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Everyone makes mistakes, and one of the worst mistakes we can make in life is to forget to gloat enough when we’re given an award or accolade. At Superb Internet, we confess that we have made that mistake repeatedly by only drawing minimal attention to our various prizes. Today, we hope to rectify that error by talking about an award we were recently given for best dedicated hosting worldwide. If that does not suffice, we will be forced to talk about our other awards too.

Superb Internet offers manifold options for hosting and server maintenance, from managed to VPS, from colocation to standard shared hosting. However, this award is specifically for our dedicated server expertise. It’s not surprising to us that we are winning an award for dedication, because we love our customers for richer and poorer, in sickness and in health, and all that other stuff we said to our wives that one day.

The award was given to us by Host Review for “Best Dedicated Server Package” in December as one of its annual awards, so we are the sitting holder of that title. Below, we will extrapolate on both the benefactor and recipient perspectives: why Host Review gave us the award, and why we think we are the top company in the world for that service. We will also contextualize the prize among our other accomplishments (might as well).

Additionally, we will look at some of the most exciting awards given over the years to everyday people, for achievements their friends and loved ones never before thought possible. The first such award is noted below:

Everyday Awards Spotlight #1: Derek Bukowski

At a poorly lit but well-attended awards ceremony in Conway, Arkansas, Derek Bukowski was presented an award by his wife Nancy for Picking Up Your Clothes. Specifically, the award was given for Most Improvement in that category. Nancy herself received the Best in Show prize, a further testament to her residential-organizational adroitness.

Host Review Perspective

According to Host Review, the “Best Dedicated Server Package” award is given out for “outstanding performance and value” in that area of business. Individual factors contributing to the comparison process of different hosting companies are the following:

  • cost of hosting packages
  • cutting-edge technology
  • record of uptime & reliability
  • general performance throughout the year.

Host Review was impressed particularly with the experience (16 years) and support team (winner of the Host Investigator Support Award) offered at Superb. They also were generally impressed with our lease-to-own program, allowing customers to gradually invest in dedicated server ownership.

Other elements that Host Review found compelling were our network (which they called “the very best… in the industry”), UX (user experience), and scope of available services. All in all, the award was given to acknowledge us as a “leader” (though we do sometimes like to follow, as when playing “follow the leader” with our children) in the hosting industry.

We like to think we are always getting better, and this award was in part a recognition of our improvement. We were the runner-up for the same prize in 2011.

Everyday Awards Spotlight #2: Maria Juárez

At a hotel in southern California, the Montage Laguna Beach, Maria Juárez won an award presented by her husband, serving as the chairman of a panel of extended family members and close friends. Juárez was elated to finally win the 2013 Remembering to Get the Kids Award. The award goes each year to the family member who most often remembers that the day care center down the street does not allow overnight stays.

Superb Internet Perspective

We are particularly pleased with this accomplishment because it is similar to the People’s Choice awards for entertainment. Often reviews and ratings are written and dispersed by industry professionals and expert third parties. In the case of Host Review, the awards are designated based on customer reviews. We are delighted to know that hosting clients themselves regard us so highly in the area of dedicated hosting.

When we received the honor, our Internet Marketing Manager, Richard Norwood, said that he believed we are now “finally hitting on all cylinders.” The specific factors that he highlighted are threefold:

  • outstanding technical support (all staff ITIL-certified)
  • helpful, customer-first sales department
  • creative promotions to enhance client satisfaction.

Specifically on that last bullet, Norwood mentioned our 16th Anniversary Special, allowing customers to get up to $1600 in cash gift cards in return for a $100 hosting purchase.

Everyday Awards Spotlight #3: Jim Mungin

In a restroom stall at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, Jim Mungin won a prize that he has been trying to score for years. As the recipient of the Greater Midwest Lewd Foot-Tapper Grand Prize, he has won a spot in the 2013 International Foot-Tapping Pageant to be held in Rio de Janeiro in October.

Award Context & Conclusion

As stated above, we have won, well, a host of other prizes over the years. Two highlights have been our top prizes for Best Hosting Company from both FindMyHost and

We are of course pleased anytime we get an award, and we like to think that it is a sign that all our diligence and concern for our customers is not going unnoticed. If you are looking for a dedicated server, try out one of our award-winning packages today. Also, congratulations to all the Everyday Awards winners for your consistency and drive, and especially your panache.

by Kent Roberts

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  • , my wife is on Pinterest, I'm on Twitter, and we're both on Facebook, so I don't think the platforms themselves are necessarily evil or that posting on them is necessarily sin. Nor do I want to suggest that she and I and have figured out a way to 'do' social media in a way that is only ever always helpful to everyone. I just think there are a lot of that we often never even consider. And it's always important to put others before self…. even online.

  • Apple now has Rhapsody as an app, which is a great start, but it is currently hampered by the inability to store locally on your iPod, and has a dismal 64kbps bit rate. If this changes, then it will somewhat negate this advantage for the Zune, but the 10 songs per month will still be a big plus in Zune Pass’ favor.

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  • 1-we’re using bolivars at the official exchange rate, not USD2-we’re using the current wholesale price of gas in the US as a reference price3-we’re guessing 600K internal consumption a it’s an *estimate* – it could be much higher (if you use the green lettuce dollar, for instance) or considerably lower (if you use estimated production cost as the reference price.) One way or another, it’s Crazytown Heights out there…

  • pues yo me alegro muchisimo de que todavia en este jodido mundo existan amigos asi. asi de pringaos por la gente a la que aprecia.los que no tienen amigos…¿que le vamos a decir? a buscar que todavia queda guena gente por ahi.claro que si todos pensaran como ustedes.asi nos va.firma: un pringao.

  • “the” liberals, not “you” liberal. I believe you might choose a turn of the phrase along the lines of:YOU LIE!, but that’s not my style…We’re not talking about the surge in this thread. Why did Obama and state department spokespeople keep calling it a “coup” after that had been refuted by CRS? And, if they had such courage in that conviction, why is the bus noe backing over Zelaya?Admit it, this has been an embarrassing learning experience for Obama.Admit.It.

  • Hi Simon,Thanks for this – it’s good to know that further discipline-specific material is going to be emerging (and filling some of the current gaps) over the next few months. We’ve already had some expressions of interest in contributing to a bank of examples and exercises, so hopefully we can develop this into a useful resource for all.

  • Susan, everything about your blog makes me happy…every time I come here.Your life is so charmed and so charming!I love much of what you love…so I’m happily, hopelessly in love with all your pages.I hope you have a new book soon…with England as the theme…what a gift that would be to all of us.I married in London, England…and love England more than words can say…:)

  • “They have been gradually letting inventory onto the market here and controlling the pricing by doing so. I see no reason to believe the current scheme will change”Cindy, neither do i. The banks are basically the guvt in this case as they are both acting together to benefit eachother and stabilize the plunge. The only question is will they simply use this control to deflate prices in an orderly manner or do they intend to control the inventory so drastically that it pushed prices up again?

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  • Hey there, I’m interested in doing some crystal firing but my question regards what kind of clay to use. I know most people say to use porcelain but I have some pieces thrown with stoneware that I would like to use and I was just wondering if you know how to change certain recipes for use with stoneware? Thanks, Kelly

  • This is my first time playing this game, here goes nothing!1) Winter wonderland.2) Shabby Chic with a kick!3) Cuckoo Clock4) 5267185) Beach party6) Striped peppermint candy7) 1/2 c. powdered sugar mug or small bowl9) Susan Lilies10) Peach pie!Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Блин ну если бы Вы были немного ближе… Очень хотелось бы и себе таких собачек! Владимир Последний опубликованный пост.

  • Dear Cecilia,This is so lovely in every way! Gorgeous shows of course, but I am especially fond of the handbag that you chose—it is very special. This is such a fun series 🙂 Hope you are having a very nice week so far…Warmly,Sarah

  • realmente no hay palabras para describir a esta persona.primero despues de 6 meses de estar parado y volver de la forma que lo hizo, da una pauta de todo el trabajo que hizo abajo de la moto y el corazon que le pone, y ni hablar de la personalidad de esta persona, solamente las grandes personas hacen lo que hizo el domingo. pensando en los demas y no solamente en el. te felicito marquitos por todo lo que le das al motocross argentino. un abrazo grande flia Giordano

  • yo ya habia oido que los huevos cuanto mas grandes, mas vieja es la gallina que los produce y peor calidad tienen. Curiosamente, cuanto mas grandes mas caros y como la gente tiene la impresion de que las cosas caras son mejores…, es un circulo vicioso.Asi que yo compro siempre Medianos. Me ahorro un dinero, tienen mayor calidad y cunden casi lo mismo.

  • The 9ers are all about being prudent. Trading for a player such as DR has not been their model. Of course the DBs have had lapses, but they’ve played well when they pressure the QB. I believe a team will overpay for DR, and the 9ers will not.

  • OK, I’ll offer hosting space as well, at least until this somehow blossoms into so much traffic that it exceeds my hosting plan. (And really, would that be a bad problem to have?) I probably can’t set it up before the weekend. My day job is heating up, and I’ve promised a bunch of reviews for contestants in Writers of the Future.

  • How can any society call itself civilised when it withholds help from a young person, sick through no fault of their own, who could become and remain a useful and productive citizen, in employment and paying taxes? It’s stupid, unjust and barbaric; the more so when it happens in the wealthiest nation on earth

  • : AH AH ! Je ne vais pas dire « c’est super rapide j’adore! », alors que non, c’est vraiment long de la mettre en place, de tout configurer. Après, c’est une belle console qui montrera tout son potentiel dans les jours à venir avec les tests de jeux


  • Thank you for the recent program, “Relaxing in a Chaotic World”.I found it very clear and direct in what it had to say. It assisted participants to identify their own world of stress, and also to identify their own preferred way to relax. It was good to hear how the others were handling their own everyday situations.I feel that the aim of the workshop was accomplished in that it assisted all of us to find the confidence in dealing with the everyday stress, and to realize that nothing is insurmountable.540 days ago

  • Das ärgert mich auch. Für die nextgen-gallery kann man das einstellen, dass die beim Hochladen runterskaliert werden.Wenn du das in der lightbox schaffst, sag mal bescheid, wäre schön schick.Aber gut wäre auch, wenn man in WP das beim Hochladen ebenfalls angeben kann, dass die Bilder z.b. auf 800×600 skaliert werden sollen…

  • not to mention the mother screaming “it smells like a damn dead body in the car” and dad agreeing. Both parents assesment of the vehicle upon initial inspection is validified because both parents were/ or are in a career position that would warrant such an opinion…CA an RN and GA a past police officer…

  • Thanks for the interesting post and the beautiful photos. When I was in England two years ago I heard that the sheep with the black heads were easier for lambing because their heads were smaller than those of the white sheep. But I don’t know the name of this race. Thanks for your visit and kind comment.

  • Naja das mit der Bezeichnung find ich garnich so irreführend – ich meine es ist ja nicht wahnsinnig viel dazugekommen und die meisten Verbesserungen sind ja in Sachen Performance und Akku gemacht worden. Von dem her passt der Zusatz der wohl “Speed”? bedeuten soll ganz gut.Die Funktion mit dem GPS orten ist sehr geil. Dann funktioniert das ja endlich was Jamba und Co. schon ständig im TV propagieren 😛

  • Your advice is clearly substantiated with a beautiful portfolio. Who are all those people … and may the world please see pictures of their homes before it listens to a modicum of their design advice?Love your blog. Love your advice. Keep it up!

  • x p. interessantissima la tua osservazione su Virgilio … per me significa che l’ Epicureismo (quello vero, tutt’altro che edonista) fu il massimo della saggezza terrena. Comunque Virgilio penso che fu scelto da Dante come “Profeta Inconsapevole” perché scriveva di un “puer” i cui insegnamenti avrebbero giovato all’ umanità.Sono d’accordo sulla complessità dei legami culturali… ma qua mi pare che qualcuno neghi che ci siano proprio !In breve: se tutto si spiega con il materialismo, tutto è lecito. Finché conviene, chi vuoi che si opponga ?by DavidRitvanarium

  • athee, en regle generale je me fous de la religion comme de ma premiere chemise mais force et de reconnaitre que l islam c est plus une plaie qu autre chose quoi qu on en dise .on ne voit pas de chretiens ou de boudistes avec des ceintures d explosifs tuant des innocents que je sache,par contre avec l islam c est tous les je ne parle pas du reste qui laisse franchement a désirer pour un occidental.

  • Oh ma non sapete più a cosa attaccarvi?!? un pò di critica costruttiva no è? non sapete proprio farla!!! Cercate di incalzare l'amministrazione sulle cose serie, su quello che bisogna fare per il futuro della città, invece di fare dei ridicoli comunicati sul nulla. Avere un'opposizione capace e costruttiva sarebbe da stimolo anche per chi amministra la città. Invece….

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  • Stephen, I just wanted to say thank you so very much for all of your assis­tance with the back­ground work on my site. I have been get­ting back such pos­i­tive feed­back from clients and col­leagues and it is all thanks to you and Crystal. I truly could not have done it without you and I appre­ciate your patience and help with my numerous queries. Sin­cerely, Tanya

  • Undeniably believe that which you stated. Your favorite justification appeared to be on the web the simplest thing to be aware of. I say to you, I certainly get irked while people consider worries that they just do not know about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top and defined out the whole thing without having side effect , people could take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thanks

  • si lo resubo a mediafire, esas partes ya no te servirin con las que ya tienes descargadas, lo siento pero la cuenta fue suspendida, porque copiaban los links mios y los pegaban en otros sitios y foros sin protegerlos, por eso los denunciaban y se cain muy rapido, saludos!!!

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