16 Pointers to Make it Developing Mobile Apps


These 16 tips can help you avoid missteps when you start developing mobile applications for iOS or Android. Most of them are generally applicable to development.

Many entrepreneurs and small businesses want to make it in the world of mobile applications, but it’s difficult to figure out where to start. The competition is tremendous, with over one million applications on Google Play and Apple, and it is only going to get fiercer. This is because many new or already established apps look for app development companies to help them improve their application further, thus leaving the rest of the competition behind.

As an entrepreneur or small business, you need to remain hot on the heels of these apps. But how? Here is some advice from independent developers on how they have beaten the odds:

1. Look at what doesn’t work.

Matt Hall of Klicktock, who created Crossy Road, says it’s a good idea to look closely at all different types of apps, not just the wildly successful ones but the incredible failures. By analyzing ways in which other developers have made oversights, you can avoid the same errors yourself.

2. Create more apps by reducing time-to-market.

You don’t want to labor over one app forever, making it perfect, advises Appmasters.co founder Steve Young. “Focus on creating simple apps that can be published in roughly six to eight weeks,” he says. “This allows you to test many different ideas and create a portfolio of apps, which in turn will increase your likelihood of success.”

3. Focus on design.

Kamibox coder Philipp Stollenmayer, who had two games featured by Apple one week after another, says that the most fundamental element of app success is design. Simple, user-friendly design, coupled with a strong title and carefully crafted icon, gives you a much better chance of getting spotlighted by Apple.

Generally speaking, it will be easier to give people a good first impression if your design is strong. A series of studies on the creation of web credibility from Stanford University revealed that design is a fundamental factor in expressing legitimacy online.

4. Do what you love.

Create an app that really pulls you in personally, and the amount of focus you put into the development will be obvious in the final product.

Think of yourself as the ultimate user. How can you make the app easier for you to use? If you’re not sure about how to go about it, you could seek assistance from a company that specializes in Melbourne app development and the professionals might be able to provide you with key insights.

5. Punch holes in your concept.

You want to care about what you are attempting, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t question every aspect of it aggressively. Look at the playing field. Prove to yourself that your idea is worthwhile.

Think of reasons why it might be better to go another direction.

6. Aim for intuitive.

You don’t want there to be any learning curve with an app, according to Young. “It’s important to get ease of use just right and have the app do things that will simply delight users,” he says. “Your goal is an app you can hand to someone who has no clue what the software does, but within seconds, they figure out how it works.”

7. Assume a long road.

True overnight sensations are few and far between. Keep learning and growing, and expect you will put in years of effort before any significant payoff.

8. Stay away from investors.

Realmac Software CEO Dan Counsell says it’s unwise to go for investors before you have made a real name for yourself. Instead, create it in your spare time.

9. Team with a technical expert.

Pairing up with another person will expedite development, comments Young. “Having a technical co-founder allows you to bootstrap a minimum viable product to the market with someone who is invested in the idea,” he says. “People with great ideas don’t always have deep pockets.” If not, you can also contact an engineering consultancy firm, which may assist you with the application of advanced technicalities. Most of these companies collaborate with software developers, giving you access to a wide range of products as well as the ability to simulate a wide range of real-world structures, flows, and processes.

A business organization’s chances of success are reduced if no one is aware of its existence. In today’s digital age, a company that does not have an online presence is effectively invisible. The ever-increasing number of internet users worldwide is a major reason why businesses must have an application. And in order to do so, companies typically hire developers to create an application that can increase their sales. Also, because of the significant benefits of using React for front-end development, businesses tend to collaborate with a reputable Web Application Development near me. This is due to its ability to reuse components. Reusable components save developers time because they don’t have to write separate code for similar features. They can simply use individual components of the application on both the server and client sides. This, in turn, accelerates the development process.

10. The time is now.

Many people think competition in the app market has made it impossible to penetrate. That’s not true if you have a good idea.

11. Be great in one niche area.

Don’t be overly broad with your mission. Be great in a specific area, and square yourself directly toward solving its problems.

12. Strategize distro.

Consider how you will distribute the app. Figure out how to introduce yourself to the most reasonable demo.

13. Understand your own objectives.

Developer Carter Thomas says it’s a good idea to take a couple of days and think about what your real goals are as a mobile developer. Do you want to create one application or dozens? Envisioning the ideal future will make it easier to get there.

14. Shake off hesitation.

Sortly CEO Dhanush Balachandran says that forward motion is everything.

“The experience of building your first app and getting it in the app stores is by far the most important thing,” he says. “[S]tart with something simple, and get that experience under your belt.”

15. Be optimistic.

Don’t worry too much about anyone thinking your chances are slim. That’s always the case with an unproven idea. You just need to push forward and prepare the app.

16. Promote with strong cloud hosting.

By following the above 15 steps, you can make sure that your app is as strong as possible. However, you want to have your own high-performance site as a home base. That starts with true 100% HA cloud hosting.

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