Why Use a Dedicated Server? Five Reasons

Dedicated Server

Discussion of web hosting has become cloud 24/7, but using a dedicated server is still a completely reasonable choice. Let’s look at what a dedicated server is and the advantages of using one.

  • What is a Dedicated Server?
  • Access/Control
  • Security
  • Uptime
  • Your Own IP
  • Service Options

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a single server that is designated for the specific use of one company or individual. It typically includes a Web server program (such as Apache) and other basic applications, along with an Internet connection through the hosting service’s data center.

Dedicated servers are often used for websites with large amounts of traffic. The customer is able to control the server remotely from its own office. The cost savings include those for the router, security software, network administration, and web connection.

When a company gets a dedicated server package, they may have to use a particular operating system or might have a choice – typically Linux vs. Windows. Sometimes companies already have their own hardware or want to invest in custom equipment but still want a place to put it and to take advantage of the other benefits of data centers. In those cases in which the server is not leased but owned, the service is called colocation.

Generally, though, a customer rents a dedicated server, and the contract includes specific amounts of resources. Packages standardly include “a stated amount of memory, hard disk space, and bandwidth (… meaning the number of gigabytes of data that can be delivered each month),” explains Margaret Rouse of TechTarget. “Some hosting companies allow the renter of a dedicated server to do virtual hosting, in turn renting services on the server to third parties for their Web sites.” File transfer protocol (FTP), email, and domain name system (DNS) are usually automatic features. Sometimes a user-friendly interface is provided, the most common of which is Cpanel.

Now let’s get into why people decide that they want to have a dedicated server rather than shared hosting or cloud.


A significant part of computing is being able to do what you want, when you want. After all, Apple products are frustrating to many users because of Steve Jobs’ obsession with end-to-end control – which the Hollywood film Steve Jobs fascinatingly reveals emerged from Jobs’ adoption trauma as a child.

At your business, you obviously want to have control of everything you can even if you trust third parties to manage certain aspects. Having a dedicated server gives you the ability to install what you want and configure everything to your liking. “Being administrator, you can also choose to host multiple domains of your site on the same server,” says HostReview. “The admin access lets you closely monitor the resource usage and other utilization metrics of your server.”


Dedicated servers really are the gold standard of security. These days you often hear that’s the case with cloud, but those arguments are based on the general advantage of having a third-party that specializes in security (the hosting company) watch over your network. When you use a service for dedicated hosting you can enhance security with additional layers. You are also using isolated equipment so you aren’t at risk of data overlap or other issues stemming from group use.


Similarly, the uptime that you experience with a dedicated server should be second to none. Reliability is improved because there is no sharing of resources with other sites.

At Superb Internet, we give all of our dedicated customers 100% network uptime. In other words, our service level agreement (SLA) states that any amount of downtime is unacceptable. If there ever is an hour of downtime, you get a full day of credit.

Your Own IP

It’s a good thing to have your own Internet Protocol (IP) address. For one thing, it improves your clout with the search engines. In shared hosting, everyone is using the same IP, so you are vulnerable to performance problems created by other users. Someone with a dedicated server can really stand out, especially if they simplify their site and build backlinks better suited to their niche. You also have better security simply because your IP is your own so you are never collateral damage.

Service Options

Hosting services will give you a variety of management options. Basically, you can decide what aspects you want managed and what you don’t. “For instance, the fully managed services provide an option where the web hosting company undertakes all the technical maintenance and care of the servers,” notes Host Review. “Technical specialists with the know-how to handle servers handle your servers for you.”

At Superb, we offer the lowest prices on dedicated hosting with our Price Match Guarantee. Plus, we have so much confidence in our support that if we don’t deliver as promised, we will give you your next month’s service 100% free. Get started.

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