Intelligent Surfing for Webmasters

If you’re a website owner then you want to read the internet more deeply that you would expect of the average consumer. Here is the latest news and tips offered by tech industry professionals on how to shore up your browsing skills


Patrick Lambert goes into great detail explaining why this is important – for security against vulnerabilities across four major browsers.

You’ll have to bookmark this resource as he goes in-depth on how to go into configuration menus with FireFox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Chrome.

I’m guilty of browsing with so many add-ons I definitely suffer with slow browser speeds akin to surfing on dial-up internet! I’d take Patrick’s advice here just for general housekeeping duties just to see what programs are lurking.

If I could surf the internet without plugins, I would leap at the chance. Which brings me to the next article on point: Microsoft’s philosophy is about streamlining it’s Internet Explorer capabilities.


Why ditch plug-ins such as Flash Player and Silverlight? Microsoft’s list: Battery life, security, privacy, and support for mobile devices. Read this article by Stephen Shankland on CNET News.

Browsing on my mobile device is a severly limiting from a website owner’s perspective. I don’t have the tools I need which forces me back to the laptop perspective, where I go into overkill mode again and load up my browser with every SEO and Bookmarking trick!

If it’s mobile browser speed you’re after, and if you own an Android device, then Dolphin browser  has come supercharged for speed, without loosing all the quality functionality of bookmarking and customization you’d come to expect from a desktop browser, Check it out!


Dolphin Browser, Makes Mobile Surfing Stupid Fast

Android: The team behind Dolphin, nominated best browser for Android by LifeHacker, has put a lot of focus on making the mobile browsing experience as fast as possible. In particular this article focuses on one special addon, Dolphin Jetpack, an extensively developed add-on engine to super charge your mobile browsing speeds to stupid fast.

Android browser Dolphin, has amazing range of add-ons if you’re really into intelligent web-surfing.


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