10 Ways to Boost Engagement on Your Facebook Fan Page


A lot of Social Media Gurus will tell you that Facebook likes aren’t what they used to be.

Facebook likes used to guarantee most of your fans would see your posts. Not any longer.

In fact, Facebook has changed the game so that the more engaged your Facebook fans are – the more impressions you will get. So you need to be posting regularly and posting interactive content.

If your fans actually consume your content, the better the results will be. Fans will buy your services and refer their friends.

I’ve compiled 10 ways for you to increase engagement to your Facebook fan page. From my personal experience managing some huge Facebook fan pages, these work to increase engagement in any market…

10 Ways to Boost Engagement on Your Facebook Groups and Fan Pages

1. Hold Contests

Contests are the EASIEST and best way to boost engagement. Especially if you award an extra entry for those that share the post. In addition, I add a small ‘Boost’ using Facebooks targeting tools to hit even more of my target audience.

You will end up getting more page likes as well. I have ran contests using prizes that are relevant to my audience. For a golf fan page, you could give away a $100 wedge. You’ll get a ton of entries and shares by doing this… and the golfer who enters and shares also has golfer friends. Like attracts like.

The prize is best if it’s targeted to your core target. My suggestion, DON’T GIVE AWAY gift cards to Amazon or items that have no relevancy to your potential customer.

Why? Because you want to attract those who want what you offer. Giving a gift card away is going to attract the lowest common denominator.

2. Do Q&A’s and Ask Questions

Another way of increasing engagement is by posting questions. Again, the question must be relevant and interesting to your target customer. Questions also allow you to get to know your customer better.

Knowing their questions will help you improve your business so you will be able to solve their problems.

You have to ask the right questions. Avoid random questions. Keep it tight to their interests.

Another way of getting questions is to post on Monday and ask what everyone would like to know. You can then tell them you will answer all questions on ‘Q&A Friday’. This will allow you to gather questions through the week, write detailed replies, and post on Friday… giving you more content tied to your target customer.

3. Timing

Most likely, your fan base lives in the same region as your business resides.

The best times to post are when people are off work. Therefore, you should post early morning before they leave for work, after work and in the evening.

We are playing the law of average’s here. This gives you the best chance of increasing engagement with your content. Facebook will then show it to more of your fans.

4. Frequency

No one likes a bunch of random posts that aren’t interesting. More is definitely not better. In fact, if you spend the extra time for creating quality posts, Facebook will reward you. I’ve seen pages that post hourly. In the end, I usually unfollow those pages because it feels like SPAM.

2-3 times a day is enough as long as it is good content.

5. Photos

Always try and use a photo in your posts. The more real the photo the better. If you can use photo’s of your clients or actual products (instead of stock images) you will get more click-throughs and comments. Employ techniques such as knolling in your product photography, which can provide the photos a superior aesthetic appeal.

Another tip for using photos I’ve learned is to use pictures where the people are looking back at the Facebook user. This eye contact is important. I’ve seen 2% jumps in click through rates from this one tactic alone.For your profile picture, you can hire a photographer who can click the best headshots. To find a good photographer, you can search on the internet with keywords like “headshots Kingwood” (or wherever you are based).

You may also post photos of trade exhibitions you may have had in a mall or public venue, where others may have posed for pictures. It will not only increase audience interaction but will also attract the attention of new potential consumers who may be interested in your product or service. When you tag people on Facebook who have been photographed in front of your LED Wall Rental, they may reshare it on their IDs, promoting your brand, offer, and company.

Additionally, wherever feasible, tag and credit your clients. People like being the focus of attention and being recognized for their efforts or accomplishment.
6. Facebook Live

Facebook Live is brand new. Right now, this is the HOTTEST thing to increase engagement. Facebook Live allows you to broadcast in real-time from your business. You should announce at least 30 minutes before going live with a post to your fan page. This will allow people to be aware when you go live.

It’s great for doing the Q&A’s we discussed above. Just be prepared, this is LIVE!

Many of the successful Facebook fan pages have been using Facebook Live with great success.

7. Call To Action

Always have a call to action.

You don’t want a blanket post that doesn’t ask for a like, share, comment or click.

The secret is to tell the fan what to do. Just come right out and tell them what you would like them to do.

If you want them to click a link, say so. If you would like comments ask for them. Don’t be shy.

Although, try to avoid asking for a share or like too often. You shouldn’t be asking every post. Try to vary what you want them to do. If you are too repetitive, you will suffer the law of diminishing return.

8. Use The News

Have you noticed how many of your friends and family get their news from Facebook? Honestly, people get their news from Facebook more than anywhere these days.

If there is a topic in the news that is relevant, post the article up. People love being the first to hear something, so if an event just happened that is on topic with your target, post it. You want to be their news source if possible.

You’ll get the credit for the news when they tell their friends and share the post.

9. Post Other People’s Content

Find local businesses that are synergistic with your customers. If you are a fitness center, share a local business that does meal delivery. You can share their quality posts. Just make sure you tag the business fan page that created the content.

The secret is that their clients will see it and be aware of your business. Maybe they click over? Thus, you are creating more engagement.

10. Share Your Stories

One of the core marketing principles I live by is being real. Sharing stories is a great way to get people interested in you. This goes beyond boring product posts.

Reality shows are popular for a reason. Most people live very sedentary and boring lives. By sharing your personal stories, you become a ‘reality’ show to them. Further, you gain their trust and increase your likability.

Share your daily life experience, travel experiences, and other things like favorite food, a day out with friends, etc. This can help you keep your blog real, and increase public engagement.

Don’t shy away from posting bad things either. I wouldn’t go too wild with that, but show you are a real person.

For instance, if you are traveling to some luxurious destination, share your experiences and live videos. If possible, give a tour of the resort (especially if you are staying at a place similar to hotel Amanyara Resort in Turks And Caicos).

It might give you two benefits, one being, you get more followers due to the likability of your content, as well as perhaps sponsorship from a resort, which can reduce your traveling expenses and make the vacation memorable.

The more connection you create with the fan, the higher your chances of earning a sale. Don’t try to be perfect. People like to hear that you struggle too, just like them… this creates a connection.


Now just create a basic outline of what you want to post each day over the next 7 days. Watch the feedback and results.

Next week, take what you learn and redo your outline and repeat. You WILL SEE a big improvement if you are CONSISTENT and use these strategies.

If you are running ads, those will start to convert better too.

Give these a try and let me know what you think! I love hearing from your success using our marketing tips.

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