Websites to Teach You Coding

Those who understand coding are exercising their brains. It’s like learning to pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time, or learning to speak a different language. It certainly requires skill and a knack for hustling as the world of coding is without bounds.

Luckily, however, there are innumerable resources available over the web to help those hustlers learn everything they want. E-learning platforms like Pluralsight even offer full-fledged courses, so that beginner and experts alike can ace their coding game. A good thing, moreover, is that interested learners can first read their updated review in order to learn beforehand what they would be getting in such a course.

With that said, let’s look at a round-up of other top resources for learning on the web.

Ten websites that teach coding and a bunch of other things

Ten websites that teach coding and a bunch of other things | How to Grow Your Business Online | From pandodaily.comApril 10, 10:38 PM

Seemingly every day there’s a new article or blog post imploring you to learn how to code. “Those who code have the power to transform their dreams into reality.” …

Lets take a look at one ingenious interactive way to learn code presented by John Walker:



First-Person Game Teaches Java As Magic! | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

First-Person Game Teaches Java As Magic! | Rock, Paper, Shotgun | How to Grow Your Business Online | Scoop.itFrom www.rockpapershotgun.comToday, 4:04 AM

CodeSpells is a first-person game created to teach Java programming. Yeah – that just happened. A project by computer scientists at the University Of California…


Personally this brings out the total geek in me. I love role-playing and strategy games, and those educational philosophers had a great idea to combine learning with interactive gaming strategy. I always found learning code the “correct way” a bit dull and preferred hacking up the back end of games instead. Similar to the kind of triumphant feeling you get when you try to decode some language like a real cyber sleuth.

Want a Second Language? Coding…

Want a Second Language? Coding... | How to Grow Your Business Online | Scoop.itFrom themagnifiedlife.comToday, 4:17 AM

Bill Gate, Mark Zuckerburg, the late Steve Jobs, we all know them, the products they’ve created and how they affect our lives everyday. Yeah, they’re famous for computers in some form…


One more reason to impart coding to your kids, it could help them up the ladder to a better skill-set and job prospects later on. Obviously Bill, Zuckerberg, and Jobs had some other ulterior scale-ability business objective in mind in order to amass the success they did. However, the core understanding of coding is like giving someone the ability to translate information on a much wider scale. This is rather like the comparison between words on paper compared to a picture says a thousand words…


How did you learn coding? Would you care to share the method of your learning curve? – Juliana