Correctly Linking Social Media to your Business

If you’re new to bringing your business idea online, then you have probably decided that Social Media is your first port of call. After all, it represents no initial outlay. However, as you develop your brand and business model, you’ll adjust your targeting with a bit more finesse and realize you need more control of your landing page or website.

Here’s a few of the recent newspoints I collected over the last week to help you define and structure your business model utilizing the Social Networks.

How and from where to link to your website on verious social media websites. Syed speaks from a traffic driving perspective, and where to claim your vanity URLs to increase your personal brand footprint.

Juliana Payson‘s insight:

There are those who don’t even own a website, and manage their business purely on the social networks there are some limitations. Pay attention to some of Syed’s comments here as he is honest about these limitations.


My parents and many of my friends still don’t understand what it is I do every day. They envision me frolicking in the fields of Facebook and Twitter, swapping gossip and sharing funny memes.

Juliana Payson‘s insight:

If you want your business to appear less spammy as indicated above in one of Syed’s comments, you have to figure out a way of introducing story telling into your social media that will engage your followers. Sometimes just having a website on it’s own seems much easier!


Google officials have downplayed the lukewarm public reception, saying they view Google+ more as an invisible data “backbone” that tracks individual users across its various properties – and less as a consumer internet destination

Juliana Payson‘s insight:

Read this article! Various free website platforms give you the opportunity to link up to social media log in methods. However Google keeps track of site visitors interests based on the site categories they visit. At some point I’m sure this information may become available to site owners to help them in their demographic analysis and understand who their site visitors are…

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