The Federal Government Wants to Establish Cloud Forensic Standards

Let’s talk about everyone’s favorite topic: the federal government and all of those awesome regulations and standards they’re working on in DC. Amirite? Anyone? Anyone at all? You in the back there – was that a standing ovation or…oh no, you were just getting up to run for the exit. I see.

OK, hold on just a second, everyone. Let’s be reasonable here and give this topic a chance before you tune us out on this one. Trust us, this is actually worth your attention, folks. The federal government’s National Institute of Standards (NIST) is attempting to create a better, more standardized process for forensic investigations involving the sourcing and analyzing of digital information stored in cloud servers. (See, told you this was relevant to you!)

The Feds Got 65 Problems – And Forensic Cloud Investigations Are One All of Them

Yes, it may seem like the government is already full of more useless rules, regulations and standards that are capriciously passed and randomly followed and enforced than you can possibly hope to count. But sometimes rules and regulations are a good thing. They certainly beat all-out chaos, even if they sometimes bring a bit of chaos of their own.

On that note, a few weeks back NIST published on its website a 51-page report identifying 65 unique challenges that forensic investigators have to deal with when diving into data stored in the cloud. Now it wants to know what people think about the adversities that law enforcement agents must deal with when they have to rely on digital information housed in a cloud server for the purposes of an investigation.

“NIST Cloud Computing Forensic Science Challenges” divvies up the 65 issues into nine separate categories and asks for public comments about them. A group composed of government, private sector and academic individuals authored the report. Why did they do it?

“The long-term goal of this effort is to build a deeper understanding of, and consensus on, the high-priority challenges so that the public and private sectors can collaborate on effective responses,” Martin Herman, co-chairman of NIST’s Cloud Computing Forensic Working Group explained to Information Week.

The report itself identifies the “paradigm shift” that has resulted from cloud instances revolutionizing the way in which digital data is stored, processed and transmitted. Though the NIST concedes that cloud storage is, in some ways, not unlike the storage technologies that preceded it, geographical and virtualization issues have challenged forensic scientists when they dive into cloud data. Some of these issues raise serious legal concerns.

Does Physical Server Location Matter in Investigations?

For real-world evidence, you need only look back to about a week before the report was published. It was then that the Washington Post reported on Microsoft’s court battle against the United States government’s attempts to force the tech giant to hand over customer data stored in its Dublin, Ireland data center. Microsoft does not believe issuing a warrant for the search is legal under the United States Constitution. So concerned over this issue is the tech industry that major rivals of Redmond’s, such as Google and Apple, are backing it in this fight.

“Congress has not authorized the issuance of warrants that reach outside U.S. territory,” Microsoft lawyers argued in a brief. “The government cannot seek and a court cannot issue a warrant allowing federal agents to break down the doors of Microsoft’s Dublin facility.”

Instead of being legally compelled to hand over anything stored in a data center overseas purely because US law enforcement has a warrant, Microsoft insists that the government must abide by its mutual legal assistance treaties. In practical terms, that usually means the government requesting a search and seizure must comply with the local government’s laws. In this case that would mean ascertaining an authorization from an Irish district court judge in order for US law enforcement to get its hands on the email data stored in the Dublin facility.

Regardless of what the final ruling ends up being, it’s clear that this is a textbook case of government laws not being able to keep up with the Speedy Gonzalez-like advancement of the tech world. Before the cloud, everyone’s data was all stored in the US. Much of it still is – Superb’s cloud data centers are right here in the U.S. of A., for instance – but many tech behemoths have storage facilities all over the world. There is no precedent for whether or not a US court can issue a warrant to get its hands on data that is overseas in the physical world.

Standardizing Cloud Forensics

Getting back to the NIST report, the focus of it is to establish standards to aid investigators in both criminal and civil cases involving cloud data. With cloud forensics, digital forensic science is applied in cloud computing environments in order to create a reconstruction of past events by identifying, collecting, examining and interpreting digital data. So basically, it’s the newest CSI spinoff – CSI: Cloud.

The study primarily is looking for comments from digital forensics examiners and researchers, law enforcement officials, cloud auditors and cloud-security specialists. But it should also be of concern for cloud service consumers and cloud policy creators.

“While the goals of first responders and forensic examiners may be the same in the cloud context in comparison to large-scale network forensics, distinctive features of cloud computing, such as segregation of duties among cloud actors, inability to acquire network logs from the load balancer or routers, multi-tenancy, and rapid elasticity introduce unique scenarios for digital investigations,” the study’s authors write in their report.

Basically, everything is harder for digital investigators when it’s in the cloud. Big Data, mobile devices and virtualization problems become even trickier for law enforcement agents when the cloud is involved.

The problems are categorized into the following groups: data collection, anti-forensics, analysis, architecture, role management, legal, standards, incident first responders and training. The group also explains that data hiding, malware and other tactics are often used to throw a monkey wrench into cloud forensics investigations.

The next step is to thoroughly understand these technical challenges in order to develop appropriate technologies and standards with which to overcome them. On top of listening to public comments on the 65 problems, the study’s authors will prioritize each challenge. The ultimate goal is to establish forensic protocols for cloud service providers to follow.

“These protocols must adequately address the needs of the first responders and court systems while assuring the cloud providers no disruption or minimal disruption to their services,” the report states.

Image Source: NIST

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  • Tips on how to authorize using marijuana to your patients.
    Their conventional stroll-in workplaces are specifically designated for patients to
    return in and speak with the physician face to
    face, in order that they can provide the affected person an evaluation to
    find out if they are eligible for a cannabis suggestion. These 420 evaluations are speciality providers, and might
    find yourself being fairly dear, especially when you’re trying to get a
    medical marijuana ID card as nicely. Fortunately, there are online providers that save patients the
    difficulty of getting to seek out a health care provider themselves,
    and helps them maintain the process in lower than 10 minutes, completely on-line from any web related gadget.

    NuggMD supplies a authorized hashish analysis & advice-issuing service
    that allows sufferers to easily grow to be a authorized affected
    person by means of a fast chat with a licensed California doctor.
    The online medical marijuana analysis does not take any
    longer than 5 or 10 minutes and will be done from anyplace with
    a secure web connection, so anyone with a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or
    some other Wi-Fi enabled device can definitely benefit
    from it. In case you’re approved, you can be mailed your official arduous-copy hashish
    suggestion on the exact same day. Within the case that you
    are not accredited, you won’t be billed in any respect,
    so there’s no financial weight in your shoulders if you do
    not get your documents.

    What’s even higher, is that by using this service,
    you get $20 off of your first delivery order by means of Nugg’s on-line delivery market
    (available all across California), saving you even more money
    and time than you can have ever imagined. And if for no matter motive you continue to want to visit a
    medical marijuana doctor in-individual, it is
    quite straightforward to search out one in every main metro of California, from San Jose
    to Los Angeles and San Diego. When it expires, you will want to get a renewal with a view to legally possess cannabis and entry
    the business in any kind. That being stated, come 2018, when recreational
    dispensaries start to serve the general public, you technically will not want a doctor’s advice anymore (although having one will allow
    you to avoid hefty taxes that may apply to gross sales of leisure weed).

    Embody copies of ID for the affected person and for any designated caregivers and growers.
    If you apply by mail, make examine or money order payable to
    OHA/OMMP. You will have 14 days from the date of the letter to get
    the missing utility materials to OMMP. If the missing utility supplies usually are not submitted throughout the 14 days, your
    utility could also be rejected. Please do not name to verify your status prior to 30 days
    from the date we receive your software. To study more about your
    new advantages, your welcome packet, and what to do when you’ve got an pressing health care difficulty please visit the New
    to Oregon Well being Care internet web page​.

    Right this moment we’re proud to announce the disclosing of EazeMD, our on demand telemedicine service that pairs licensed physicians with potential patients searching for entry to
    medical marijuana. Main well being care suppliers typically don’t write hashish suggestions.
    Using the EazeMD platform, sufferers hook up with a board-certified physician from
    Nefertiti A. Brown M.D. Inc for a dwell video
    consultation seven days every week for a price of just $30.
    If the doctor recommends medical marijuana after the analysis, the patient instantly receives a PDF version of
    their MMID which can be used to order on demand from the Eaze menu.

    As far as the renewal of the card is concerned,
    it can be carried out by way of on-line assist from
    our medical practitioners who will renew your medical marijuana card
    after verifying your 100% marijuana affected person identity.
    Go, and get your medical marijuana card on-line and have
    an access to the latest number of the cannabis products out there at the shops and dispensaries.
    States around the nation, 29 in total, have adopted a medical marijuana standing and now allow patients
    who are suffering from particular qualifying medical circumstances to acquire a medical marijuana
    card by means of 420 evaluations.

    The process isn’t an advanced one, but because of the variations between state legal guidelines
    and the fact that marijuana remains to be classed as an unlawful drug on a
    Federal degree, the method can often seem confusing, leaving individuals to continually search online for guides on the actual marijuana
    card course of. Whether or not you are looking out the term;
    420 evaluations , Medical marijuana analysis or MMJ doctor online right here is all the things it’s essential know concerning the 420 evaluation course of.

    A 420 MD analysis is an easy process that permits sufferers to obtain medical marijuana.
    Once completing a 420 MD evaluation, and considering that you are accepted by
    a licensed physician or medical marijuana doctor, you can be entitled to buy medical marijuana from licensed cannabis dispensaries.

    Docs who have not yet signed up with the program can accomplish that by following these instructions.
    Following certification by your recommending doctor, you may obtain an e-mail
    which incorporates your distinctive four-digit PIN quantity
    and instructions on completing your on-line patient software.
    You will also be asked to pay the $50 software payment or submit proof of low-earnings standing to request
    a waiver. Please word that a paper application possibility
    is available for sufferers who can not use the online
    system. In case your application is approved, you may first
    receive a brief printable model of your Massachusetts medical marijuana card that means that you can begin making purchases
    on the dispensary.

    There isn’t any age restrict for obtaining a Nevada medical
    marijuana card so long as a launch kind is signed, and a main caregiver is designated.
    One other situation authorised by the Division of Health and Human Companies.
    Once your condition is established and confirmed by a doctor, the next
    move is to fill out a Nevada Medical Marijuana Registry utility type Send the applying along with
    a $25 test to the Nevada State Health Division. If you are not the affected person, request a caregiver packet or minor release together with
    the title and address of the patient you might be representing.
    You could start visiting our dispensaries instantly.

    Be a U.S. resident: You can purchase a doctor’s recommendation for hashish right here
    in California regardless of where you live within the nation, although it will not be legitimate across state
    traces, as only some states have reciprocity legal guidelines for
    medical cannabis. Have a health downside: In contrast to other states with extra restricted qualifying
    medical hashish situations, Proposition 215’s
    deliberately relaxed definition permits hashish consumption for nearly any symptom or sickness,
    so almost anyone can get a medical card for just about any downside.

    Nevertheless, legal guidelines on possession, cultivation and transportation of
    cannabis may differ by city and county, so
    pay attention to those that apply to where you reside.
    This 420, we want to social gathering hard—and we deserve it.
    It has been a rough 12 months to date, however one of the
    best things about our society is the wonderful range and melting pot of individuals and cultures
    all around us. Worldwide canna-delicacies is rising in reputation,
    as is the excessive-end culinary delights. Self-service kiosks located in Nevada and California.
    Medicinal credit card, cannabis greeting card, marijuana
    certification, methods, prescription treatment, 420 bank card-consider
    it as anything you want-it’s a composed, extremely educated doctor’s
    consent to lawfully select and eat health-related hashish to care on your state of affairs or ailment.

    Even when there is out there one or two over the internet medical cannabis well being and health and wellbeing process items that enable customers to undeniably buy a hashish unit card
    whilst not making the home, not each are created equal. If you could
    be exhausted about delivering your health and wellbeing tips using the web
    or simply have in-depth dilemmas relating to the perform, NuggMD makes it doable for
    you 1st converse with a 420 trained professional medical medical physician prematurely of subscribing.
    The instant concerning the data internet pages, a considerable, are existence chat bubble will
    present up just for the terrific part of one’s function simply the place an authorized California medical practitioner will simply
    respond to all issues and fears.

    We are now offering aiding patients with Florida medical marijuana Physician suggestions for patients by video appointment ON-LINE!
    The method is straightforward and you can see
    a physician from wherever with a very good internet connection, a webcam or with any smartphone.
    We have now Board certified Medical doctors available now providing Medical Marijuana Card Certifications to sufferers in Florida.
    Our board certified Physician offers evaluations and medical cards in accordance with Florida state legislation. So you may feel assured and
    comfortable that you’ll be seeing medical doctors who actually care about your well being—and will advance your
    medical hashish physician card quickly and simply.

    Sufferers in search of approval should deliver their state-issued I.D along with them and
    relying on the doctor, medical data may be requested as properly.
    Medical marijuana workplaces that permit walk-ins may have
    wait instances of up to an hour and might be located in inconvenient and sketchy areas, notably
    if the affected person has stumbled upon a ‘bargain 420 clinic’
    which presents cheaper charges for temporary recommendations.

    For brand new patients who are seeking reduction but have by no
    means been exposed to medical marijuana, this whole process
    will be an uncomfortable one. Finding a good physician requires analysis,
    and a brand new patient must concentrate on sketchy doctors who are selling licenses, have hidden charges
    or do not look like all for performing an accurate evaluation.

    New sufferers are sometimes intimidated by this process as a result of overwhelming
    number of scams and fraudulent activities that tend
    to surround many 420 places of work and so-called dispensaries.
    As many of them are shut down and or moved to completely different areas,
    conducting research and traveling to such workplaces are
    extremely inconvenient, notably for elderly patients,
    or these suffering from power pain or other ailments.

    Many respected physician’s workplaces are actually converting their paperwork
    to on-line databases which have allowed patients to easily fill out
    obligatory varieties before arriving to appointments, which minimizes paperwork and streamlines the

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    Zic că nu e vina cafelei neapărat – nici espressorul meu nu e cine-ştie-ce maşinărie – aşa că încerc şi la presa franceză, de information asta punând puţin mai multă cafea/ceaşcă. Prăjirea determină modificări fizice ale boabelor de cafea: greutatea este redusă cu sixteen%, se dublează în volum, sunt eliberate uleiurile eterice din boabele de cafea, substanțe care atribuie în closing cafelei culoarea, aroma, parfumul, gustul și savoarea specifice. Se nascuse ceea ce astazi pentru multi dintre noi reprezinta nu doar un stimulent, ci adevarata pasiune: cafeaua. Afara este cunoscut sub numele de Americano, adica un espresso la care se adauga putina apa pentru a fi diluat.

    Am avut un show ținut de Hotspot Espresso și campionii naționali la preparat cafeaua – Ecaterina Szasz, Paul Ungureanu, Laurențiu Ștefan și Alexandru Niculae – am avut degustări delicioase de cafea de la Origo și Maresi, ne-am răcorit cu apă Evian și am testat fardurile pe bază de ciocolată de la brandul Too Confronted (pentru că nu, ciocolata nu este doar pentru deliciul papilelor gustative!). Boabele de cafea ale acestui arbust sunt de calitate superioara si medie, iar culoarea lor este verzuie, in ciuda preferintei unor consumatori, calitatea acestei cafele nu poate depasi calitatea cafelei. Grupul de fierbere complet detasabil al aparatelor de espresso permite curatare si intretinere usoara si poate fi inlocuit chiar si separat, daca este nevoie.

    Obiectivul procesării prin uscare este de a curăța fructele de cafea și de a le separa, în măsura în care este posibil, în funcție de conținutul de umiditate. Pana ajunge la Bucuresti pretul mai creste si in plus statul roman considera cafeaua un produs de lux. Ca un expert, pun 7g de cafea in sita din portafiltru, tampez, presiunea e de 9 bar, temperatura apei 92g celsius. Cafea dulce este cea care este fina, usoara pe cerul gurii si care nu contine impuritati. Cu propagarea stau ei prost, ca banuiesc cumva ca au inchiriat spatiu de antene unde s-a putut pe stalpii celor de la Orange si Vodafone. Cine crede ca cafea de 1 leu este la fel ca cea de acasa, pe care faci tu din cafea proaspat maciunata, e naiv.

    Acest type de cafea contine un procent mare de extract si esenta obtinuta din ea are un miros puternic de vin si aciditate mare, calitati care fac sa fie foarte apreciata. Am aflat de curând de la workshopul de cafea de la Londra, susținut de experții de la Nespresso Să vă povestesc pe scurt. Pentru a fi fatal, sunt necesare 170mg/kg, ceea ce pentru persoana cu greutate corporala medie, presupune consumul a 80 – a hundred cesti de cafea dintr- information. Profilul de prajire light va insemna aciditate pronuntata si notice delicate de vin. Timp de zece ani – perioada de desfasurare a studiului (pana in 2006) – participantelor li s-au monitorizat starea de sanatate, nivelul de depresie si cantitatea de cofeina consumata.

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