Hosting Review & News Sites You Can Trust

Do I trust her? Do I trust him? Now it’s: Do I trust it!

With so many affiliate lists out there awarding hosting companies with awards such as: the “best dedicated server”, “best VPS” or “best web hosting”, how can you really know which hosting company to go with? Where is the credibility? Sadly, few have earned my respect. Many are paid large amounts of money to place people at the top.

If you’re looking for review sites that take their time evaluating which hosting companies have the best service, I would visit and I personally know they are trustworthy because they did not allow us to buy credibility, as everyone else has.

Best Web Hosting Providers spent months reviewing our site before they ranked us. They looked at our data centers in Seattle and Washington, DC. They purchased the product. Moreover, they got to know us. There are so many hosting companies out there and instead of just placing us on their list for a fee, they asked, “Why do you deserve it?”

HostReview is also a very credible review site. A couple years ago I contacted them to get on one of their lists. I offered money, as many of the other lists will accept. Not Don and not HostReview. They needed to have credibility behind their recommendation. I couldn’t just say that I had been in business since 1996. They wanted to hear from our clients. I waited a whole year before they would add me to their top 10 list; that is how long it took for them to make sure that Superb Internet was indeed legit. Each December HostReview will hold a contest and let their visitors vote on which hosting company deserves the awards. This post is my thank you to Don and HostReview for naming Superb Internet the Best Dedicated Server Hosting Company for 2012.

The third website may not have top 10 lists, but they are very credible, so I thought I would add it. is now the go to place for web hosting news. They are writing new content daily and have really emerged as leaders in the industry.

Others that I have noticed to be credible are: in, theWHIR and of course webhostingtalk.

It’s very simple. You should be very careful which websites you get information from. These websites are selling themselves for a couple of bucks. If you would like to get unbiased info about who the best web hosting companies are, visit the above websites