How to Get 1001 Blog Subscribers in 30 Days (Part 4)

Lead magnet… check.

Opt-in Box… check.

Squeeze page… check.

Now, it’s time to get the Thank You page wrapped up and build in a Self Liquidating Offer… let’s get started.

The Execution Plan – #4 Thank You Page

Now, you’ve created your lead magnet… you’ve created and installed your squeeze pages and opt-in boxes… now what?

Once your prospect opts in, you need to direct them to a Thank You page.

The Thank You page simply informs them to check their email box for the lead magnet (if they gave you a good email address) and then offers up a quick thank you…

…and you could place your SLO or Self Liquidating Offer I mentioned previously in this article here.

This “bridge” will span the gap from solving one problem they have to solving the greater problem… for example, the desire to become a tennis pro.

The SLO is also called a TripWire Offer and is designed to quickly convert your prospect from a ‘subscriber’ into a ‘customer’. After all, we are in this to make a little money right?

Here’s an example where you could place a short video thanking them for opting in and then create your bridge offer.

The Tripwire or SLO Offer could be gentle and simply be:

“Breaking Serve is just one aspect of becoming a Tennis pro… if you are interested in Learning Everything You Need to Know KEEP WATCHING”

You would then go on and explain why Breaking Serve is just one part of the equation and they need your program to solve all issues on becoming a Tennis Pro.

Generally, the lower the price the shorter the video or page. So if you are selling a $7 tripwire offer, the video and page don’t need to be that long… and again, this is just a bridge offer for this pricing.

Now, the goal of Tripwire Offers is to quickly turn a prospect into a customer.

Usually, the Tripwire Offer is an entry level program that you sell at break even or even a loss.

In addition, the Tripwire Offer serves as a SLO or Self Liquidating Offer. Meaning, that you pay for your traffic costs from Facebook or Google PPC.

You have a couple of choices now on what to sell your prospect at the end of your Lead Magnet.

  1. You can sell them your FULL program “How to Become a Tennis Pro in 365 Days”
  2. You can sell them COMPONENTS of the full program for a discounted price.

My suggestion is you offer a smaller version of your full program at a discounted price such as $9 or $19 (#2 above)… the price has to be low enough that it’s a no brainer for them. You should also back this up with a money back guarantee.

The benefit of selling them Components is that you can lower the price dramatically, deliver great content, and lower the barrier on their purchase.

The fact of the matter is, if you can deliver components of your program at a fraction of the cost and help your customer… they are more likely to buy the FULL “How to Become a Tennis Pro in 365 Days” at full price.

This is the TRUST piece of know, like, and trust… if you wow them with your Lead Magnet… and then wow them with your Components… their trust of you is going to be off the charts.

What you have effectively done is give them a Trial of your program for a discounted cost.

What you end up doing is your decision, just keep in mind that a customer is MUCH MORE VALUABLE than a prospect.

The more customers a business has, the more successful it is long-term, even if those customers were brought in with low barrier (low cost) offers.

Quite simply, you have won their trust.

You also stand a much better chance of converting the SLO customers over to your full priced programs now that they have seen the quality you deliver… and you kept your promises all along the way from the lead magnet to the SLO.

This is the completion of the blog setup for achieving 1001 Subscribers…

Now, this process can take as little as one day or it can take weeks. My suggestion is “Done is Better than None”… meaning, get your funnel done ASAP. Don’t waste time on trying to make it perfect the first time out.

Get it done, get it live, and then tweak.

I’ve seen many smart people fail simply because they don’t take action. They wait for things to be perfect… I have bad news for you – NOTHING IS PERFECT.

Certainly, it must look professional and not be a ton of slop… but your first version may be just to get everything working. Once it is working, you can outsource the components on Fiverr for design upgrades.

My point is, don’t get caught up in minutiae… get it done, get it live and now… it’s time to start driving traffic to this funnel…

The Execution Plan – #5 Traffic Source

WARNING: You shouldn’t spend a dime on paid advertising until your blog is setup correctly to capture, nurture and convert prospects.

Once you have completed your first ‘flytrap’ aka your lead magnet (step #2 in this article), you can turn your attention to driving traffic.

I know many of you are excited to build your blog subscribers and begin growing your subscriber base… I caution you to hold off until the ‘funnel’ is in place.

Reaching 1,001 subscribers won’t be difficult if you focus on and keep tweaking the blog funnel you just created… once the machine is built, it’s all about driving traffic to your lead magnet squeeze page and building subscribers.

Your blog is useless if your prime target market cannot easily find it. You could have the very best content in the world on your blog… but it won’t matter if it’s not read by targets.

You Do Not Have a Traffic Problem

Traffic is easy to get, you can simply pay for it… it’s as simple as that… and the key is paying for QUALITY TRAFFIC at a price that delivers more sales than it costs. If you can make just 1 penny on every dollar spent on marketing, you are in business.

Of course, you want to maximize this and get your ROI (return on investment) generating more than just a penny.

You can drive traffic from:

  • Blog posts linking into your lead magnet squeeze page
  • Social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube
  • Paid sources (Facebook, Google Adwords, YouTube ads)
  • Live Speaking Events
  • Traditional methods like radio, TV, newspapers, magazines

 … all focused and pointing to that lead magnet and squeeze page you created.

I’ve heard a lot of gurus say that your squeeze page should convert visitors at 40%… I find this to be a bit high and have found the real marketing stars converting at 15% to 25%.

I’ve been able to hit 56% on some pages, but those are to very targeted niches who already know who I am and what I do.

And you’ll notice I didn’t mention SEO in the above ideas. Why?

SEO is almost impossible to measure and predict on a daily basis. Certainly, you want to optimize your pages for SEO best practices… but we are into buying and sending traffic to a very specific squeeze page. We need to be able to measure and control the traffic.

This will deliver a very predictable income when done properly.

What’s Working Today?

Right now, Facebook is working the best for most bloggers. Why? Because Facebook is social… it allows you to interact with your target prospects easier than ever before.

Facebook is a perfect tool for sending traffic to your blog where you can build a deeper relationship.

Facebook has also created a very easy to use Ad System that allows you to quickly get ads up and running in no time at all. In fact, you don’t need to be an expert to post ads on Facebook.

Certainly, you may choose a different platform than Facebook to generate traffic to your revamped blog… and creating ads and finding traffic sources is beyond the scope of this article.

But hey, if you are interested in an article on driving traffic, I would love to write one for you…

In Conclusion

If you’ve made it all the way here, I know you are serious about growing your Subscribers… I encourage you to comment on this post below and ask questions, I am more than happy to respond and help you develop your Lead Magnet and Squeeze pages.

And if you are interested in an article on traffic, post a comment below and let me know which of the following you would be more interested in learning about?

  1. Traffic Campaign: How to Use Facebook to Build a List of Subscribers
  2. Traffic Campaign: How to Setup and Scale Google AdWords
  3. Traffic Campaign: How to Setup and Use Retargeting

Don’t be shy, let me know what you thought of this series (and if we can make it better)… and what you would like to see for our next series on Traffic and Conversion.

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