What is ITIL Certification? A Beginner’s Guide – Part 1


  • Origins of ITIL
  • How IT is Framed by the Library
  • Four General Roles within IT Provision
  • ITIL Category #1 – Service Strategy
  • ITIL Category #2 – Service Design
  • ITIL-Certified = Ordering off a Menu

Many people consider IT a little obtuse just because of the sheer volume of terminology. Just think about it: OS, GUI, SSD, DDoS… The list goes on. Certification standards and compliance mechanisms are no different from the rest of the field: HIPAA, HITECH, PCI-DSS, SSAE, ISO, ITIL.

There are just a lot of different things to keep straight, and it’s understandable that many of us have a surface-level knowledge of certain elements. In the case of ITIL, many people know to check if a vendor has that certification but don’t know much about what it entails.

Is that you? Here is a quick guide that gives you a sense of what the certification means so that you can know how it helps, whether internally or through an IT vendor.

Origins of ITIL

Information technology is centrally concerned with the backend – servers, networking, databases, virtualization technology, etc.. Customers of IT service providers, though, are concerned with the specific functions they can do with their computers – how quickly and reliably they can run payroll, process sales figures, collaborate internally, and perform other business actions.

Essentially, it’s hard for these two parties to see eye-to-eye, according to Excelon Development consultant Matthew Heusser. “[T]he customer wants a restaurant experience, while IT tends to act more like a wholesale grocery store,” he says. “The customer wants to order complete meals off a menu (websites, mobile applications, etc), not assemble ingredients out of servers, databases, frameworks, and so on.”

It’s easy for these two different camps to struggle to communicate. The user can’t do anything without IT setting everything up and making sure that the infrastructure is operating properly. The user may not understand the machinery. IT, thinking from an infrastructural perspective, may have difficulty seeing things from a front-end point-of-view. A lot is lost in translation.

To facilitate communication between these two communities in its national offices, the UK government started developing the Information Technology Infrastructure Library in the 1980s. The set of practices, now officially called ITIL, has been managed by AXELOS (a UK public-private partnership) since 2013.

How IT is Framed by the Library

ITIL frames IT in terms of what functions it delivers rather than the systems and processes used. It frequently speaks in terms of IT as a service, which it describes as “a means of delivering value to customers by facilitating outcomes that customers want to achieve without the ownership of specific costs and risks.”

What does it mean that IT is a service? It means that IT shouldn’t have direct impact on policy but rather should fundamentally be a service provider to the end-user. The end-user should be concerned with the cost of meeting individual needs as opposed to the cost of IT, and service agreements should limit risk.

ITIL essentially positions IT similarly to utilities, as a resource to power projects. (Consider how cloud computing (resources on-demand) fits neatly within that description.)

The framework describes four types of IT staff, conducting five service-related responsibilities.

Four General Roles within IT Provision

Take or leave this staff classification system. Many people consider it outmoded. There also isn’t strict division between these groups since many individuals wear various hats.

The staff types are:

  1. Help desk – Support role working with the customers or end-users
  2. Operations management – Managers of the physical environment and day-to-day activities
  3. Technical management – Managers of the network and other infrastructural elements
  4. Application management – Managers of the software.

ITIL Category #1 – Service Strategy

Again, you can implement these parameters more strictly or loosely depending on your needs.

First, an organization must think in terms of what it is broadly trying to achieve with service – the strategy. Strategy should be about how services can best meet organizational needs, how the service can outdo what other firms are doing, and how systems can deliver value.

By considering service in this manner, ITIL emphasizes speed and user-friendliness. “Internal IT groups find they can differentiate by understanding the customer and their problems, and applying solutions more directly than external groups,” says Heusser. “On the technical side, this might mean features like single-sign-on or eliminating redundant data entry.”

There are five elements of service strategy, per ITIL, involving management of the following: organizational interactions, the IT services catalog, service costs, resource needs, and service strategy.

As suggested above, users essentially want a restaurant menu, realized by the catalog.

ITIL Category #2 – Service Design

Strategy starts to become actionable via design, which Heusser explains is made up of “[d]esign coordination, service-level management (SLA’s), service catalogue management, supplier management, availability and capacity management, IT service continuity management and information security management.”

ITIL-Certified = Ordering off a Menu

ITIL certification may or may not be right for your internal purposes. However, as you can see, it says a lot about how customer-centric an organization is. It’s all, fundamentally, about service – just like a restaurant.

Want best practices in IT service management? Choose a company grounded in US and global standards.

By Kent Roberts

NOTE: This is the first part of a two-part series – to read Part 2, please click HERE.

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  • Thanks Carrie. I definately think the normalization of debt at all levels has contributed. We’re choking on that thinking right now. What it really means more than anything else is a personal rejection of current standards. That can make you an “oddball” but it’s a price that has to be paid. Conformity has gotten super expensive.

  • I went to my first car boot sale (as an adult) the other week and I was terrified! I'm sure its one of those things you get used to. I know moaning about the weather is very British but its only a cliche because its true. We have the most PANTS weather! York is a lovely city but I find it so painfully aware of itself that it puts me off a little. Also, its always jam packed with people, mostly students to the point where you can't move! You found some lovely finds though x

  • anon- it definitely isn't and outfit for everyone. I've worn the same dress with black tights, and a wide black belt from Club Monaco, and it was a bit of a simpler look, that more people would probably like. I actually think not wearing the pearls might have been a better look. Oh well, you live and learn right!? 🙂

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  • Sorry to a couple of people whose comments I’ve deleted. They were critical of the ad, but I didn’t delete them purely because they were critical. As you can see above, quite a few critical comments are here. Criticism is very much allowed. However, if you are criticising anonymously, the ask that you do it either constructively, or very wittily. Anonymous comments (about any ad, not just mine) that just say ‘this is rubbish’ or ‘this has been done before’ are no longer kept.

  • Teri Nye I’m not sure I’m using the same version of FB. I just joined (Sep 2012), but I can’t access the admin panel that you refer to and I can’t see “insights” “manage…” etc. There’s no hide/show button or text in the upper-right corner of my page. Can you send me a screen shot of what it should look like or how to update my version? Thanks!

  • realmente son muy grosos los escuchamos aca en belgrano en un local con mi encargada y nos matamos de a risa cuando entra la gente no entiende nada…. seban etuve todo el finde buscando tu primer libro y no lo encuentro ya q estoy volviendoa aleer el 2do xq esta muuuy bueno…juli sos muy linda y muy alta jeje…espero lean esto y sebas me contestes como hago para conseguir el libro besos

  • If you are Chrome user, it’s even easier than that. Just hit ‘Tab’ once after your search results display and you will get a nice small arrow left to the first result. You can then use your keyboards up/down arrows to navigate through the results and use Enter to open a link. Unfortunately this smooth approach didn’t work in Firefox for me. Reply

  • scamp, based on their scanty output, Goodby/America and les boys was not a good fit. advertising is more down to earth over here. people just get on with it. self-absorption to that degree gets old everywhere. fast. i can’t believe it was tolerated to the degree it was at bbh. they sound insufferable.

  • You can tell that Subways here are franchised. I’ve been to many of them and they each seem to have their own identity. They’re just not consistent in quality. I’m lucky that the one down the street from where I live has good food and good service. I believe my subs there are better than at other locations.

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