Cloud Hosting – The End of VPS & Shared Hosting?

The Top 10 Benefits of Cloud over VPS or Shared

You’ve been thinking about it, haven’t you? Don’t be shy, you can admit it. You’ve been thinking about cloud hosting. Maybe you haven’t quite made the decision yet to pull the trigger on migrating your company’s data into the cloud, but the thought has crossed your mind. Before you do it, though, you want to know if the cloud is really the right place for your data to be. Switching to cloud storage just because “cloud” has become a popular buzzword in the tech industry and everybody else seems to be doing it wouldn’t exactly be a strategic move.

Luckily for you, there are a host of reasons why making the switch from virtual private server (VPS) or shared hosting is a smart move, which means that doing so will make you look like quite the strategic thinker. Oh, and of course those reasons present real, clear-cut business advantages. So you won’t just look like you’re making a smart move when you switch – you will be making a smart move, and you’ll be able to prove it.

Automatic Failover

You’re a fan of having your data and/or website available all the time, right? Of course you are, because who wouldn’t be? Well, if you’re running on shared or VPS, then you’ve probably already discovered that that’s just not going to be the case. Outages are a reality for all types of hosting. A number of problems can take your server offline even when the best protective practices are in place: natural disasters hit, hardware suffers malfunctions, humans make errors, the power goes down, your internet service provider quality dips, etc.

If you’re in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about any of that, though. Why? Because unlike with shared or VPS options, cloud hosting/data storage gives you something called automatic failover. If your cloud instance faces any sort of trouble it will be automatically restarted in another portion of the cloud. You don’t have to worry, and you don’t have to do anything. Your data/website will be available, and you’ll be worry-free.


How much space do you need for your data…right now? Next year? In two years? In five? Ten? You can probably answer the first question with a reasonable amount of accuracy. The others, though, probably not so much. Markets, businesses and technologies change, and when they do you need to know your data storage plan has you covered.

Cloud storage is the only solution that accomplishes that goal. You can buy a huge amount of shared or VPS space, sure. But it’s probably going to be way too much right now and possibly not nearly enough in the future. That’s not an issue with the cloud, because it scales up and down with you at a moment’s notice. Need more space? You got it. Need less? No problem. Get the cloud and pay for what you need and nothing else – until you need it.

Guaranteed Resources

Did you know that your resources aren’t even guaranteed when you use a virtual private server? It’s true. Even though you’re paying for X amount of storage space, other users on your same VPS node are doing the same thing, and when they need more resources they could spill over into your allotment and slow you down while sucking up resources for themselves that you’re paying for. With the cloud, however, you get your guaranteed resources and you won’t be sharing them with anyone else. They’re all yours.

Full Customization

Completely scalable storage space is great – one of the top benefits of the cloud – but some businesses want to get more granular with their server setup. Shared and VPS solutions usually give you packages to choose from, but they don’t allow you to pick and choose anything you want to. Cloud does.

With the cloud you can adjust all sorts of different attributes of your instance’s space, upload and download times, applications and so much more. Don’t get the server someone wants to sell you; get the cloud and you’ll get the server you want to have.

Lower Risk

As has been explained in detail already, the cloud is available in a pay-as-you-go model. That means that your initial investment is low and the business risk is in the hands of the cloud vendor rather than you. Deployment is quick and easy, as is getting out should you be dissatisfied for any reason whatsoever.


You like saving money, right? Yeah, you do. Every business owner/manager does. So why throw any of it away on VPS or shared server solutions? Since the cloud gives you the option of paying only for the amount of space you know that you need, you’ll never get stuck paying too much. With VPS and shared you have to purchase a pre-determined amount of space and are stuck at that price level. What happens if you end up needing less space? You’re out of luck and out of cash. The cloud, however, lets you scale down when necessary, saving you money.

Environmentally Friendly

In a world full of hybrid Priuses, fully electric Teslas and Nissan Leafs, automatic sinks and hand dryers, reusable grocery tote bags and a host of recycling options, it’s safe to say that much of the population is concerned with “going green.” Why not take that same approach with your storage needs?

With Shared or VPS you might be using more space than you need. Not so with the cloud, which only makes you use that space that you truly have to have, thus decreasing your carbon footprint. That’s a little something both you and your customers can feel good about.


Cloud solutions rely on distributed architectures that are able to offer excellent computational speeds. The provider will ensure that your data storage and access services are kept on the cutting edge of technology. And, again, instances can be added immediately to allow for further improvements to performance.

Access Anywhere

Almost no one does all of their business work from a single desktop in their office these days. Professionals bring smartphones, tablets and laptops to meetings. They pull out their personal devices while on the road or at home to check on things, send and receive email or any of a million other business uses. It’s the cloud that makes it all possible, too. Thanks to the cloud, you can access everything you need to from anywhere you need to access it.


When the concept of the cloud was new, many questioned its ability to secure data better than on-site, shared or VPS options. Now that it’s been around for a while, quality providers have been able to improve their security measures as well as prove that many early security concerns were unfounded.

Economies of scale, highly specialized data operator staff and a great focus on securing the data in their centers allows cloud providers to give you the very best in security. In fact, a study by Microsoft showed that businesses using the cloud were able to spend 32 percent less time each week managing security thanks to heightened security measures put in place by their providers. Meanwhile, 35 percent of those same companies said they felt higher levels of security and that they spent less fighting malware.

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