Make Your Website Mobile Device Friendly

The year 2013 is anticipating amazing surges in the adoption of mobile devices and technology. The way we consume the internet is ever-evolving and that’s an important consideration to make if we as website owners are going to consider the interaction of our audience. So if you are thinking about creating your own website, and have been looking for some support, either on this website or here, then that is a good first step to take. Here’s the latest news picked this week with supporting anecdotes to help to focus on your mobile audience:


Forbes Adobe: Tablets now drive more traffic to websites than smartphones – Tablets began driving more traffic to websites than smartphones for the first time, starting last month, according to Adobe.

This means a growing problem in terms of workload for webmasters who are used to building one site. With no user agent switcher for different types of browsers. How many of you as tablet device browsers struggle with a poorly laid out CSS structure, or even worse yet the navigation and web tools are hampered by the inability to “drag” just as you would normally do on the desktop.

Remember: Poor useability will translate to higher bounce rate, and this is going to be significantly increasing proportion of your web visitors are coming in through mobile. Which Brings me to my second point:


Check out this Video by Andrew from 8, 1:18 AM
I am going to share 3 tips that can help determine if you need to spend whe… (Is It Really worth Investing Energy or Money into Cellular Websites?

He makes a valid and simple three point summary to assess whether this trend in mobile device browsing will apply to you. So while the breaking news suggests you might have a lot of work to do on your web hosting account, sound marketing reasoning may prove otherwise. ~Thanks Andrew!


And Finally, don’t lose hope yet. If your website is geared for HTML5, it may already be optimized for tablet browsing. Check out Richard’s article here on the way mobile devices will pick up on certain data fields to optimize your user’s web experience:

New features will go a long way toward making your life easier while delivering a delightful user experience. The best thing about all this? You can start using this today!

Date pickers for example aren’t restricted to desktop devices; some Blackberry devices and Chrome for Android render their internal date picker when used with type=”date”. Technically what this means is a customized experience when either browsing from the desktop, or allowing your mobile device keyboard to pop up at the right moment.


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