How to Get 1001 Blog Subscribers in 30 Days (Part 3)

Alright! Now we should have our first lead magnet done… if you didn’t complete yours – go back now and follow along in part 2 of the “How to Get 1001 Blog Subscribers in 30 Days”.

Once you’ve completed your lead magnet, it’s time to build out the “fishing lures” aka the Opt-In boxes.

Let’s get started!

The Execution Plan – #2 Tools to Create and Install Opt-In Boxes

In order to install an opt-in box on your blog – you will first need email marketing software like ConstantContact, AWeber, or MailChimp. Each of these services will allow you to create a ‘list’ for your lead magnet.

The list is what will store your email subscribers you obtain from your blog. In addition, the email service is where you will log in and send emails from. The email service will also be setup with an ‘auto responder’ and optin system that keeps you CAN-SPAM compliant (which is important).

The email service will deliver your lead magnet quickly and automatically for you as well… which aids in creating a tighter bond with subscribers.

Once you have created your “How to Break Serve” list inside of your email marketing software – you will be able to install HTML onto your blog from code the email marketing software provides.

WordPress makes this really easy and you can install custom HTML inside of widgets which are displayed on the sidebars, end of posts, popups, or as a stand alone page (recommended).

So how do you design the actual opt-in box?

If you are savvy with HTML and graphics you can design the opt-in box on your own… if you are looking for something point and click, you can install software like OptimizePress or optinmonster onto your blog.

OptimizePress works great with blogging software like WordPress and includes battle tested Opt-In designs… so you can focus on creating your lead magnet and not worry about designing the opt-in boxes. Optinmonster also has a plugin for WordPress you can get by clicking here.

OptimizePress or optinmonster certainly are not required, and most of the Email Marketing Software providers have decent HTML editors you can use to create your boxes.

Now that we’ve got the tools necessary, let’s look at different options you can deploy for your opt-in boxes. I recommend a combination of all of the following and not just one…

The Execution Plan – #3 Squeeze Pages

I’ve listed a few example opt-in types in the order they have worked for me personally (best to worst):

#1 The Squeeze Page Opt-in

The key to this page is its simplicity… there are no sidebars, navigation, or distractions… the page has one mission: Capture your prospects email address.

In fact, many marketers are now making squeeze pages the landing page for their blogs. The reasoning behind this is that prospects learn exactly who you are, what you do, and what problems you can solve for them… there is no messing around.

Here’s one example of the squeeze landing home page:

As you can see, the lead magnet is the focus of this page. Below are credibility logos and then a link taking the prospect to the blog.

And here’s an example of the squeeze page that can be deployed as a stand alone page, as you can see, the messaging is very simple and to the point:

…and here’s another:

#2 Pop Up Opt-in

Now you’ve probably seen these before and they can be annoying. However, if your messaging is right on the money – you will get AMAZING results. optinmonster allows you to install Pop Up boxes onto your Superb Internet blog rather easily.

Here’s an example you can set to show up when the prospects mouse cursor moves to their ‘back’ button:

#3 Side Bar Opt-in

This optin box is Google compliant (if you are sending paid PPC straight to pages with this box):

#4 End of Posts Opt-in

You could even install an opt-in box at the bottom of every blog page like is shown here:

My recommendation is that you pick 2 or 3 of the above and install on your blog ASAP… and I would direct them at the Lead Magnet you created.

In fact, I think you should make your home page a squeeze page based on the first example I provided above for the “7 Cardinal Sins of Muscle Growth”. You’ll want to be clear with the lead magnet and then come in with credibility logos and seals… and then finish it off with a simple link to your main blog page.

Again, WordPress makes this easy to setup and handle… and if you have any questions, just hit up the Superb Internet support gurus for help.

At this point, you should have your opt-in box or squeeze page CHECKED OFF and your lead magnet DONE.

Now, it’s time to build a SLO or Self-Liquidating Offer and drive some traffic in… stay tuned for the last part of “How to Get 1001 Blog Subscribers in 30 Days”…

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