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Awesome, you now have a website, and without the technical understanding of marketing what you probably don’t realize is that you’re already equipped to promote your business. You know more than you think you do about getting people to your site. I’ll go on to explain some headline news from last week that is a no-brainer action plan for your new website.


Public speaking is comfortably the quickest and easiest way to improve your company visibility, establish yourself as an expert, get your face known and get businesses coming to you.

As a prior expert in your field, you must understand the importance of networking to keep fresh local business coming your way. Whether it’s offering expert for local business via  the chamber of commerce, getting on a local district business committee, or holding free introductory workshops. Work the scene and find your best source for fresh leads. Don’t forget to adapt your business cards with your web address and take every opportunity to drop one.

If you’re doing the conference scene, here’s some great advice on networking for business during a conference presented by leading community managers from Hoot-suite, and other social media experts:


My Community Manager hosted a hangout with five experts on how to work the field in a conference.

Juliana Payson‘s insight: I’ve personally found fishing conferences from your industry for contacts, new business relationships and ideas can grow your business potential in ways you don’t anticipate. Experts here from Hoot-Suite, and many PR companies go into some professional tactics, tips and techniques for making lighter work of networking at conferences.

Mobile Apps: Navigating The New Landscape Mobile apps today are what websites were in the 90’s. The honest truth is that they have simply become a normal cost of doing business.

What about those who don’t even have a website yet I wonder? When bringing people to your business, the first point of contact and how they communicate is often through their mobile device.  The manner in which people consume the internet is changing, and as if having a website isn’t enough, if there is anything foolproof you can offer to connect with people from the real world then it’s worth researching here.

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