Small Business PCI Compliance [Self-Assessment Questionnaire & Checklist]


  • PCI & Grim Hacking Stats
  • Why Secure Your Data with PCI DSS?
  • What Systems Need to Be Secured?
  • Self-Assessment Questionnaire – How You Take Card Data
  • Checklist – Best Practices for Security
  • PCI Compliant-Ready Infrastructure

PCI & Grim Hacking Stats

If you are a small merchant that accepts payments online, you are probably familiar with the PCI Security Standards Council. PCI stands for Payment Card Industry, and the compliance body is well-known for creating the PCI Data Security Standard through its five founding members – MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and JCB.

No one is ever pleased to hear about a bunch of rules they have to follow. However, PCI compliance does have the benefit of forcing you to prioritize security if you want to take credit cards. Accepting payments online has of course become incredibly common, but it also exposes you to a huge amount of liability: just look at 2013 stats from the National Cyber Security Alliance, integrated with the number of total businesses from the US Small Business Administration (27.9 million in 2010):

  • One out of every five small businesses get hacked each year – that’s about 5.6 million organizations!
  • Three out of five businesses that get hacked go bankrupt within six months – that’s about 3.3 million small businesses!
  • That means that 12% of small businesses will flop due to a data breach each year in the United States!

“Most small business owners still don’t get security, don’t think it’s an issue, and are pretty defenseless,” said Neal O’Farrell, executive director of the San Francisco-based nonprofit Identity Theft Council. “They assume hackers would need to pick their business out of 27 million others, not realizing that the attacks are automated.”

Why Secure Your Data with PCI DSS?

According to the Security Standards Council (SSC), 80% of attacks use small businesses as the target because it’s easier to find holes in their security infrastructure. If you experience a compromise, the consequences are far-reaching:

  • Fines
  • Discontinuation of your agreements with credit card companies
  • Customers turning to your competition
  • Downturn in sales
  • The expense of civil litigation
  • Any amount stolen directly through fraud
  • Additional expenses to get back into compliance

“The object of desire is cardholder data,” explained the council. “By obtaining the Primary Account Number (PAN) and sensitive authentication data, a thief can impersonate the cardholder, use the card, and steal the cardholder’s identity.”

Information can be taken by thieves directly through credit card machines, from hard copies stored on site, from a database containing transaction information, via cameras watching the input of login details and process (as occurred most grandiosely in a $1 billion multinational bank heist), or  through your data networks.

What Systems Need to Be Secured?

In order for your small business to be PCI-compliant, you must safeguard all data during the transaction and as it is sent for processing. By far the easiest way to handle the SSC’s parameters and to reduce your liability is to resolve not to store anything. PCI compliance applies to:

  • Devices that read card details
  • POS systems
  • Your business’s networks and routers
  • Any instances in which data is stored or sent
  • Non-digital transaction records

Self-Assessment Questionnaire – How You Take Card Data

Here are the various categories of card acceptance:

  1. Card-not-present – Internet sales or mail-order services, with cardholder services performed by a third party.
  2. Imprint-only or dial-out – Any businesses that only retain hard copy records of credit card transactions, with no digital storage.
  3. C-VT. Virtual terminals – Entities that perform all transactions through virtual machines, with no digital storage.
  4. Standard application terminals – Companies that use web-connected apps, with no data storage.
  5. Everyone else – All businesses not defined above.

For all e-commerce situations, “check the security of your card payment applications and systems to protect cardholder data,” the council advises. “If operation of your e-commerce shopping cart is outsourced to a service provider, ask it to give you annual evidence of the service’s compliance.”

Checklist – Best Practices for Ssecurity

Here are the basic steps to making sure that your system is compliant and secure:

  1. Make sure that all of your POS systems through which you take cards are approved by the SSC, as indicated here.
  2. Make sure that the payment or shopping cart software is a PCI Validated Payment Application (VPA), as indicated here.
  3. Store nothing related to cards, whether digitally or physically.
  4. Implement firewalls both for your network and for your devices.
  5. Safeguard your Wi-Fi router with a password and standardized encryption.
  6. Make sure that every one of your passwords is unique and complex.
  7. Regularly check all POS hardware and computers for spyware.
  8. Train all personnel on acceptable security policies and procedures.
  9. Follow the ongoing three-step PCI process: Assess your credit card processes for any risk. Remediate by resolving any risks and not keeping any data on file. Report to your financial institution and credit card companies per the DSS.

PCI Compliant-Ready Infrastructure

Typically tech partners will secure all or part of your payment systems. At Superb Internet, 100% of our facilities, services and processes are PCI-DSS compliant, developed specifically not just to keep your customers’ payment card data, but the entire hosting environment, facilities and network, secure.

Plus, we won’t just help you with compliance but will also improve the performance of your systems: our cloud servers, rated through the only objective comparison of different CPU performance (Passmark), achieve speed that is usually 300% better than AWS and SoftLayer for machines with similar specs.

By Kent Roberts

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  • Thanks for the links. My question on the movies you referenced here… are they being produced by non-profit agencies or is it okay to make money attempt to prove a point? Isn’t that a little like Al Gore flying in his jet? BTW…I do have first hand knowledge on India, China, Japan, and other foreign countries…

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  • Lemon, I haven't got your confidence.I almost wish I were a Christian again – at least I'd be able to fall back on the belief that all this crap will one day end in a glorious conflagration of God's holiness, where "Enough is enough!"But being a non-believer without hope of ultimate justice, I suppose I'll have to hope (against hope) that somehow we'll escape civilizational suicide.

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  • Sven – agreed London has a wonderful diversity of architecture (derived from how badly it was bombed) but I don’t like the idea of something so vast and dominating so close to the centre. Is too big. I am quite impressed by large buildings but want them kept to the outskirts (Canary Wharf way).Vern – hmmm my understanding is that it’s being built. Ah, you have development going up in your neck of the woods too, it seems! Yeh, the Shard is just too big (82 storeys or something crazy). You’ll end up being able to see it from France at this rate!

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  • I love, love, love these photos! You captured our family perfectly and made the entire experience so relaxed and fun. You are so sweet to compliment our outfits…you know I was so nervous about that all and I’m not a natural when it comes to color…but with your great advice we pulled it off! We LOVE you guys and enjoy every time we see you and your family! Hugs!!! Kim

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  • I need to be able to hit the “Like” button so many times as I read these – what will I do for my sanity break when you get to Boston and no longer post? I stayed in one of those motels in LA once, while visiting a boyfriend: the rates were in hourly increments…(all I was charging was undying, unconditional love – way too expensive!)

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  • I once worked with a guy named Tom whose life story was generally similar to Obama's mother. I had always assumed Tom was a leftist with probable Soviet connections … until I read one of Buckley's spy novels and found Tom's life story VERBATIM as the cover story for one of WFB's fictional CIA men. It's a hall of mirrors for sure.

  • This is one of my absolute favorites. It blurs the boundaries of home/gallery/theatre/work of art… I adore the kitchen I must admit. What could be better than this! And a detail of the bedroom is equally impressive. For whatever reason it transports me to Marina Abramovic's MoMA performance. A touch of minimalism, a touch of surrealism. It echoes Mies's famous motto: "Less is more." Thank you so much for these sublime photographs Heather.

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  • For the 2nd Thanksgiving in a row I will be making 2 of these cakes again for each side of the family…everyone is very excited! Last year I wasn’t even asked to bring a dessert for the one side of the family but I did anyways…it was such a hit family was actually thanking me

  • Maybe repeating myself, but the repeal of the Glass-Steagel (sp?) Act in 1999, passed by Congress, signed by Clinton, probably Rubin’s baby removed any defense against speculation in the financial markets.The Act was put in place in 1933 after some thinking people, what are those? studied the Crash and Depression and determined that commercial banks and investment banks had to be separate entities. Repealing the Act in ’99 did away with Glass and cleared the way for speculation on a grand scale. We’re seeing the results now.

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  • Wow, ik krijg spontaan een flashback naar zo'n jaar geleden toen ik net fan was geworden van je blog. Vorig jaar koninginnedag was er iemand die oude kleding weggaf, en daar heb ik een zwarte suede kimono gevonden die me meteen aan jouw stijl deed denken – en nu dit, haha, nice.

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  • Just because a name has fallen out of usage (and thus is common only in nursing homes) doesn’t mean it was “trendy” at the time. For instance, Edith was a name that had been common for decades prior to declining (not hugely common, but also quite steady):

  • “BTW your article is old, on a very biased editorial page written by someone from a right-wing think tank…”Blah, blah, blah, I prefer “right wing” think tank thinkers who know what they are talking about to someone who makes the same point as David Duke.Anne Bayefsky is the American equivalent of the Russian Anna Politkovskaya!Now go and compose another ten posts with 25 links to prove to us how moral you are.

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  • Oh, please! Of course they are interested in each other! Haymitch (SPOILER) tried so hard to safe her at the end of the 3rd book! And I mean, just look at them. They take care of each other, although they are always bothering each other. But of course there’s something between them!

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  •   June 7, 2011Hi Ed,But you have to distinguish between the two. Most archives want the metadata to be open, but there are questions around the digital content. Surely if you just talk about data you end up treating the description and the object as the same type of thing?

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