of water per day.

Delta Diablo isn’t just any wastewater agency, though. It’s actually among the top 1 percent nationwide at what it does, according to the numerous Platinum Peak Performance Awards it’s received from the National Association of Clean Water Agencies.

The wastewater treatment operation often teams with outside public and private entities on projects. However, its data center has historically been standing in the way of such efforts.

“Our IT department is never 100 percent sure what’s coming down the pike in the next year,” explains the agency’s IT director, Chris Hanna. “We could sign a contract with an energy company for research and development, and we have to be ready for that.”

Delta Diablo’s hardware was simply getting old: the servers and storage appliances were 5 years old, while the switches and routers were 10 years old.

Related: At Superb Internet, our twenty-year history gives us the experience to handle the security and compliance needs of government agencies; and we have certifications to prove it. For example, our hosting infrastructure, IP backbone, and all operations are continuously audited under SSAE-16 SOC-1 Type II, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2013 standards. Learn more.

Show Me the Money

Hanna didn’t want to upgrade Delta Diablo’s system piecemeal but all at once. To make his argument, he showed how it would be positive for the organization financially despite the cost upfront.

Hanna notes that getting the funds to completely upgrade the entire facility was challenging. Even though leadership is reasonable, they have to understand why it’s a smart way to invest.

Hanna’s proposal focused on three primary benefits of the refresh:

  1. Time to market for IT services would be improved.
  2. Reliability and business continuity would be boosted, doing away with downtime costs.
  3. Electricity expenses would be slashed by an incredible 80%.

Hanna is fully convinced himself that upgrading the hardware was a wise move for Delta Diablo. “The fact that we’ve built out this infrastructure allows us to get services to market faster,” he says. “When initiatives must be done quickly, we don’t have to worry about beefing up our infrastructure.”

IDC datacenter analyst Kelly Quinn agrees that investments in data centers often have strong ROI because you can reduce your energy and cooling costs while improving your availability.

It’s fairly straightforward to look at power savings, she says, but it can be more complicated to assign specific dollar amounts to other elements. You want to establish, as closely as possible, the expenses to the agency if mission-critical systems fail and how much more work can be achieved if latency is reduced.

You want to be able to say, explicitly, that you could avoid spending a certain dollar figure over the next five years if you make the refresh. A finance head will be more convinced to the extent you can turn soft, qualitative points into hard, quantitative data.

Less Downtime & Maintenance

A few years ago, Matthew Arvay was hired as the CIO of Virginia Beach, Virginia. At that time, there were four storage systems being used. Downtime occurred regularly. Maintenance costs were in the hundreds of thousands.

“We needed to reduce the complexity of the environment,” Arvay explains, noting that benefits of upgrading included “modernizing our data center, enhancing lifecycle management, enabling self-service provisioning and improving reliability, scalability and uptime.”

The refresh, which is currently underway, will slash the data center’s racks from 29 to 4, in turn saving the city tens of thousands on power costs. Reliability will be significantly improved; the expense of external maintenance will go down hundreds of thousands; and the man-hours dedicated to internal maintenance will be minimized.

Total savings are expected to be $675,185 per year. Plus, Virginia Beach won’t have to pay for a $1.2 million upgrade to its legacy storage hardware. Arvay estimates that the new system should pay itself off in less than four years, and the ROI after five years will be 25.2%.

Prioritizing Security

Texas Department of Information Resources data center chief Sally Ward believes it’s a good idea to upgrade one-fifth of your infrastructure annually, so that no pieces are ever more than five years old. While refreshes are costly, Ward says a strong argument is that they prevent security breaches. While non-IT leaders may not immediately agree with the expense, they certainly will if you get attacked and you suffer a painful data loss.

Ward says that she thinks agencies that don’t make regular data center refreshes are like people who don’t maintain their houses. “Had you stopped it in the beginning, before the roof was leaking, you probably could have done it more cheaply; [but] over time, you get to a place where you can’t afford the repairs,” she says.

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  • So I’m flicking through Kiwiblogs, trying to catch up on some news from home, and theres a bunch of stories about Katrina. Being myself resident in the old US these days, I’m intrigued as to what the people are saying, not remotely expecting to find a Bidwell let loose in Blogworld. So…hows that whole South America thing working out for you Simon?

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  • I agree that comunist-led states are governed by the secret police, not the military. This hapenned in the Soviet Union and all over Eastern Europe. I know that, because my native nation, Albania, was ruled until 1990 by the secret police. During the 1997 civil unrests, the army "melted" in one week, cause it was turned during communism into an ideological arm of the secret police.When forced to act independently, the army dissolved like snow in the sun. This could happen in the USA also, if the governement wants to control the society through secret police-manners.

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  • Yeah, that is good news. Unfortunately, it WILL be plauged by chronic system abusers. But I think the good outweighs the bad. We need to do something major to give health insurance companies a reality check. They can’t keep abusing people, which seems to be their business right now.I can’t wait until that carries over into the rest of healthcare! Sick people need to get better–NOT worry about getting dumped off their health insurance if they’ve “costed too much!”

  • to myself, nah, focus for now and see what people want by their comments. This is a big topic and for sure, deserves much more elaboration. You’ll get it in the next few weeks. (I know, I always say that, but you really will, blee neder, which is to say, I can’t promise but will try).

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  • Hi Arnd,And it was nice meeting you. I enjoyed the conference.Your assessment may be true in Germany and parts of Europe, but in the USA, China, India, now Japan, there is little political will, and it will be difficult for a block in Europe to go it alone for so long. But of course they will try.I’m hoping to see more sceptic reports like the one in FOCUS, which I’ve heard has made an editorial change.We only need one to break ranks. Scepticism does not not start with a majority. It’s a virus that spreads – rapidly!

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  • No, what is food for thought is you regularly delude yourself into think Disgust=Fear. If you haven’t heard, the Conservatives are the ones with the fear driven brains, and I know it’s easy for you to make that mistake as you assume all of us think as you do…common amongst your kind…but it’s not the case no mater how much you want to think it or raise yourselves in your own estimation by doing so. This demagogue and others like him are responsible for law abiding people dying.

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  • Anonymous at 10:23 PM:Quote:"It seems to be working. After the birther press conference today, Obama's campaign announced The opening a 4 new offices in New Hampshire."So what? The Democrat/Communist party will be opening offices whether there candidate is Barry, Hillary, or some other far-left America hating puppet of Soros.There is no connection between opening an office and whether Barry is going to be their ineligible puppet in 2012.

  • As with many sports (skiing springs to mind as I do a lot of that) wearing a helmet causes a large number of people to think they are invincible and go faster, more recklessly etc than they would if not wearing a helmet and feeling a false sense of safety.

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  • Jamy what a wonderful words this morning! Once I read your blog I thought how that is so me! I definitely adding your book to my must read list! I wonder what I look like without my mask…..and what will others look like when I’m not wearing the mask? God is moving & shaking all of us!! May God continue to bless you and your writing!

  • Anna – You made me smile with the 'Jeopardy music' comment!Gunfighter – I'm sure that Michael Steele is a nice guy who is kind to his family and such. I'm also sure that 'Bojangles' is an accurate description of his public personna. Anyhow, the GOP can prove me wrong with their decision in January about whether he stays or not.

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  • Very true Dave! As you know, the true essence of any religion is love, being kind and not judging others. It’s when politics comes in that there’s a problem. I was also raised Catholic and my parents did instill good values into me, which I am very thankful for

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  • This is delaying the economic recovery. The sooner the banks can get these loans off their books, the sooner they will start to have more certainty and lend to businesses etc. If there are a lot of uncertainty about their portfolio, they will not be so eager to make loans of all kinds.

  • You attempt to love them and they repeatedly are rude, disrespectful, and hurtfulAnd they are aware of what they are doing and do not wish to change?Divorce in my opinion of biblical scripture is not an option for loving one’s wife/husband is a commandHow is this reconciled? Does God reconcile this or is it because the person chose their spouse this is the situation that they will have to deal with?I think often about Hosea and GomerWhat is scripture regarding this manner?

  • Daniel, brilliant!Time is desperately seeking relevancy while it continues to lose credibility. Too bad. It was, at one time in the distant past, a reasonably good news magazine rather than the laughable parody of one that it is today.I hope that Karl Vick, Richard Stengel, and their ilk at Time have updated their resumes. I don't see that Time can survive too much longer.

  • – Gorgeous! (the bride and the wedding!) I love the way it all turned out, esp. the ties on the chairs. Those cakes look yummy, and the detailing on top is so cool. The papers for the seating chart are sweet, I love how it’s a list, and coordinates with the menu cards. Thanks for sharing!

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