Why You Should Become ITIL Certified and Agile Thinking

I love how things develop. 2 years ago ‘agile’ for me was a description of an animal like a Gazelle and up to 1 year ago, ‘hacking’ had negative associations like thieves breaking into my computer… However, learnings from the ‘geeky’ world of developers are now being applied to pretty much anything! The internet is full of ‘hacking problems’ yet hacking is now a form of reverse engineering, in order to make things better, it’s likely to become part of most product and even service development tactics.

Why you should become ITIL Certified

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Why you should become ITIL Certified? Becoming ITIL Certified will make yourself  a Valuable Resource To gain First Class IT Service Management Skills…

Vishnal goes on to conclude that ITIL Certification can help an individual understand the concepts and processes of Information Technology. You may well be a very good Systems Administrator, but having ITIL certification gives others the confidence that your thinking is inline with the overall companies goals and developments. It also gives you a wider perspective of development concepts.

Development Methodologies.

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Scrum Is an iterative and incremental agile software development framework for managing software projects and product or application development. ITIL The Information Technology Infrastructure Libr…

Software development methods seem to change more often than the seasons, and just when information development professionals are familiar with one approach a new one comes along. One method that has received wide acceptance and seems to have some staying power, however, is the Agile software development method. In todays high speed interactive consumption of software through the internet, the gaming industry has set the precedent with Agile development techniques.

Is Six Sigma Fading? | Business 2 Community

Is Six Sigma Fading? | Business 2 Community | How to Grow Your Business Online | Scoop.it
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The times when Six Sigma started… Six Sigma was evolved at the time of an economic boom. It was mid-1980’s and the competition had just started to become stiffer.

Six sigma was an iterative concept to define and supply the needs of the customer in a broken economy. Back then the customer requirements were hazy, now with the evolution and access to big data, the processes are the same but have evolved with “Agile” acceleration and more specific developer tools for every niche including software development. This leaves the Six Sigma rule a less popularly thrown around management and process term, and yet the concept is still there across every industry including web hosting.

Web hosting has developed to accommodate the needs of the consumer who want more access, more data storage, at higher speeds and more efficient cost. Out of technology to satisfy that demand we now have cloud hosting and a whole plethora of various features to satisfy different business needs with renting their space on the internet. Six Sigma is definately not fading, perhaps just the terminology.
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