Webdevs How do You Sell Yourselves?

You’re an avid coder or developer. You’ve been staring at the screen all week working for other people, but when it comes to selling yourself; your skills, your odd-jobs to establish your own side-income. You know you’re missing something. Worse still, everyone tells you that you should or need to get onto “Social Media”, and become more engaged, in order that your personality will fly and you can close the deal. I bet you’re cringing and puking at the thought already.

Here’s where we decide to help. I’ll take a look at a couple of entrepreneurial ways to sell yourself, with the least amount of pain involved for web developers.

Have blog install, linux, website and/or VPS skills? Looking for someone to upload some easy straight-forward WordPress sites together with SQL databases from back-up files. Domain accounts already…

Juliana Payson‘s insight:

I found a site specific to the tech industry freelancer, making it easier for you to find gigs. There are other sites like Twango.com . Much as I love Elance for outsourcing, I find from a developer’s perspective competition is fierce between web developers who are able to undercut your value because they’re living outside the US. Job requests are very time-sensitive, meaning that by the time you see an opportunity that fits, your quote is likely to be buried among respondents who have quoted from different time-zones. This makes outsourcing on generic sites like Elance a management task in itself even for people who know what they’re looking for – simply to sift through the quotes. I don’t know how successful Donanza will be, but it seems pretty Tech-oriented. Let me know how you find it.


Anthony Bogunovic is selling his vBulletin connect 5 license for only $180.

Juliana Payson‘s insight:

Great idea to use Google+ as a selling platform, but how do you engage it effectively? Chances are as a web developer you’ve used services like GitHub, Stack Overflow, WP plugins help forum, and various other forum communities. If you’ve ever tested out your coding or asked for help  when you hit a wall, you already have the ingredients for breaking that social media barrier. Now go back into all your dev communities and point them back at your Google Plus. Your public profile can show off your bragging rights and show sites where you have contributed, which saves you the hassle of rewriting a bio. With Google+ being native integrated to Android devices, dipping in to navigate the community platform and fish for business leads looking for help or exchange of services is no longer a chore.


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What I love about Thumbtack, is that by answering the questions, you are speaking in your own voice and actively developing your personal bio and selling presence. Work your way through the easier questions first, and before you know it you’ll have enough contextual information on yourself to go back to your LinkedIn profiles, resume, other social networks to rethink about your personal branding and strategy. Trust me, on this site, even a two minute session of picking questions to flesh out your profile Q+A will be worth it on a personal confidence level.

If you need more help selling your web-dev services for prospective website owners who need help with their hosting, follow me on Google Plus or leave a comment for me, I might run a regular featured section here on awesome webdevs and you could be the next! – Juliana