Tapping Innovation: How Developers Leverage Cloud

What, exactly, is the cloud?

  • Introduction: Developers Key in a Data-Infused World
  • Cloud as a Critical Tool for Development
  • The Role of Open Source
  • True Distributed Cloud for the Best Results

Introduction: Developers Key in a Data-Infused World

Developers are essential to the new economy. First, just think about the scale of data – even from a year ago:

  • Think your post is important? It’s got competition. Every minute, 2.5 million instances of Facebook sharing occur.
  • Do you think search engine optimization might be important? Do you think it might be getting more sophisticated? Every single minute, over 4 million search requests are placed with Google.
  • Do you want to make a living off of your YouTube show? So does your neighbor. Every minute, 72 hours of new video is uploaded to YouTube.

In other words, the sheer amount of raw activity occurring in the digital universe is staggering.

Because that activity is so intense, data is becoming more valuable all the time. Forbes Data Driven Business editor Howard Baldwin points out how powerful data is by looking at two companies, one that is data-based and one that is physical. Baldwin contrasts Facebook to a major airline, United Airlines, which he describes as “a company that actually owns things like airplanes and has licenses to lucrative things like airport facilities and transoceanic routes between the U.S. and Asia, among other places.” Facebook is worth an estimated $200 billion, while United is valued at $34 billion.

Cloud as a Critical Tool for Development

When we talk about developers, the special knowledge may make it seem like a niche profession, which is not at all the case. As data expanded, the job market expanded. There are now 18.5 million developers worldwide. All of these people want the best tools.

One tool that developers have found is obvious for many projects is cloud hosting, which means that you can get whatever resources you want with a credit card. That simple accessibility makes these systems immediately more user-friendly and accelerates projects.

Flexibility is another key benefit that developers get from the cloud, explains Megan Swanson in Wired. “The cloud … means that developers can quickly increase their demands on the infrastructure if they need to test some code or run much larger data sets than originally expected,” she notes. “The cloud is elastic and can accommodate almost unlimited demand.”

Before the cloud era, the challenge of creating applications to work on different types of servers slowed down the process for developers. Huge amount of time were lost as they figured out hardware specifications and molded apps to fit the infrastructure. Today, it’s a snap to get everything underway.

Plus, cloud is familiar to recent college graduates who have been working with the cloud already. It makes the transition easier when these young programmers start their own companies or jump into development positions.

Developers also don’t have to worry about security nearly as much when they work with a long-established and respected cloud provider. Rather than being fundamentally responsible for security in-house, their system is already protected by an organization whose reputation relies on its ability to ward off intrusion.

The Role of Open Source

Another aspect of development that is often part of cloud projects is open source, comments Swanson. “Sharing the code for operating systems and basic utilities, and contributing to debugging and trouble-shooting, means that individual developers can spend more effort on applications,” she says.

Open source is effectively the antithesis of vendor lock-in, making it much more possible to migrate to other hosting services. It is essentially coder-friendly, making it unnecessary to learn a comprehensive new set of rules when transitioning to another job or when a workplace decides to use a different host.

Open source, used in conjunction with cloud, unleashes the potential of your developers. Since they aren’t getting ensnared in hardware and networking concerns, they can center their efforts on building incredible programs to benefit users.

True Distributed Cloud for the Best Results

Cloudy itself is an incredibly powerful technology, as established above. As Swanson puts it, “The era of cloud computing has enhanced the epoch of the developer,” adding that the technology “lets [programmers] focus on making applications that create new functionality, new business opportunities and even new industries.”

You want to make sure that the cloud you use is truly cutting-edge, though. Distributed storage is absolutely essential, but centralized storage – a dinosaur remnant of the mainframe era – is used by the vast majority of cloud providers.

Why is distributed storage preferable?

  1. No single point of failure – Even multiple node failures have no impact on performance.
  2. No bottlenecks – The design of distributed storage is simply superior.
  3. Much, much faster – Local disk I/O that puts centralized storage to shame.

By combining distributed storage with InfiniBand networking technology, Superb Internet offers cloud the way it should be – typically delivering 4 times better performance than AWS plans with similar specs. Get “100% true HA” cloud today.

By Kent Roberts

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  • Hei Minun tutkimus on vähän vanhempi erot ovat myös eri osavaltioissa melkoisen suuret Ehkä nykyisin on huomattu se, ettei mistään tarvitse luopua, vaikka onkin vapaamielista seksiä ei edes uskonnostaan ja kirkosta.Aiemmin parinvaihto on ollut Yhdysvalloissa vain pelkästään miesten ja naisten välistä, nykyisin on hyvin tavallista kokea bi-seksiä. Yliopisto opiskelu aika teki poikkeuksen, silloin naiset harrastivat enemmän seksiä keskenään jo vuosikymmeniä sitten

  • Thank you, although I don’t think any of the nurses or doctors looking after me were detached at all, they were a absoloutly extraordinary team. My documentry love on the transplant list is also being aired for the second time on bbc3 on the 30th of October. It’s shows, pre tx, on ecmo and after my transplant.Kirstie

  • >> Deliberately firing rockets at a civilian population is never, ever, justified.Deliberately using terrorism and ethnic cleansing to create an oppressive, colonialist, expansionist and supremacist state, and deliberately using a 60+ years, ON-GOING and offensive (i.e., not defensive) campaign of aggression, oppression, theft, colonization, destruction and murder to maintain that supremacist state, is never, ever justified.

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  • So excited to find these today at Walgreens!! My store charged $1.29 though…still worth it! I’d been writing letters to the company asking them to bring back SYZ because they are peanut-free — they just kept sending me coupons for poppycock 🙁 Glad they finally listened!!

  • Já estava em portugues, eu tenho o steam aqui, mas resolvi o problema, é pq extrai tudo na area de trabalho, eu só recortei a pasta aonde estava os arquivos e colei em arquivos de programas, agora funcionou direitinho, mas valeu pela resposta, o jo ta perfeito, video, som, etc ^^

  • Hi Penelope, Thanks for sharing your experience. I had been wondering how pregnancy would affect my chance of getting a job in the TV industry in NY. From your experience, I can imagine that it is definitely not an ideal world out there. I too have decided though, come what may, I will give preference to having a healthy baby first. As far as work goes, ah! it can wait. Thanks, Richa

  • Valid point, but it's business…. and their doing it right. They sell out at their current price. I'm sure if they sold them for 30-35$ they would still fly off the shelves and they'd make even more profit. Supply and demand.Btw…….KCCO! HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYONE!

  • >TonioCes lettres ne sont pas voisines ; le b et le v ont maintenant la même pronontiation en ma langue. Mon com était pour remarquer les differentes graphies de quelques mots en français, espagnol et portugais qui ont pourtant la même origine.Pour les exemples, comme vous savez, les mots « vaca » et « baca » peuvent nous faire commettre une erreur.

  • Hi Michael, just wondered if you have the RRS aicon they mention in the package? If so what is it like, i am waiting on info on it- ment to be avail next month so fingers crossed. I finnaly got my dash bits after 9 months and they are great with a few tweeks here and there and yes the stainless does look better, have some other stuff in brushed aluminium ie door inserts etc and am too thinking of getting them cut out in stainless to match better.

  • Well, it mostly is written, and while in includes a child born of rape (implied) and monsters eating humans, I don’t think it’s more… extreme than a bunch of the YA already out there.The question comes from the main character being married longer than she’s looking for any kind of prince, and that sort of bucks template (though that’s why I fall in love with the stories I work with anyway: you ever notice how marriage is usually a drag in literature, despite that fact that everybody’s goal seems to be finding that perfect one?)

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  • I think we all feel this way, don’t way? From time to time at least. I think, however, when that feeling is constant and doesn’t go away, it probably is time to step away for a bit. As writing teachers have always reminded me, nobody asked us to write a book–same goes for our blogs!

  • You are human, you do wrong, you do right, you do the best you can with what you have, and you move on. It’s all any of us can do. Being a mom is hard, very very hard. All we can do is the best we can at any one moment, and when your patience is gone, it’s gone. I understand, I’m there all too often myself. Forgive yourself. You are as G-d made you, imperfect, but trying. As are we all.

  • As your arguments are so compelling your absence is forgiven.Seriously though, I can understand how, with so much real world going on, you have found no time for producing “noise” here. However, it’s great to see you posting again – even if it turns out to be another 435 days before you do so again.I’m looking forward to seeing your redesign even though my soul is screaming “why?”

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  • This scenario (passing a child off as someone else’s to preserve a young woman’s chances in life) is something from a different era. 40 years ago, yes. 20 years ago maybe. But today? Come on. There’s a reason the three people Steve cited are all over 70 years old.

  • I always wanted to ask but assumed it is your kids’ names but never could fit the names I knew to the letters. I actually thought:A – AvashaS – SamarA – AshwinaA – some fillerA – some filler again!!!!!!N – NeilHeheMe: FILLER> KYa Filler? rofl

  • Is that one of the "Fast and Furious" guns being taken to a pawn shop for transfer to the local drug cartel? But that would make the "officer" an ATF agent, undercover as a local police officer on ATFBE assignment . . gack.I suppose that, as a fully qualified police officer, anyone he shoots must, by elimination, be a bad guy. When you only have to worry about complaints from the survivors. . sigh.

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  • Jag skriver pÃ¥ svenska och hoppas du förstÃ¥r;Dina plagg blir sÃ¥ underbart perfekta. Det är som om … som om de var gjorda av mjukt papper, det styva fallet och de fina osynliga sömmarna men med karaktäristiska veck. Men jag ska inte överanalysera jag är bara nyfiken pÃ¥ vad det är för tyg/material du använder, kanske främst pÃ¥ jackan du gjorde för den är himmelsk.

  • I morse var jag otroligt irriterad över att internet inte fungerade där jag befinner mig nu. Under dagen surade jag för att inte solen var framme. Efter att nyss ha läst en blogg om en mamma som förbereder sin död i cancer genom att bl.a. fixa presenter till sin dotters framtida stora ögonblick känner jag mig liten, futtig och gnällig. Man borde nog oftare tänka pÃ¥ att vara den bästa människa man kan vara och njuta av livet.

  • I can't believe anybody would think her presence in Princeton was anything except a gift from the Affirmative Action benevolent society. She's always seemed pretty grotesque to me, but one thing I actually kind of like her for was just admitting she was AA. Didn't make her attitude any better but at least she was acknowledged she didn't really belong there.

  • Sex, My Body and Giving it Up Filed Under: Beauty Standards, Self-Esteem, Sexuality, Women Tagged With: bikini line, body image, Brazilian wax, Hair, hair removal, laser hair removal, pubic hair, Self-Esteem, Sexual Stereotypes, shaving, waxing, Women

  • Coucou ! Je viens de découvrir ton blog grâce à celui de ta soeur, et j’adore tes dessins (et bien évidemment, ton article) ! En plus c’est super cool de mettre un mode d’emploi, parce que ces produits ne sont pas forcément livrés avec (ou alors, pas en français) !Bref, je suis une nouvelle adepte de ton blog

  • I have figured that she probably had some because it was flu season. I think he had just smoked it. My question with a blunt is if there is enough of an end to it so that there is no weed in the very end of it, because otherwise most stoners would keep it.

  • décidément, Nico, nous nous retrouvons avec une troublante coïncidence sur les mêmes thèmes de billet ! mais je préfère ta manière de les traiter : elle me fait rire, et c’est toujours cela de gagné sur l’adversité…

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  • Mira Zendo, yo escribo muchísimas cartas llenas de caricias verbales, de besos y te quieros. A veces las envío, otras simplemente llenan mi corazón y lo expanden cuando son releídas. Creo que mis mejores cartas jamás fueron enviadas, porque también creo que no las escribí para él: las escribí para mí.

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  • for a first time working with digital media I would have to say thats pretty awesome, ive? been doing that stuff for years and I reckon that piece is better than a lot of mine, lol. i have issues with making depth/background-ness and such.the other things are cool too i really like the one with the birdthe bronze things, mostly the firstLOVE the metal sculpture!sorry the note is so long lol

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  • Hi me again, Quick question Ann,when I am cooking the macaroons I seem to have to cook them longer to get them to come off the sheet clean…However when I cook them longer they are starting to get a little cooking colour…When you first take them from the oven do they come off clean straight away or do you have to let them go cold first..thanks Samantha :0)

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  • Pete,Great post. Money isn’t a measure of a persons worth. A person’s worth can be measured however by what they give. There are many times were are worth millions to others even though we do not feel like we amount to a dime.God lets us know what we are worth and rewards us when we share that wealth! Not just with money, but with our actions.

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  • I love everything about Christmas: the scents of pine and cinnamon, the lights and yard decorations, having the family all together (although this will be our first Christmas without my Mom and I miss her terribly), all the wonderful foods and treats, and watching the joy and excitement on my grandchildren’s little faces.

  • This is the topic I’ve been waiting for. I’m struggling with this problem because I see my friends with their boyfriends and I realized I don’t have one. But now I know what to do and that is to seek God first before anything else. I know He has the best plans for me. I thank God for using you for me to realize these things. Thanks Jarrid! Be blessed.

  • Dear Jackie & Rick;We were very saddened to hear of Nick,s passing. We are in Florida and regret not being able to attend the services. I had so many good times with Nick, playing baseball, softball, bowling, and having an occasio nal drink together. We will truly miss him. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.Benny and Barbara

  • DebD,Are there any other films you know of that we’re missing out on? I ask that because, you’ve clearly already seen it, and our Parish “movie club” just ran into by accident (one member works in a library and saw it come as a new arrival and subsequently checked it out).

  • Jutta, in Titanic spielte er, was er eben herausholen konnte aus der Rolle. AT, Tilda finde ich auch eine sehr gute Schauspielerin, hast du "Julia" gesehen, wo sie eine Alkoholikerin spielt? Sehr beeindruckend.Maren, danke, inzwischen hat sich die Situation ein wenig entschärft, ja, sie versucht, mit ihrem Chef etwas anders umzugehen, und mal sehen, wie das auf lange Dauer wirkt :-).

  • Looks like you all had loads of fun!! Mr. Pip and Puddles will be here to visit with Gracie in February and we are so excited! I’m glad Puddles is not taking the Pinto. I just don’t know how much longer that car will be able to handle these long trips… besides, she and the Pipster look dashing in the flashy red ride!

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  • HeidiWow–this is such a great reminder and I just love that you made a poster using your own son to remind you. I can relate so well to both your feelings as a mom (and the computer thing and the fatal words, all so common at my house) as well as those of your son. It is so WEIRD to be a mom and have such a different perspective about things than you did as a child. I find it very hard for me to remember how my child must be looking at the situation until they start to cry or get upset. I am slow to learn in this particular area so thanks so much for this!

  • Aahh, I see a pattern here! You told me something again… and I only responded to the errors I noticed!The problem with the fact that you mentioned it earlier was that one of my other ‘superiors’ told me he had a look at it and almost directly discarded it due to the lack of certain (yet to be disclosed) features.

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  • Correct me if I am wrong; Weren’t these Ontario Conservatives that set up Regional Government? (Another bureaucratic maze) and did they NOT set up these unaccountable Health Care Service systems (Like the NHS and the other unaccountable administrations throughout Ontario) Systems that did away with Cost efficient local entities and replaced them with administrations that completely ignored consultation with the people except finally in the busy hallway of the Welland YMCA.Mr. Hudak was a chartered member of Mike Harris’s much hated gangthat ran Ontario in dictatorial fashion …….Good Bye Tim….

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  • Judy, this is a brilliant and funny post in a sad context. Thank you!Watch out for those sexy cuticles. Oops I forgot there already are women who have to wear gloves outside all year. In this country too. I guess our “holy men” still have a thing or two to learn from their “holy men.” –Rena Yechieli

  • Chris, I must admit I did my best to read your blog but I’m getting freaked out! I have a great appreciation for the purpose these creatures serve & for their artistic ability in weaving their webs but I am having a hard time co-existing with them in any way. I really wish I wasn’t so afraid of them, especially because I know it’s a ridiculous phobia. Maybe one day I will have an encounter with them that isn’t terrifying & I will see that we can live in peace. XOXOX Carrie

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  • I view religion as having the potential to muck up our path toward reaching the common goals of goodness & happiness and being one with each other. It complicates what should be very simple. People have ample opportunity to use it to justify almost anything, depending on interpretation. If the religious texts were boiled down to a page, then maybe the core intention of religion would be more clear and we’d be better off.

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