Tips to Improve Your SEO with Long Tail Keywords

Understanding and optimizing for long tail keywords is a great way to sidestep competition and make it to the top of a search engine results page (SERP). “Don’t be greedy” is a good motto for developing online traffic.

Start small, grow organically, and keep your sights on achievable targets (the group of deer that are chilling out 100 feet away from you, not all of the deer in the world). Keeping all these criteria in mind may sound like a lot when you are just starting out in marketing, but eventually, you will have a hang of it and everything will become a cakewalk.

Sure, there are firms offering solutions for digital marketing New Orleans and in different parts of the world, that could be contacted for all the online marketing needs. But, there is nothing wrong with learning a few techniques and trying them on your own.

How Long Tail Keywords Work

The essence of long tail keywords is simple – though it is difficult to get to the top for magnets, it is less difficult to get to the top for refrigerator magnets, and even less difficult to optimize for animal refrigerator magnets. Researching for these more complex terms is crucial to optimization, but first you have to change your mind-set about the target demographic you are trying to reach with each page of your site. You have to be happy not trying to get every magnet shopper, at least not with a single page.

Relationship to Niche Marketing

As you may notice, long-tail keywords are cut out of the same cloth as niche marketing. To market a niche-specific product or service, you may need SEO techniques as well as special keywords that are commonly searched for your business industry. Later, this data can be used by a conversion optimization specialist to incorporate basic marketing strategies on your website and advertise it on other online platforms. For instance, think specifically about competing for books. If your site only sells pop-up books, you can go after Amazon traffic much more successfully than if you sell every type of book out there. This type of specificity and more ideas are what drive up sales and revenue in the long run.

People generally want simple, effective marketing so they can easily find the product they are looking for, no matter how niche-specific it is. A Maryland SEO company or another similar SEO service could help you figure out what your niches are, and how you can better play into them. This strategy is not only useful for long tail keywords, but also for digital marketing in general.

Building a Larger Audience

Rather than trying to draw 50,000 people to one page, create 5000 pages that each draw 10 people. Now you have 50,000 people. In this process, so long as your content is on the same basic subject, you will start to flow to the top of search results because of the related keywords that are spread throughout your site. Focusing on one topic, but solving specific problems – addressing very specific issues to a specific audience – also makes it more likely that you will get a bunch of backlinks. In that case, you can seek the help of marketing agencies with expertise in the particular field. For example, if you own an HVAC repair business, Scorpion can be your preferred option for attracting more audiences and ranking higher in search engines (checkout their scorpion hvac marketing strategy here). Such companies can recommend long-tail keywords based on your location of the business, demographics of the place, and service type.


You can use any keyword analysis tool, such as AdWords (the research is free). Look at Global Monthly Searches for a word or phrase you might want to optimize for. Google will automatically generate stats on a bunch of related options. Don’t pay any attention to the “competition” figures unless you are planning on advertising, which is optional for using their system.

If you are starting small, go for one that has been searched around 1000 times per month. (If you are larger, focus on ones that have been searched 10 billion times… I mean 15 billion.) Be sure to use the functionalities along the left-hand side of AdWords as well – all this stuff is helpful.


Long tail keywords can refine your ability to get traffic by focusing on a small number of people searching for very specific things. It takes more effort to create 5000 pages, but this is how a little guy can make it in the big world of the Internet.

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by Kent Roberts and Richard Norwood